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Malaysia-born science journalist Ed Yong wins 2021 Pulitzer Prize

Malaysia-born science journalist Ed Yong wins 2021 Pulitzer Prize

14/6/2021 4:21:00 AM

Malaysia-born science journalist Ed Yong wins 2021 Pulitzer Prize

PETALING JAYA: Malaysia-born journalist Edmund Yong has won the 2021 Pulitzer Prize for his explanatory reporting of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Responding to this, Yong said in a tweet that reporting on the pandemic was the most fulfilling and difficult challenge of his professional life."I did my best to give our readers a stable platform from which to make sense of a crisis that defied sense. I’m sad these stories were ever necessary but I hope they made a difference," he tweeted on Saturday (June 12).

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Yong thanked the Pulitzer board and jurors for his win as well as the 300 sources who had taken the time to share their expertise with him, and he also thanked his colleagues at The Atlantic."It really takes a village, and in recognition of that I’ll be splitting the prize money between everyone who worked on my pieces last year - every editor, copy editor, fact checker, artist, and more. Even when individuals win Pulitzers, their work depends on a community. I want to honour mine," he said.

He also thanked his wife - science communicator Liz Neeley - in a tweet on his account."@lizneely kept me afloat through all of it. Her ferocious intellect, boundless empathy, and ability to maintain optimism while facing cold reality, are all part of the DNA of my work. I love you, Liz. You’re my whole, my hope, my home," said Yong.

Meanwhile, The Atlantic saidthrough a pageon its website compiling Yong's articles on the pandemic in the US that he"anticipated the course of the coronavirus pandemic, clarified its dangers, and illuminated the American government’s disastrous failure to curb it".

The Atlantic added that Yong correctly predicted an interconnected set of dangers for the US, including breakdowns in international communication, chronic under-funding of public health, shortages of supplies and scientific expertise at the federal level.

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done claim ? He is not Malaysian, why STAR so proud? First of all congratulation ! Malaysian can achieve anything in overseas. We heard enough all these very encouraging news. Very sad this thing won't happen in Malaysia. wonder what would happen to him if he is still here Star papers don’t have dignity at all. Shamelessly claims these ex-Msians as Malaysia’s ppl. Putting down many Msians who go thru all adversities to build the country, & still fighting for it. Stop claiming them. They deserted us! Full stop.

Congratulations ! Heartiest Congratulations, edyong209 Malaysians excel everywhere, but in their own home In Malaysia, Ed Yong would be in police custody for 'his own protection.'

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