Malayan tigers won't attack humans unless threatened - Perhilitan

Instead, the species' nature is to run away from humans.

21/1/2022 6:22:00 AM

Malayan tigers won't attack humans unless threatened - Perhilitan

Instead, the species' nature is to run away from humans.


Zuraida remains in Cabinet for now, says PM

PETALING JAYA: Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister Datuk Zuraida Kamaruddin will remain in the Cabinet for now, says Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob. Read more >>

Duh 🙄 only orangutan kills ppl… Cutting down trees threaten tigers. So doesn't Perhilitan ever stop the Jab Hutan? Malayan tiger already near extinction, isnt that threat big enough? All the more reason to be in a sanctuary. To ensure their safety & human's. I may dislike people in general, but human lives is the priority. these bunch just want real life zoo and villagers as their baits. Must be nice to be pro-animal from the comfort of their fancy condos 😏

Then urang utan will kill and eat people said the minister...PERHILITAN do you agreed? But orang utan? Singa Duh, we all know Tiger won't attack unless being threatened, all animals does. All, except Orang Utan. They are ones that kill human, I heard. 😶 Only applicable to Orang Utans... Orang Utan can kill humans according to a minister.

Salam yb zuraida_my. Marah sikit Perhilitan ni. Mana boleh agensi kerajaan tak sokong ucapan menteri. Mana boleh agensi kerajaan percayakan video ucapan menteri yg diedit. Menteri Bersatu tu kot. KerajaanGagal

Malayan tigers not a threat to humans if left alone, says PerhilitanKOTA BHARU: The Malayan tiger, scientifically known as Panthera Tigris Jacksoni, is the only subspecies of tiger that still exists in the world and the animal is only found in Malaysia.

The minister zuraida_my has been really quiet. Hoi monyet …if the tiger is hungry you look like KFC chicken to its eyes …you try la go stand in front of it ….really not logic … What about singa in Malaysian jungle? Does zuraida need to eat ketum before seeing one What if an Orang Utan threaten them and we happen to pass by...

How about Orang Utan...I was informed by our respectable Minister that they will kill us first...

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Kelantan Forestry Department denies logging activities near tiger habitatsAn image shows logging activities in the tiger habitat near Pos Bihai.

Dropped athletes can still represent the country - Ahmad FaizalThey won't be barred from training at NSC venues, adds minister. Drop athletes in such a ruthless way but when athletes achieve something it's the organizations and authorities' glory and honour to claim again? So predictable. Do you expect people to work for free What do you expect them to eat? Dropped politicians also still do the same things.

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