Malacca exco, Seremban Jaya rep detained over alleged LTTE links

Malacca exco, Seremban Jaya rep detained over alleged LTTE links


Malacca exco, Seremban Jaya rep detained over alleged LTTE links

Police counter-terrorism chief Ayub Khan confirms the DAP duo have been arrested.

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muka nampak ok tapi pengganas rupanya staronline Tahniah PDRM.We cannot allow the foreign country influence TERRORIST Malaysian to operate frm within our land.Give em an ultimatum, whether they want to remain Malaysian Citizen or be with Mody INDIA.These people r violent when DRUNK r RATLY COWARD when sober or alone

Good job pdrm. Salute Good job PDRM. We dont need ltte terrorist in Malaysia. Good job pdrm. Terrorist in our country When is Ayub Khan Mydin Pitchay going to arrest chedetofficial and saifuddinabd for showing openly their support and links to terrorists in China, India and Israel? Or is Ayub Khan going to close one eye and shut the other when it comes to terrorists of his own religion?

It's obvious that we are now having terrorists within our lawmakers; a deep state indeed. Which party has the ideological inclination recruiting so many of these shitheads & for what evil intentions? Burning the country aground?

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Immigration raids elderly care-giving agencies in Klang Valley, 40 foreigners nabbedPETALING JAYA: The Immigration Department detained 40 foreigners in multiple raids on premises run by elderly care-giving agencies in the Klang Valley, says Datuk Khairul Dzaimee Daud.

2 DAP reps among 3 arrested for terror linksIt is understood that the duo and an NGO leader were arrested over alleged links to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. FMTNews Next Ramasamy? Ramansamy next. Just Gatal wanna create problems. Tk care of own backyard! Dap is useless and Racist GobindSinghDeo please leave this party sir. Good people like you need better. Guan Eng ,kit Siang Sama 2×5 5×2 Tamil Elam tiger is not a terrorist's rebellion...

Malacca to gazette more forest land to resolve wildlife 'disturbances'CM says one effort is to maintain a forest area that could serve as a permanent habitat for the wildlife.

MSPO certification essential to ensure long-term future of palm oilVillage heads, district officers and elected reps must encourage smallholders or estates to seek MSPO certification. FMTNews

Budget 2020 should include low-cost housing for Penang, says excoJagdeep Singh Deo says Penang is the state with the least amount of such housing.

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