Make Malay customs, culture an academic subject in schools – Rais Yatim

Make Malay customs, culture an academic subject in schools – Rais Yatim

8/12/2021 2:19:00 AM

Make Malay customs, culture an academic subject in schools – Rais Yatim

This is to ensure that these practices will be assimilated by the people.

The government should take cognisance of Article 160 of the Federal Constitution by making Malay customary and cultural practices an academic subject in schools and higher learning institutions,  Dewan Negara president Rais Yatim said.He said this was to ensure that these practices will be assimilated by the people to augment their own civilisation.

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A moralist my foot Can what about Tamil kadazan iban and all other races in Malaysia?can right? Is it election time? Tetiber jer At the expense of economics, computer science or maths & other less relevant subjects… Yay!! Our youth will be highly qualified for the future jobs market!!! This dude is so clever!

Mata Pelajaran Hikayat Robengah the Pembantu tak mau di ajar ke? True see we even hv a french name ba DrRaisYatim This ignoramus is a dinosaur that needs to get off the damn stage. Fyi Make anti kleptocracy a subject too Tell that to dong zong Cukup2 la subjects merapu2 tu! Focus kat STEM pulak! Why, DrRaisYatim? Will it improve our economy's competitiveness? Will it help create more good jobs for M'sians? Will it help unemployed (& unemployable) graduates get good (not 'gig') jobs? RadziJidin IsmailSabri60 KemPendidikan maszlee

Make Malay customs, culture an academic subject in schools – Rais YatimThis was to ensure that these practices be assimilated by the people. Why not all customs and culture ? Thank god I got the ability to send my kids to a private school Make anti-corruption a subject

This politicians running out of idea other than race base 🤮 You mean rasuah bumi quota system I pity our children who now has to cram all this into one brain for a short amount of time which would be little to no use in the modern future I guess he havent been to school. Didn't he know we already have all this? We should focus more on Science and IT

Another i****s.. How about other cultures... Learn from Indonesia... They adopt all the other races culture... Still in kampung thinking Like how to lie,cheat,steal,corruption and get free pass to everything in the name of special privileges of Malays..Stealing efforts of other honest hardworking race.Culture of ruins.Yes every part of the world has its imperfections..But its devastingly deplorable in Msia.CNBCi

IsmailSabri60 is this senator part of your keluarga Malaysia? There are other races and cultures in this great country of ours you know. Why is the malay custom threatened or forgotten by Malays? know what's the biggest joke on these implementations my kid is supposedly in school - physical and online ... but there had been NO classes at all as teachers are not available for the whole last week - not even 1 class !! so much of implementing anything in schools !! 🤦

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Oh for God sake, why not just include them in BM syllabus. Relics belong in the museum, not in the government why we Malayu see these old spongers as some sought of hope. All they offer beras racism&cum tangkan every 4yrs.Cukup lah DrRaisYatim xpiah kece. KhalidSamad Kg B rejected deal is lesson enough PartiAmanah anwaribrahim Nakyie77 RajaFai62430867 fahmi_fadzil IsmalizaIbrahim

Fokking Nazi scum Yes. But how about the aborigines' customs and culture? I think our aborigines such as Negrito, Bajau, Iban, .... are very important too. Tak penting. This is Malay Culture No wonder non malays are running off to vernacular schools and the rich irrespective of race are running to int schools.

Enough of this nonsense… the kids in schools already have too much subject to learn at their age. We need a complete education reform without any kind of interference from politics, race & religion based experts. Our education system is worst than Vietnam’s… We don't need a race study, we don't need the vernacular school, we only need one Bangsa Malaysia who speak, write and understand Bahasa Malaysia, the national language. Those who don't can go somewhere else where they speak your language.

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Suggest Taliban culture! Might as well! Sure boomer.. What about the Chinese and Indian and other cultures in the World 🙄🙄🙄🙄 Your own so-called liberal Malays pun tak nak ikut the basics, pula nak introduce such subjects! 🙄🙄🙄🙄 Bodoh Entahlah malas nak komen isu macam ni. Bila komen kata t non are rasis.

Madness. Does corruption counts as one of the 'culture' to be taught as well? Think the Malays need to learn it more than anyone. Malays are more Arab than Arabs nowadays The outside world is moving into high technology & metaverse but some people remain forever cocooned from the outside world. How about make Malay can think & not stupid a core subject in schools?

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That's why we need vernacular schools to sustain some resemblance of what education should be. Then: make everyone study in the same school Also them: make a subject on just one of races’ culture Before you even look at teaching, you need to look at 2 things. 1. Unban the banned (see link below). 2. Ensure it is pure Malay customs & culture and not one that is influenced by recent eagerness to swallow the Arab customs & culture.

Who pay parents or goverment our economy will up in 10 years .. . I think this is the guy thats been making University harder and longer with none essential subjects forced on students No No need lah. Let parents do the work. Siapa nak belajar bab tu. Bukan boleh cari makan pun. Obseleted, deadwood hanger on. In the first place does he has a good moral standing to talk about this subject, just Goggle about him his colorful past. Big bad wolf in kambing skin, hypocrite

Must include a guide on how to stay away from the domestic maid too.

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