Mahathir did not mastermind treacherous act, clarifies Anwar

Mahathir did not mastermind treacherous act, clarifies Anwar


Mahathir did not mastermind treacherous act, clarifies Anwar

PKR president unable to persuade him not to quit as PM. He says Mahathir upset for being associated with the 'corrupt'.

“It was not him, his name was used (by) those within my party and outside. And he (Mahathir) reiterated what he said earlier, he played no part in it.The PKR president, who met Mahathir this morning, said he knew of the latter's intention to resign as prime minister and pleaded with him not to do so.

“I did appeal to him on behalf of Keadilan (PKR) and Pakatan (Harapan).“I will have a special meeting of the leadership council. I have just come from the house of Dr Mahathir to discuss some matters.His resignation came moments after Muhyiddin announced the party's withdrawal from Harapan.

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Really?😌 anwaribrahim Are you sure? Who then .he resigned before APEC Masuk MLM 2020 kompem menang 😂 There-You-Go! Finally somebody with the BALLS call the act as it is - TREASON ! Is This still a FIRING SQUAD OFFENCE? He just not let you become PM. So who you want to ask next? Atuk penghianat. Patut di kenali dgn atuk kerala. Biar dia mereput sorang2. Selagi hidup menyakitkan hati. Teruskan buang PH Dap n atuk Kerala.

Nak sedapkan hati ker ... Tanye je You must be naive to keep reminding us n can dream on being next PM as he prefers to have someone else anwaribrahim Kamu tahu dia pembohong tapi masih nak percaya dia.Salah diri sendiri. Perjanjian dlm politik jgn percaya sangat. The longer the old man keeps quiet, the wider his options are. Weird isnt it that the person at the center of this all has yet to make a single statement/press conference?

Pimpinan PKR tinggalkan rumah Anwarkualalumpur Beberapa pemimpin kanan PKR dilihat meninggalkan kediaman Anwar Ibrahim di Bukit Segambut, Kuala Lumpur, jam 6 petang tadi.

DSAI learning the art of U-turn..... Still believe anwaribrahim Really? 🤦‍♂️why would the old man pull out if he supported Anwar, he should have stand his ground and give anwaribrahim like he promised till the end !!Mati2!! All of you will always be blind asf🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ confirm he komplot with AzminAli TunM

Zaman Kesultanan Melayu Melaka, Jebat dihukum bunuh kerana minggu ini ada Jebat alaf baru!! You have no choice but to go with the flow as your destiny lies on his hand. The old fart & his team will not let you take over this country for sure, so here’s how the mandate of the people is being played & betrayed by these bunch of crooks. AA is a dangerous man.

What the weekend has taught us is that we are easily swayed by falsehood anwaribrahim Thoodia PM & timbalan PM.. 🤭 Let's not kid ourselves. Then why Bersatu come out?

Anwar confirms betrayal of Bersatu and several PKR membersKUALA LUMPUR: PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has confirmed speculations that there have been attempts of a betrayal towards the Pakatan Harapan government. Hmm Hahhahahahaha UMNO 2.0

Jho Low is the mastermind...well played... anwaribrahim Of course it was Mahathir. And AI knows it. But TM couldn't pull it off. TM got shafted by the East Malaysians. Tun have 2 option. One : Bubar parlimen, means another PRU, or TWO: He resign as PM and Pakatan Chairman. No treacherous act. By doing this NO PRU and he can still come back, with, as we knew now... A new brand... Perikatan Nasional.

stop playing the nice guy laa anwar. kasi hentam saja sama org tua tu. be ruthless Muhyiddin is a deceitful snake and should be fired and removed from office. Do it the Trump way. Now that these leaders have left, it's time to move on to build the nation in a better perspective n less politicking. I beg your pardon ? Tun not involved ? Are you protecting him hoping he can swing the current developments to your favour ? Wait till the cow come home.

Cakap Anwar payah nak pakai ketika ini... This is like watching NARCOS Mexico now showing at NETFLIX Langkah Kajang? Your PD post? That one not treachery act?

Anwar reveals Bersatu, PKR faction plan to topple Pakatan | The Malaysian InsightPKR president says he has no details about formation of new govt after party leaders meet king.

fahmi_fadzil Wow tornado level plot twist. Fantasticnye story line ni. Wow again Azmin Ali is clearly a double headed snake and will not be supported by Malaysians. Malaysia has enuf of UMNO and deceitful ppl like Azmin Bila dh kena checkmate... Dan risau lose power...if kalu tun m stay pm...tgk laa lagi 3 or 4 month anwar punya perangai

hahahahaha..... your followers keep on harassing that old man from day 1 since the GE. being so weak, you fail to educate them. Hope you'll go down the drain with them see suckers. all of your theories is rubbish!!! anwaribrahim You can’t be trusted. Your betrayal started way back from your kajang move, Putrajaya move, PD move and with your own party leadership. So long as you become PM.

means is kerja si kitol la. Eh. Hang on. They all chilling in tun Ms house la Yes, he is innocent baby!!! Gimme a break already!!! Anwar was masterminded by Tun M since Tun M met him in court....

Pengkhianat PKR, Bersatu mahu jatuhkan Pakatan, kata Anwar | The Malaysian InsightBeliau bagaimanapun berkata tidak mempunyai maklumat lanjut mengenai hal itu selepas enam pemimpin parti politik mengadap Yang D-Pertuan Agong petang tadi. nak sangat mahadir resign. dah resign PH huru hara. kini PH & Anwar dah terkubur & tinggal sejarah sebagai kerajaan hancing😂😂😂

Dei dei dei...aiyo...Mahathir, listen for others. Aiyo. hard to ........ if his name is used, he should condemn those betrayers and voice to maintain PH as government or to dissolve it for fresh election. No backdoor government. anwaribrahim wow...another twist, M.Night Shyamalan pun tk sampai level nih twist camni

anwaribrahim He will have his audience with the king. Lets wait for the outcome Good, so all the old guard and dirty politicians have now aligned themselves into a Pakatan Penipuan maybe we can get on with actual real reforms and fixing the country. anwaribrahim then why he resigned instead he should have hand over the pm post long ago or even now

So i guess it's Azmin he is mad at, not Mahathir? damn more plot twist Haha 🤣 the wonder people also want to cry when he talks like that. How to show leadership? Old fox won’t be ashamed to call a spade a spade. Woohoo 🙌 dunno la. Apamacam virus is mutating fast Bersatu MPs leaving the party in 3.. 2.. 1..

Anwar, PKR, DAP, Amanah bermesyuarat malam iniDi mana mesyuarat diadakan tidak diberitahu. FMTNews AnwarIbrahim Gabungan komponen parti memantapkan politik untuk kebaikan Choice new setting Mesyuarat apa guna! Nasi dah jadi bubur! Mesyuarat plan jadi balik opposition? Protest jalan raya but Bersih Ex chairman with Azmin? Dap pun sudah hilang separuh penyokong pasal tak tunaikan janji! PKR? Slogan reformasi dah tak boleh pasal takde pun buat reformasi selama 22 bulan You thought you have the full support. Betrayal in politics is not new for you.

Yes. Awesome! Now that chedetofficial is the hero of people joining the ranks of politicians who put the mandate of the people above themselves! We love you chedetofficial. You are true stateman with principle!!!!! It was mayudin's work anwaribrahim Been saying this since morning.. AzminAli try to check mate PH, then Tun M check mate him back.. Kah! 🤣

Anwar needs M to keep Harapan alive he obviously ain't going to brand him a traitor But he’s not your bestfriend!! Stop defending him omg anwaribrahim Pergh Dato Seri. Syukur Alhamdulillah We still love you Tun My apologies for branding you a traitor chedetofficial Jelaslah.. AzminAli ialah pelacur politik

anwaribrahim Aku dah lama tahu anwaribrahim niroshthegreat drama

Dr Mahathir, Anwar broke deadlock in tense meeting, say sources | The Malaysian InsightJust as things were looking pretty bad, PKR president had intervened with vote of confidence in the PM.

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