Tanjung Piai By-Election, Barisan Nasional, Hishammuddin Hussein

Tanjung Piai By-Election, Barisan Nasional

Long way to Putrajaya, says Hishammuddin after Tg Piai win | The Malaysian Insight

Long way to Putrajaya, says Hishammuddin after Tg Piai win


Long way to Putrajaya, says Hishammuddin after Tg Piai win

He attributes the victory to BN’s teamwork, and not any individual.

Sembrong MP Hishammuddin Hussein says the Tg Piai win is a good result as Barisan Nasional aims to reclaim the federal government. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, November 18, 2019.

He said Saturday’s win is a good result for the coalition in its quest to reclaim Putrajaya.

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People may not like BN, they dislike Pakatan more, says Umno | The Malaysian InsightMohamad Hasan says winning Tg Piai shows the people are fed up with Putrajaya’s empty promises.

Despite BN’s big Tg Piai win, GPS parties not keen to rejoin | The Malaysian InsightPBB's Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah says decision to leave former ruling pact a wise one.

Tg Piai win a vote against extremism, acceptance of Umno-PAS | The Malaysian InsightAbdul Hadi Awang says it’s indicative that Pakatan has failed to take care of the people.

Back to the drawing board for Pakatan, Muhyiddin says | The Malaysian InsightAnwar Ibrahim, meanwhile, says Tg Piai voters have sent 'clear message' to ruling pact's leadership.

Call fresh elections, Ismail Sabri tells Pakatan | The Malaysian InsightOpposition leader says Tg Piai polls result proof the people want change of govt.

Don’t let Tg Piai be beginning of Pakatan’s end, says Chin Tong | The Malaysian InsightJohor DAP chief warns about dangers of 'racial framing', points out need for common narrative.

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