Local residents voice concern to govt over rising crime incidents in Laos

1/10/2022 4:30:00 PM

Once considered a relatively safe and sleepy city, residents say Vientiane Capital has changed amid the economic downturn.

Once considered a relatively safe and sleepy city, residents say Vientiane Capital has changed amid the economic downturn.

A sharp rise in the incidence of theft, robbery, and gun violence has led residents in Laos to take to social media and voice their concerns.

Viral clips of motorbike theft have become a nightly occurrence, while bag snatching and robbery have become all too common in urban centers nationwide.The storm caused devastation in the southern provinces of Attapeu, Sekong and Champasak, with local authorities being ordered to evacuate people stranded, according to a report by Lao National Radio on Thursday.for the latest news you need to know..

Once considered a relatively safe and sleepy city, residents say Vientiane Capital has changed amid the economic downturn, with a limited police presence at night.“I avoid riding my motorbike at night because I don’t feel safe.Two roads became impassable and landslides were reported on nine other roads, while electricity and water connections were cut off in several villages.Streetlights are rarely on anymore and it’s very dark in Vientiane.The newspaper cited Al-Ehsan Islamic Welfare Organisation of Malaysia president Datuk Seri Muhammad Ridhwan Sulaiman who said that the syndicates were also made up of Malaysians who acted as agents to find the victims who were willing to work.I never see police on patrol, either,” one resident told Laotian Times.Lao Ministry of Labor and Social welfare has instructed local authorities to provide assistance to displaced families or those who lost their possessions in the floods.“The news is full of reports of robbery and bag snatching these days.

I’d feel safer in a car but I only have my bike,” she said.In response, the Provincial Disaster Management Committee has ordered rescue teams to use boats, vehicles and personnel at their disposal to help affected villagers.Muhammad Ridhwan was reportedly there attending a vigil to remember detained, forced, trafficked and tortured Malaysian children in Myanmar.Collages of CCTV footage and clips featuring motorbike theft and other crimes have gone viral on social media, with residents asking what is to be done.Rising Cost of Living Fuels Petty Crime Laos has been facing growing economic troubles, struggling with public debt and a shortage of foreign exchange.In Champasak province, 73 villages were reported to be affected, with power lines down in Champasak district and numerous houses and other properties inundated.The cost of living continues to rise, while the value of the country’s local currency has plummeted.The newspaper also reported Hishamuddin claiming that Malaysian embassy staff have been threatened when trying to rescue the job scam victims.The Asian Development Bank (ADB) reduced its economic recovery prediction for Laos this month, lowering its April growth prediction from 3.Meanwhile, people are trying to rescue their livestock and move them to higher ground.

4% to an expected 2.5%.Heavy rainfall in Laos in August triggered floods that damaged houses and infrastructure and inundated hundreds of hectares of farmland in many provinces and Lao capital Vientiane.The government has set up a special committee after one of the Malaysian victims, 23-year-old Goi Zhen Feng from Ipoh, Perak was found to have died in a Thai hospital last April near the Myanmar border from severe injuries suspected to have been inflicted by the scammers.According to the regional development institution, Laos’ inflation rate jumped to 30% in August, with inflationary pressures causing an increase in commodity prices.Economic strife, as well as the completion of major construction projects, has led to higher unemployment, with many young Laotians leaving the country to seek work in Thailand or elsewhere in East Asia.Article type: free.Advertisement.

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