LIVE: Interim PM does not exist in nation’s constitution, says former AG

LIVE: Interim PM does not exist in nation’s constitution, says former AG


LIVE: Interim PM does not exist in nation’s constitution, says former AG

Malaysiakini brings you live updates on the developing situation following the collapse of the 20-month-old Harapan gov't.

“Let’s hope that Anwar succeeds in proving the majority in parliament, forms a good government and most importantly implements what were promised to the rakyat before the last general election,” the Perai assemblyperson says in a statement.Former Health Minister Dzulkefly Ahmad apologises to Malaysians for the political impasse in the country.

"The political impasse in determining the eighth prime minister invites various reaction and involves less productive discourse and that may be disastrous," he says in posting on social media.Interim PM does not exist in nation’s constitution, says former AG

"The interim prime minister does not exist in the Federal Constitution," he says.Interim prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad wants to form a government that"sets aside" political parties, while Pakatan Harapan wants PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim in charge.It's unclear if the sovereign will announce a decision today, but in the meantime expect political players to be busy trying to break the impasse.

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So, now all the wood worms starts coming out. Belajar tinggi sgt pon bodoh.. kau sapo? katak panggil hujan koh? Nobody asking for this idiot opinion. Is he saying the Agong is wrong? Tunggu sub perenggan baru! “Corrupt former AG says idiotic statement.” Did anyone ask for his opinion? Now, if Yang Di Pertuan Agong said that Tun Mahathir request to step down being rejected and announce that Tun M is still the Perdana Menteri and remove the “WORD” INTERIM, it will now be legal as d word “INTERIM” been removed as per constitution.

Brave enough to tell that to the King?🤔 Didn't you work under one during the last election and didn't say such Ni Ker yg mengaku sultan melaka dulu 😂 Roti expired boleh makan lagi.. ko ni expired + corrupt boleh jalan

LIVE: CJ and AG arrive at Istana NegaraLangkahSheraton Day 3 thread Morning summary - Dr M and Wan Azizah at PMO - Malacca gov't collapses - S'gor reps head to palace - Najib trial postponed - Stimulus plan in jeopardy - Muhyiddin, Mukhriz & Rina at Dr M's residence Read: Continue this good work and thank you. Stimulus plan in jeorpardy tu ape? 10.50am - Chief Justice Tengku Maimun Tuan Mat and Attorney-General Tommy Thomas spotted entering Istana Negara. Also spotted is Gua Musang MP Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. Read:

Former... U dont exist anymore Pls keep quiet! Can the Agong appoint an Interim/Acting PM while the Agong consults politicians and his advisors? Can. So what's the problem Apandi Ali? jezlai U dont exist in don give ur opinion....for u 1MDB is great and jho low was not born yet What is wrong with this fella. 🤡

Even 1MDB also nothing wrong for suffer..citizen suffer..also nothing wrong for you..bloody lickers Kau dah expired la Diam lagi baiklah.. Ko sendiri tak bersih Ain’t listening to this fella

Live: PKR proposes Anwar for PMFMT brings you blow by blow accounts of the developments from Istana Negara in Kuala Lumpur. FMTNews LiveUpdate Malaysia IstanaNegara Agong Mahathir AnwarIbrahim PKR PM

Apandi, kalau nak makan free bagitau la awal-awal. Agong boleh payung. Pergi la tunggu depan pintu istana Beruk ini boleh ke diam saja. Asyik buka mulut saja jelas nampak bodoh nya!!! Apandi against the Royal ruling.... Traitor amaninooo muka cam cg Logan Nobody ask your advice anymore bro.. Pandi, are you questioning our Agong?

You pls don't exist again..tq Well, we have one now! Who should we listen or YDPA? Dont watse your time lah.

Live updates: Anwar confirms he is Pakatan's choice for PMAmanah MPs, including Khalid Abdul Samad, Datuk Seri Salahuddin Ayub, and Datuk Seri Dr Mujahid Yusof Rawa, arrived at Istana Negara to meet with the Yang di-Pertuan Agong on Wednesday. For more updates, read this: Setan2 nie tak payah nak interview. Semua bodoh punya YES man. Is this the new admin?😜 Why those stupid MP's from Bersatu still supported already resigned Tun to lead again. Meaning they are in cohort with this cunning old fox in the first place before the PH collapsed.

You couldn't even correct the 1MDB. why should we listen to you? Itu titah YDPA! Ok lah just say ‘Prime Minister in the interim period’ Suddenly you grew a brain? Shut up la, I hope you never exist Mahathir messed up the country! Go talk to the animals in the zoo, maybe they might listen or believe u. You colluded with the crooks so it's best to go retire somewhere

Means there should be pembubaran parlimen la ye? Omg pakatanharapan_ must love this Sorry..ur time is up. Apa2 yg ko ckp dah x relevan Haha 🤣 who knows we need Apandi to shed us some light. Council of immanent persons no speaking as they are all Tun’s yes men or what hmm 🧐

Live: We support Dr M, GPS tells AgongFMT brings you blow by blow accounts of the developments from Istana Negara in Kuala Lumpur. FMTNews LiveUpdate IstanaNegara Mahathir

What I don’t understand why do we seek an opinion of an Ex with many controversies? Are we drained of more reliable experts? Go question the agong la apandi! Berani ka? Bljr tnggi pun leh jd bodoh blik... Challenge YDPA? Tangkap dia! Pandi means babi in Tamil. Like literally BABI U talk got credibility? Malaysiakini ...dont present in this manner... Taking too much time

Layan je la statement org tua giler ni Camana nak pakai, perkataan org yg x bole pakai.. You don’t exist 😂

Live: Leaders arrive as Agong charts plan for new governmentFMT brings you blow by blow accounts of the developments from Istana Negara in Kuala Lumpur. FMTNews LiveUpdate IstanaNegara KualaLumpur

Supporting a PM who stole money pun tak exist in our constitution! He try to challenge YDPA judgement. Tangkap dia Read: former AG Pegi istana mengadap YDPA, maklumkan depan2 baginda tuanku.. Ade berani? Haa kasi report la, lawan sama Agong. Ada berani? 🤣🤣 Says the pot calling the kettle black junta la ambil kuasa. king jd pm. senang cer. biar semua politikus dia bicara. under budi bicara agong.

Macam pekerja asing yg kerja tak de permit tu ke? Ini YB Mahathir memang apa apa pun boleh buat.... Yu orang pun senyap saja.... Madey dah interim since May 2018!!! BARU SEKARANG CAKAP

Live updates: Pribumi leaders arrive at Dr Mahathir's residencePETALING JAYA: The flurry of activity over the possible realignment of the country’s political landscape continues on Tuesday (Feb 25) with several events scheduled to take place. .. O Allah, I take refuge in You from anxiety and sorrow, weakness and laziness, miserliness and cowardliness, the burden of debts and being over powered by men. Traitors. murah rezeki atok menerima tetamu :) yg pening pak guard sbb kena register satu2.. kah!

If not in the nation 's constitution, why not you report it to authority to take action then. I believe you will win the case if the claim is true based on the nation's constitution. Pandiii we know how much you love Tun Tlg diamlah..cakap kau org tak pakai dah..biar YDP Agong yg uruskan repot polis, this guy derhaka sultan

Ehhh Apundek Ali.. lama tak nampak, hidup lagi ? Ingatkan dah kat liang lahad. cakap longkang Hang dulu press conference angkat print out power point slide kut nak explain najib takda kaitan. Makan taik je la. Yes. Payback time! YDPA yg dah tetapkan. Kau tau ke tak?

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Gaza perlukan anda!

Tudung patuh syariah

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