LETTER | A tired doctor from Sg Buloh asks to be treated humanely

LETTER | A tired doctor from Sg Buloh asks to be treated humanely

16/1/2021 4:36:00 PM

LETTER | A tired doctor from Sg Buloh asks to be treated humanely

LETTER | We are tired, exhausted, annoyed and way past the breaking point.

LETTER| As the health director-general said, our healthcare system is at the breaking point. Let me point it out - it is way past beyond that.Any healthcare worker in this country knows that even before the Covid-19 pandemic started, our medical system was at breaking point with the budget cuts, lack of manpower, overcrowding, and also lack of update in facilities (Exhibit A: Multiple fires at the same hospital in Johor and yet nothing is told to the public).

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The healthcare workers had a new synonym - frontliners for the battle in the ravages of this pandemic. But it is getting ridiculous at my hospital (Hospital Sungai Buloh) also known as The Covid Hospital of Malaysia. Since all this started, we have been exposed to a highly infectious environment and deal with and unknown minuscule war creature. In Malaysia, 2% of infected cases are healthcare workers.

I am a doctor working at this hospital and I can say that the basic amenities that are supposed to be given for us are not provided. Sometimes we do on-call shifts every other day (EOD) in dealing and managing Covid patients and continue working after an on-call shift until 5pm. headtopics.com

I understand that it is our job and I am grateful for it. They are supposed to provide us with on-call rooms, provide us on-call food, provide us with a proper place to at least take a break and even rest before continuing facing this battle but all this have been taken away or told not available at the moment.

They said there’s been a hospital budget cut so they cannot provide on-call shift meals. Do you know how exhausted and tiring are our shifts are plus wearing PPE in the midst of all this? And yet, when we want to take a break there is no proper place to rest and worst of all, we can't even have a proper meal.

We already brought these issues to a higher authority (even the hospital director) but I guess our issues fell on deaf ears. Some of the senior doctors even said that unprecedented times call for unprecedented actions and said we were pampered (well, during your time you did not have a pandemic to deal with!).

Most of the doctors are annoyed. Some of my colleagues fell into depression and started taking anti-depressants. Some of us haven’t even met or visited our own families or loved ones for months. We are tired, exhausted, annoyed and way past the breaking point. headtopics.com

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Moreover, we miss our family dearly and is this how you treat us? With the new upsurge in cases, we expect the worst is yet to come.We do not want any recognition like murals on walls or some light show on a bridge. We are asking to at least provide us with a comfortable environment to carry out our duties and to treat us like humans working long hours.

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KKMPutrajaya DrAdhamBaba DGHisham Dg where know anything he only busy with counting numbers and wear nicely for 5.30 press conference. He didnt know he failled badly in managing & handling the pandemic. Its all too late now & going to come even harder the nx few mths. Kerajaan PN bila buat bajet 2021 hanya fikir berapa banyak mereka boleh curi, daripada beri priority kepada beri kemudahan kepada frontliners yang semakin penat. Abah kau lah sangat.

Sad to see all our frontliners getting exhausted. The biggest super spreader is our politicians who are power greedy. Thinking for themselves and not for rakyat. DG’s hands are tied. We the rakyat are very angry 😡 and we need to vote all these unscrupulous politicians out.Muda. Let me guess, Mr Tan Sri DGHisham . So this is rakyat's fault, too right?

Mana si celaka Abah and gila malas air suam. Usless guys nvr plan ahead only work on case by case basis. May be you can resign and find other more humanely job before depression catch you... Stay at home Malaysia, jog at home. Have a heart to our frontliners. Will the reporters out there pls raise this news to DG for comment during PC. Rakyat will like to hear the comment

The_Mamu 35mn bole salur to provide better treatment ( good meals & comfortable resting place) : 3 Dewan tu white elephants U go & complain the faction of monkey in the circus how they governed the country.... I think it’s about time that the pay scale for all the doctors be revised again..the pay scale has pretty much remained the same from my time bout 13 yrs ago,on call allowance not raised.pls take note than increasing their pay and on call allowance is the least the gov can do

My heart goes out to these frontliners. DGHisham MuhyiddinYassin anwaribrahim chedetofficial netraKL PmtgPauhP044 Hari tu orang hantar makanan kat frontliners cakap makanan banyak gila. Dah tu buat la sistem to accept donation kalau takde duit nak beli food for doctors. Bukan susah pon nak pikir belajar tinggi jadi doktor pandai decision pasal jaga makan orang takde common sense langsung.

i cried, this is not ok someone must STEP UP iamjoelee DGHisham you're a doctor, not a politician. Fight for the well-being of your frontliners and the rakyat. Please remember your Muslim Hippocratic Oath. Hello agong. Are you pretending like you don't know this is happening in Malaysia? And we are going to spend 35mil for building halls... the salaries for our ministers

DGHisham and KKMPutrajaya From hero to zero. Forget about DrAdhamBaba and his 2 timbalan goons, they’re non existence anyway