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Langkawi, Tourism Growth

Langkawi targets tourism growth in Q4

The Kedah MB said Langkawi is expected to receive some 590,000 tourists for the September to December period this year.

27/7/2021 3:45:00 AM

The Kedah MB said Langkawi is expected to receive some 590,000 tourists for the September to December period this year.

The Langkawi Development Authority ( Lada ) is targeting tourism revenue in the island to reach over RM288mil for the September to December period this year, through the implementation of the Langkawi 2021-2022 Tourism Recovery Plan (PPP).

“In 2022, Lada estimates that Langkawi will generate a revenue of RM1.17bil and receive up to 2.5 million tourists,” he said in a media statement recently.Muhammad Sanusi, who is also Lada’s co-chairman, said the main objective of the plan was to revive the economy in Langkawi and restore tourists’ trust and confidence to get them to visit the island.

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He said hopefully, the short-term plan would help restore the economic well-being of the Langkawi community who have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.Muhammad Sanusi said to attract tourists, Langkawi must be promoted as a safe and enjoyable holiday destination, and as such, stakeholders were encouraged to offer attractive packages such as the “Langkawi Great Sale” at several strategic locations.

“Langkawi also needs to host high-impact events such as sports events, cultural performances, e-sports tournaments, concerts, PUBG (an online game) competitions and food festivals.“These events will comply with the new norms to ensure the island is free of Covid-19, and will help revive the ailing tourism industry in Langkawi,” ​​he said.

He added that currently to support the government’s aim to achieve herd immunity, the state is working to vaccinate about 76,400 of the 100,000 Langkawi residents.He said all the initiatives implemented by Lada were in line with the state and federal government’s plan to help the local community in the recovery phase and further drive redevelopment efforts in Langkawi. – Bernama

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Do not count chicken before they are hatch; with cases up everyday, you think tourists are dumb to put their safety at risk ? Please be realistic instead of just lashing out Kuat ketum ni... Coming from him, take it with a pinch of salt. Seriously September? Semua mahu mari Langkawi beli Raptor kah? And duty free kan?

hurray... With 1k new cases in a day? Thanks but no thanks. Covid stonks 🚀

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