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KL-JB route for HSR project not viable, says Khaled Nordin

KL-JB route for HSR project not viable, says Khaled Nordin

23/10/2021 12:52:00 PM

KL-JB route for HSR project not viable, says Khaled Nordin

JOHOR BARU: Reviving the High Speed Rail ( HSR ) project without Singapore would be a waste of resources and has no economic value, says a former Johor mentri besar.

“During the pandemic, Johor Baru sat still in terms of growth and resilience, without tourists, investors and (economic) players from Singapore.“I hope that the government will not waste time and money with unviable plans such as implementing the Kuala Lumpur-Johor Baru route for the HSR with the exclusion of Singapore,” he said in a statement on Saturday (Oct 23).

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He said this in response to the government’s consideration about going ahead with the HSR project, linking Kuala Lumpur to Johor Baru, replacing the earlier planned Kuala-Lumpur-Singapore HSR project.Mohamed Khaled criticised Malaysia’s economic planners, saying that they “did not possess an overreaching strategy to implement a high-impact, cross-country and exceptionally successful project such as that”.

“Meanwhile, in various international trade forums and negotiations, Malaysia has been going on and on with its rhetoric of regional economic integration through trade connectivity and consumer and labour mobility.“However, we cannot even link Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, both metropolises being the most dynamic in South-East Asia,” he said, adding that the excuses of cost and government abilities were those given by the unimaginative. headtopics.com

“When Malaysia built the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Putrajaya and the North-South Expressway, we were not a rich country then.“But we still did it with economic planners who had vision and were ahead of their time,” he added.Mohamed Khaled reiterated that in the era of fast connectivity, high speed rail infrastructure was what Malaysia needed - whether it was Kuala Lumpur-Singapore or Kuala Lumpur-Bangkok.

“The country also needs economic planners who can unearth Malaysia’s true strength and our economic plans can no longer be inward looking.“I hope that the Prime Minister will not repeat the mistakes made by Pakatan Harapan and Perikatan Nasional. I am confident that he wants to revive the country’s economy through competitive and fruitful projects.

“Otherwise, Malaysia will become a third-world country that is only slightly better than other third-world countries,” he said. Read more: The Star »

ERL launches RM1 special fare for all stops this weekend

KUALA LUMPUR: A special fare of only RM1 per ticket for the Express Rail Link (ERL) will run through the weekend.

Khaled Nordin is a sour grape for losing power and position when he lost his seat in GE14 and shunned by Govts under Muhyiddin and Ismail Sabri. Still griping. No remedy for that syndrome except if he gets power and position. 😂😂😂 It wud only b a 'syok sendiri' pjk if it ends in JB...even KTM's double tracking project has not reach JB yet.

More like not enough 💰💰💰 Daim and chedetofficial thinks Malaysian can afford to pay RM500 per ticket for ECRL You will soon have the KL-JB ETS train line complete. Having already spend billions on it, HSR will be cannabilising this line. At the end none are viable options. After all HSR probably wil just be another 1-1.5hrs faster than ETS. Is that worth the money?

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Kes Covid-19 meningkat di KL, Putrajaya dan Selangor selepas rentas negeri - Utusan DigitalKes Covid-19 meningkat di KL, Putrajaya dan Selangor selepas rentas negeri Saya nak jual peti ais saya untuk beli susu pempers , makanan anak2 dah 2hri tiada susu dn mknn, sya ibu tunggal bru strt krja smula tpi blum gji . Ada yg sudi bli pti ais sya ni tk 😢 jual rm250 shaja msih elok sjuk lgi , hrp ada yg sudi bli amenn Its ok. Kita blaim antivaks. adudu xdapat cuti lg nk balik jenguk mak ni

DAP: Why revive Sabah gas pipeline project but not S'pore-KL rail?'There are now questions on the viability of the rail project.' why not? im sure that money is from sabah anyways.. Energy security, guanenglim. Whereas the KL-S'pore HSR is most probably a loss-making proposition. mohdshafieapdal p_warisansabah weekasiongmp anthonyloke MSabu_Official anwaribrahim ayat dia je plus muka sickening pic macam tuh, sure nk bagi konplen yy cengggini, khimmmekk.

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Guan Eng says HSR up to Johor not viable, defends Pakatan for pushing back earlier Singapore link | Malay Mail KUALA LUMPUR , Oct 23 — DAP’s Lim Guan Eng today denounced the idea of a high-speed rail ( HSR ) project linking Kuala Lumpur with Johor Baru only, saying that the venture would not be financially sound if it excluded Singapore . He was responding to a government announcement last week that a study... 🐖🐖🐖 talking cock again Look at other benefits which comes with better connectivity f*ck *ff c*nt

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