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Covid-19 Watch, Khairy Jamaluddin

KJ's spot on clapback against haters, says he uses 'vaccine genies'

KJ's spot on clapback against haters, says he uses 'vaccine genies'

17/10/2021 12:21:00 PM

KJ's spot on clapback against haters, says he uses 'vaccine genies'

PETALING JAYA: Khairy Jamaluddin using ' black magic ' and 'genies' to fend off Covid-19?

PETALING JAYA: Khairy Jamaluddin using"black magic" and"genies" to fend off Covid-19?The Health Minister shared a screenshot on Sunday (Oct 17) showing a commenter urging other members of a chat group to zoom in on the bracelets on his left hand, claiming that was proof that Khairy was using “four demonic genies'' to fight Covid-19.

"Wrong. I use four vaccine genies to protect Malaysia. The Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Sinovac and CanSino genies," he said jokingly on Instagram.The minister earlier shared a screenshot of a chat that compelled God to bring harm onto him."The anti-vaxxers are stepping up their game," he said.

Malaysian funny man Harith Iskander chimed in on the matter via his Facebook page."It's 2021 people!... and we still have believers in hocus pocus?Screengrab from Khairy's Instagram account“Our Health Minister's comeback (in red box) to netizens' comment about him using 'four jenis jin setan' to protect himself, is classic," he said.

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BM should be used by all patriotic M'sians, says PAS leader Awang Hashim

KUALA LUMPUR: Bahasa Malaysia is the national language and should be known by all patriotic Malaysians, says Datuk Awang Hashim.

He keeps his genies in BOTTLES made by Pharmaniaga

“Kita akan susahkan kehidupan anti-vaksin” - KJ - Utusan DigitalKhairy turut menegaskan, Kementerian Kesihatan berkemungkinan mewajibkan golongan yang menolak atau melengahkan pengambilan vaksin untuk menjalankan ujian calit Covid-19 secara mingguan dan kerajaan tidak akan menanggung perbelanjaan itu. Khairykj ape yg nak memaksa sangat bang ☝️… mana hak asasi manusia bang 😅… faham lah coming soon PRN melaka dan PRU 15 👊 Terbaik YB Khairykj Khairykj YAAAASSSSSSSSS 😂😂😂

Boleh mohon booster untuk kerjakan umrah - KJ - Utusan DigitalTambah Khairy, banyak negara Islam menggunakan Sinovac seperti Indonesia, Pakistan dan Turki dan oleh itu, penting untuk kerajaan Arab Saudi memahami perkara itu.

Govt will make life 'difficult' for those who refuse Covid-19 vaccine - KJThey won't be able to eat at restaurants or go to malls. Aiya Khairykj .. once vaccinated, do the vaccines provide life-long protection? Already 90% adults are vaccinated?Herd immunity already achieved,right? Is that fair to punish unvaccinated, when U insist they sign a form, waiving U of all responsibility in receiving the vaccines? Wish PN wud say this towards dishonest govt servants Stop the pandering, beating around the bush or passing the buck. Why so afraid, to make it mandatory for all to get vaccinated, unless at doctor's advice or with pre-existing condition or immune compromised?

KJ on mission to place live-saving AEDs in all buildingsKUALA LUMPUR: Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin is on a mission to have an automated external defibrillator (AED) installed at all buildings. Pandai projek Hey Khairykj. Stop your project awarding spree. We all know what happened to your REBOTTLING contracts Go focus on things that matters. Read this letter

KJ to anti-vaxxers: We will make life difficult for you [NSTTV] | New Straits TimesNSTnation 'Sorry to say, we will continue to make life very difficult for you if you are not vaccinated because you choose not to,' he said. Read here: i'm beginning to wonder if the 'H' in UNHRC actually stands for harassment 🤔

Hulu Langat MP to KJ: Push vaccination through awareness not coercionDiscrimination creates 'hot and tense' atmosphere in society, says Hasanuddin. He push to get it rebottled to help a local firms while Malaysians died waiting for their vaccines In other countries , this KJ will be charged for genocide sebelum ni covid naik sebab politik.. lepas ni golongan anti vak pula punca.. jgn bg muka kat depa.. If all MP do their part to create awareness but just cheap talk.