Covıd 19

Covıd 19

KJ explains why S'pore, Indonesia got vaccines before us

Khairy highlights the unique circumstances that allow the two countries to roll out vaccines earlier.

14/1/2021 11:50:00 AM

COVID-19 | Khairykj said Singapore was able to 'place bets' on COVID19 vaccine candidates earlier because of greater resources. Indonesia, on the other hand, had conducted clinical trials for the vaccine.

Khairy highlights the unique circumstances that allow the two countries to roll out vaccines earlier.

14 Jan 2021, 8:32 amModified 9:04 amScience, Technology and Innovation Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said while Malaysia was not among the first to secure Covid-19 vaccines, that does not mean that procurement was slow.In a statement today, Khairy said Japan will be securing vaccines in end-February - same as Malaysia - although Japan signed a deal in July last year, four months earlier than Malaysia. South Korea, which signed a deal in December 2020, will only get its vaccines in the third quarter of 2021.

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Neighbouring Singapore and Indonesia, said Khairy, had unique circumstances which allowed them to roll out Covid-19... Read more: »

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Khairykj What kind of excuses is this When our neighbours can be proactive why cant we, yb Khairykj So what’s your excuse Khairykj How to achieve herd immunity by end 2021? Khairykj excuses,excuses Khairykj Malaysia Plan - fill up potholes / Zero Potholes / Darurat BackDoor Khairykj Sembang kari mamak mane i bro. Ko yg x competent. Mengampu keliling.. ingat yer dpt komisyen jgn sonyap jer..

Khairykj Khairykj Dikusi pembalunan belum habis. Last2 si Pasir Salak pun mau share Khairykj Enough of excuses. Results matter ! Khairykj You failed us. Khairykj Because our politicians are not enough competence and not going down hand to hand to work together... Even Indonesia already get their vaccine and start distribution to their people to jab it... What are out government is going.. It is ashame on us...

Khairykj Please define what u meant by 'greater resources'? Because that's neither here nor there. Khairykj We being outpace by our neighbours in all aspect. Even in the vaccine procurement. Khairykj We sat around jostling for power. We did the right thing. Yeah ! Khairykj Always have explanations... Always no result

Khairykj in short .. he’s saying we’re poor and incompetent Khairykj The country is not interested to know why, that's not the politicians job, your job is to MAKE IT better Khairykj The more you talk the more venerable you look. Just do ur job Khairykj We need actions not excuses. This is the main reason Msia are left behind Spore & Indonesia in this area.

Khairykj Any excuse will do Khairykj Maybe and just maybe this is a self serving delay. Think about the present politics in the country. Makes sense? Khairykj Typical Malaysia Kini that spread hatred news headlines. Rubbish news as always. Khairykj You get it early, people criticise. You get it late, people criticise. You don't bother getting it, people die. Just let those who are in the position to take action, do what they see fit. They may be privy to information we do not have.

Khairykj Answers from an efficient minister. Not resourseful. Khairykj Singapore lockdown and stop the chain already, now still getting vaccine faster than us, all thing go smooth effective and step by step. In contrast, Malaysia MCO again and again still cannot break the chain, slow reaction on getting vaccine, bad economy, no need find any excuses

Khairykj good excuse Khairykj So what it means is that we're still faster than Japan and that doesn't mean we're slow?.. Still doesn't justify why we're behind SG or Ind.. Even if they have 'special' circumstances, how come we don't?.. Why are we using those behind us to 'syok sendiri' that we're ahead?

Khairykj Poor reason! I thought he can do better but.... 🤦🏽‍♂️ Khairykj From the way I see it, (political differences aside), KJ is doing great on this. If he shaves his beard off, I'm pretty sure that lad is handsome. Sorry keluar context. Khairykj We always slower than Indonesia & Singapore, that’s fact.

Khairykj Excuses leads to failures. Khairykj Literally most countries received & started vaccination already. Here we are still haggling with pricing, quality etc. Exactly like in a wet market. What’s the purpose of imposing lockdown Khairykj Not because of that , is because of busy politicking here.

Khairykj Pooodaaa For anyone interested in going beyond headlines. Khairykj When you busy riding bikes, Singapore minister was working quietly. Khairykj Khairykj Excuses and more excuses. What can we expect from these politicians except for more suffering. Khairykj Khairy tak boleh pakai sampai sekarang Malaysia tak ada vaccine lagi.