Kelantan PAS ulama council approves 10 motions

Kelantan PAS ulama council approves 10 motions

24/10/2021 3:07:00 PM

Kelantan PAS ulama council approves 10 motions

They include a task force targeted at voters aged 18 and above.

The Kelantan PAS ulama council today approved 10 motions, including forming a task force targeted at new voters, aged 18 and above, to draw their interest to the country and religion.All motions were passed during the council’s 50th muktamar held at the Islamic Education Complex in Bachok today, which was attended by 115 representatives statewide.

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Pass motion? Silly. They can't even pay their own wages if not for Putrajaya. '... as well as an increase of allowance for its officers statewide, in line with current needs.' These Pas 2015-2021 fanatics talk like they are cleverer than their God forever enforcing their personal opinions on others. Which God gave them the authority to pay themselves?

Cheers This is their idea of attracting young voters - 'an increase of allowance for its officers statewide, in line with current needs.' I think we should keep giving them more rope, they are hanging themselves with it. PAS slow motion Yeah among them are enabling rape jokes and child marriages