Johor sultan threatens snap polls if there is another power struggle

Johor Sultan threatens snap polls if there is another power struggle

3/6/2020 7:32:00 AM

Johor Sultan threatens snap polls if there is another power struggle

If another power struggle occurs, Sultan Ibrahim says he will let the people of Johor pick those who truly want to serve the people and the state.

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~ If you can allow one group to do naturally you will face another group doing it.. This is human race not 'Angela's 😹😹 HRHJohorII Tuanku, I hope so because as can seen, the power struggle is NON-STOP. SELF GREED is clear. They 'angkat sumpah' 2serve the Rakyat then they 'angkat sumpah' again in front of DYMMSPBYDA. Can the RAKYAT trust such people? They should be whipped for lying to DYMMSPBYDA.

Threatens bana kau. Page dap ni mmg biadab ye. Editor sampah. Guna perkataan pun tak reti. Bebal Sy sokong tuanku... Threaten instead of AMARAN? funny Then snap polls. Why not? Have u got new land and u definitely not aware I do understand Llbklf kl ) lagi pm Out of so many sightable wrongdoings that are ruining the country, power struggle is the most unbearable one. Well... What more can the rakyat say? Maybe thank you for standing out.

👍 Please proceed. Fu*k you Malaysiakini haram jadah pembawak fitnah no1 Malaysia... Woi bodoh. Ugutan apa? Bangsat. Sultan cuma bagi amaran. Pls call for it, no need to use a threat method Y now not before Threaten? He has the power? Absolute monarch? Aik, skrg ugut mcm gini plk. Time PH to PN xde bunyi pun

Who cares Then call for 1. Waiting for what? All these while, that's what voters and taxpayers want from the moment when it first changed hands against voters' choices. Grant their wish. . Dia ni orang meniaga. Bengkeng pulak tu dengan Mahathir Paham2 je la 🤭 Salahuddin kata gelombang perubahan kemungkinan mula di Johor.Saya cukup optimis.Knp tidak kita mulakan Johor sebagai negeri yg akan buat suatu gegaran skala richter 7.3 utk gegarkan politik Msia.Dari arus Selat Tebrau bawa perubahan besar di Putrajaya !

lol what a joke Return the legally voted-in government back to the people; minus the lalangs? Better than nothing. Just do it. At least it might give a closure to the problem. Has the Palace the authority to do likewise?🤔 Why not call for snap polls when PN staged their coup? Just to remind the public that it's not just PN (TSMY) vs PH (DSAI) but you have 3 other factions who are wrestling for power - Mahathir - Azmin - Zahid (UMNO) - Tok Mat (UMNO grassroots) All have their individual agendas, so they may work together should their interests align.

Tak payah rampas johor. Kita jadikan johor negeri pembangkang sehingga pru 15 akan dtg hahaha Setuju bubar je... QuotedReplies he is just trying to protect his friends maybe we no need election , just let sultan pick what he wants No doubt Johore legislative assembly is in simmering mode now?! Hu R U ? Hah

Time to wake up too much good life in the palace. Please put People's first . All states should follow the example of His Highness....not threatening but actually go ahead with the polls Wayang man Daulat Tuanku. Should have been done way back after sheraton move. Poll result 2 years ago was not even at your favor tuanku.. Now you want another poll, are you sure tuanku?

This.....this says alot about what happened... Can state sultan decide snap polls for the country? its the rakyats choice...we did not elect this gov!! this jubor gov does not even have a manifesto this jubor gov may not even be registered with ROS i say fark to this gov! Should have done that in the first place... Why only threaten it now?

Bagus, biar Johor jadi penanda aras pra-PRU. 😎👍🏻 Sultan ada kuasa bubarkan DUN secara sendiri ke? Just wondering. Ehh...looks like all 'goyang'. Rakyat steady only...Rakyat busy with covid 19. Should not allow previous change in the first place, my opinion. What is the Sultan waiting for ...let the public decide’s public’s mandate not the sultans mandate anyway

is this even constitutional? Which is what the Johor Sultan should have done many months ago. Why didn't he do it then? Who conned the Johor Sultan into doing what he did? MAHACAI TRIGGERED

Johor Sultan grants audience to Transport MinisterJOHOR BARU: Johor's Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar granted an audience to Transport Minister Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong on Tuesday (June 2). Here comes the gravy train from Gemas to Johor weekasiongmp How many trains u need to Johor/Singapore ? Didnt we just have a double-track from Gemas-JB, Not even ready, now another train weekasiongmp we watching you balance rakyat's money for survival - over the greed for a HIGH SPEED TRAIN. chedetofficial Daulat Tuanku 🙏🏻❤️💙

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Source claims PN under threat in Johor, Bersatu reps may withdraw supportA Harapan source reveals that several Bersatu assemblypersons have met with the coalition's leaders. 😂 kahkahakahkahkahkahkah Wont believe it until PN Johor falls!!! Great ! 💪👏👏👏

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