Johor Harapan chides Umno over sly tactics in engineering election

23/1/2022 5:47:00 AM

They say it was opportunistic and irresponsible.

Johor Harapan chides Umno over sly tactics in engineering election

They say it was opportunistic and irresponsible.


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Mesyuarat UMNO Johor bermula, Hasni bakal menghadap Sultan JohorMesyuarat UMNO negeri yang dikhabarkan akan membincangkan berkenaan pelaksanaan Pilihan Raya Negeri (PRN) Johor telah bermula.

Harapan, Muda discuss pact for upcoming Johor pollsThey also talked about seat allocation. Like, just that one seat? If PKR wants avoid another electoral wipe out, they should take a backseat in Johor. It’s not time for power grabbing. Bijak cukong korup menyusup dalam gerakan Reformasi rakyat Masih tidak belajar dari Kesilapan lama Mahathir oh mahathir, licik sungguh menunggang dan memecahbelah

PRN Johor: UMNO ambil kesempatan kelemahan pembangkangPRN Johor: UMNO ambil kesempatan kelemahan pembangkang

Pasir Gudang Umno ready to win Johor Jaya, Permas seats, says KhaledJOHOR BARU: Umno members have a responsibility and role to return Johor as the party’s shining pillar once more, says Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin. Stop d arrogance, warlording & mostly d selfserving motive 2b a ppl Rep permanently, n not only Johore but many more States may rturn 2 UMNO-BN nordin_khaled

Johor Umno divisions instructed to nominate two names for each state seat | New Straits TimesNSTnation Each Johor Umno division head has been instructed to provide two names for each state constituency, to be considered as the party's candidate for a stateelection which is speculated to be held soon.

Umno leaves Johor election in the hands of state liaison committee | New Straits TimesNSTnation Umno is leaving it to its Johor state liaison committee to make the necessary preparations in the event a stateelection is called in the southern state.