Johor gov’t falls or is intact? Trump card in Mazlan’s hand

Johor gov’t falls or is intact? Trump card in Mazlan’s hand


Johor gov’t falls or is intact? Trump card in Mazlan’s hand

Fifty-four state assemblypersons have ben split into two groups, with two more yet to make official their stand.

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Johor assemblymen summoned by Johor sultan to state their standSome of them could not turn up as they were involved in meeting the Yang di-Pertuan Agong in Kuala Lumpur. FMTNews Johor YDPA

Johor Umno confident there can be new state gov't with PKR defectionWith the exit of Bersatu from Harapan, the state assembly is hung 28 to 28. standby rm10 mil for each adun lah Azmin, Zuraida and d Gang, u r truly HEROES of Malaysia. Now, u guys did what has 2 b done. I wanna c if d guy has d ball 2 finish up what he started. UMNO, PAS,Bersatu, S’wak, S’ is ur turn. whether d guy has d ball 2 go thru this or not AzminAli zuraida_my umnoonline Hope that will not happen

Johor BN chief calls for special meeting with state elected reps | Malay MailJOHOR BARU, Feb 25 — Johor Barisan Nasional (BN) elected representatives have been called for a special meeting later today in light of the latest developments claiming that Umno has formed a coalition with several others, possibly to form the next federal government. An informed party source... MIC has seats in Johor state assembly? proofreader wake up la

Johor BN says prepared to form next state government | Malay MailJOHOR BARU, Feb 25 — Johor Barisan Nasional (BN) said today it is confident of taking over the state government, despite the risk of a hung state assembly following the collapse of the state Pakatan Harapan (PH) coaltion. Its chief Datuk Hasni Mohammad said Johor BN has the numbers and...

Johor BN, PAS to form new state govt - with five crossovers from PakatanJOHOR BARU: Johor Barisan Nasional along with PAS will be forming a new state government with five crossovers from the now-defunct Pakatan Harapan. This is DEFINITELY FUBAR malaysianpolitics TrustNoOne Lagi lagi pengkhianat rakyat. Semua sebab kuasa dan duit. Sedihnya! Ba bagus..... my_malaysia MB ja...

Johor BN claims to have numbers to form new state govtJOHOR BARU: Johor Barisan Nasional (BN) claims it has the support of the majority in the state assembly to form the new state government.

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