Fmtnews, Iran

Fmtnews, Iran

Iran ready to work with US, but Israel not on agenda

The country is firm in its belief that foreign presence in the Persian Gulf causes insecurity.

23/1/2021 5:14:00 PM

The country is firm in its belief that foreign presence in the Persian Gulf causes insecurity. FMTNews Iran

The country is firm in its belief that foreign presence in the Persian Gulf causes insecurity.

-January 23, 2021 10:12 PMDUBAI: Iran may cooperate with the US on oil and security in the Gulf, but not on Israel, the Iranian foreign minister said in remarks published on Saturday.Ties between Tehran and Washington worsened under the administration of former President Donald Trump, who in 2018 withdrew from Iran’s 2015 nuclear deal with world powers and reimposed sanctions that have crippled its economy.

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Iran called for action and “not just words” shortly after Joe Biden was sworn in as president on Wednesday. Biden has said Washington will rejoin the nuclear deal if Iran resumes strict compliance.“In my personal opinion, we should define our relationship with the US: To tell the US that ‘we will not cooperate with you on the issue of Israel and we will disagree with you,’” Mohammad Javad Zarif said in an interview with the reformist Etmad newspaper.

Iran, he said, “will not allow you to interfere in its internal affairs, but we have no problem working with you on the question of oil. We have no problem with ensuring the security of the Persian Gulf, though we believe that foreign presence in the Persian Gulf causes insecurity and you should not be there.”

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Iran accuses Israel of sabotage at nuclear site, vows revenge | New Straits TimesNSTworld Iran charged Monday that its arch-enemy Israel was behind an attack on its Natanz uranium enrichment plant and vowed it would take 'revenge' and ramp up its nuclear activities.

Iran blames Israel for Natanz nuclear plant ‘terrorism’, vows revenge'(But) We will not allow this act of sabotage to affect the nuclear talks.' Stupid murtad ayatollahs in Iran want to wipe out Israel like stupid Pas-Umno-Bersatu murtads want to wipe out non-malays and non-muslims in Malaysia. What do these Iranian murtads expect Israel to do?

US ready for talks with Iran over nuclear dealTehran has accelerated its breaches in recent months, demands Washington make the first move. FMTNews

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