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Indonesia moves Idul Fitri leave to December

Indonesia moves Idul Fitri leave to December

10/4/2020 6:52:00 AM

Indonesia moves Idul Fitri leave to December

JAKARTA (The Jakarta Post/ANN): The government will push back Idul Fitri collective leave to December due to concerns that the annual exodus could cause further transmission of Covid-19 .

It has become customary for most Indonesians, especially those living in big cities, to visit their hometowns and gather with family during the long holiday near the end of the holy month.The country expects some 20 million people to participate in the yearly tradition, with several having already left the capital for their hometowns despite the warnings of public health experts.

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While Idul Fitri will be observed, Coordinating Human Development and Culture Minister Muhadjir Effendy has moved the four-day Idul Fitri collective leave to Dec 28-31, from May 26-29, nearing other year-end holidays.“This policy is a follow up to a directive from the President [...] related to the no mudik appeal and the altering of the 2020 Idul Fitri collective leave, ” Muhadjir said in a statement on Thursday (April 9).

The government also added collective leave on Oct 28 to commemorate the birth of Prophet Muhammad.“Shifting the collective leave to the end of the year was done in consideration that Covid-19 would be handled properly [by then]. In addition, at the end of the year, children will be on school break and families will have had enough time to plan vacations, ” the statement continued.

Two of Indonesia's largest Islamic mass organisations, Nahdlatul Ulama and Muhammadiyah, have also advised people against participating in the mudik.The government, however, has not prohibited the mudik due to economic considerations. The government will instead disburse social aid to low-income families in hopes of dissuading people from taking part in the exodus.

As of Thursday, the Health Ministry confirmed 3,293 cases of the pneumonia-like illness in Indonesia with 280 fatalities and 252 recoveries. Jakarta, the country's outbreak epicentre, has confirmed 1,706 cases, with 142 fatalities and 82 recoveries. - The Jakarta Post/Asia News Network

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Syawal still continue, but to celebrate syawal may leave it on december. But we can still can use video call for silatulrahmi in syawal So, moves fasting month too? I still got few to qada' why mostly Malaysian here so stupid in reply ?!? it's NOT MOVE HARI RAYA TO DECEMBER but THE LEAVE! because of covid19 we can't get leave or do MUDIK as usual. we still celebrate Hari Raya at 1 Syawal & do fasting in Ramadan month.

Ah i see, christmas and raya, good 2in1 ;) Meleis GOBLOK. tf cuti bosss, bukan raya nua Yang dipindah cuti bersamanya bukan idul fitri nya GOBL*K 🤬 that must be weird,, like aidilfitri but not in syawal. welp, such a different vibe HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA THIS IS COOL Harrya_Tanoe puasa terpanjang abad ini syfiqahtajuddin i'm shockedd

Lejen betul _dilachan THE LEAVE LA NOT THE CELEBRATION WHY U SO SCHEWPID? Bangang kata siapa dah? So puasa bulan november la ksksksk Goingvcrazy ini benar Kiranya syawal sekali sama christmas? indonesia mendoniaaaa AHAHAHAHAHA as Indonesian i don't get it why this is wrong? we can't back to our family cause social distancing in this ramadhan and government gives us another opportunity to us to back to home after CoVID-19 ends.

faiqtarmizi ayuh raya bulan 12 Ingat semua,Indonesia adalah time bomb sjhshsjsss syawal who qanummm_ Tergila. Jadi nya libur natal dong itu mah😂 It appears Indonesia doesn’t want to do lockdown or circut breaker or movement control based on the reasons ie influx of people “balik kampung” for Hari Raya Yes. That's the spirit. Live to celebrate another day.

Our government should also address this soonest not wait till last minute to coax fellow m’sians to stay put during raya. We have to contain & minimise the spread of covid. Gotta tell till the mass understands.

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