'I don't feel safe' - Sajat settles down in Australia

'I don't feel safe' - Sajat settles down in Australia

18/10/2021 3:49:00 PM

'I don't feel safe' - Sajat settles down in Australia

The businessperson facing a syariah case says she has given up.

1Cosmetic entrepreneur Nur Sajat confirmed that she has permanently left for Australia, citing that she did not feel safe in Malaysia amid a syariah court case against her for"dressing as a woman" at a religious event three years ago.The 36-year-old also confirmed she has been granted permanent residence status in Australia where she plans to restart her business.

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Sajat, a transperson, acknowledged that she was leaving family, property and business behind but said she cannot be happy in Malaysia."Now that I'm free, I can carry on... Read more: malaysiakini.com »

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Gud Pergi mampus lah engkau Sajat...!! GTH Biarkan dia ni duk australia tu..xrugi la kita Good decision Right move good fo you… what is the issue with sajat actually to make it so viral? is it dangerous to our country? En Sajat blh teruskan duduk Australia. Australia just said FU Malaysia government. LOL It's a pity & a grave injustice when one doesn't feel safe & respected in one's own country, for whatever reason. Sad to see people who are so judgemental & lacking compassion - supposedly in the name of God & religion.

Nur Sajat says already in Australia, suggests never returning to Malaysia | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, Oct 18 — Transgender cosmetics entrepreneur Nur Sajat Kamaruzzaman revealed today that she was already in Australia where she is seeking political asylum from Malaysia. In a video posted on Instagram, Nur Sajat also asked her critics to leave her to her own religious beliefs. She... Absolutely happy for Sajat and wish Sajat all the best and every success in starting her business there in Australia. you go girl

Good for her. Shame on some country Siapa tu? Rakyat Australia ke? Bias and religiously perverted country. Good that she left. naimazharrrr Semoga kawan awak ni selamat dari kemurkaan Allah swt. Jalan taubat terbuka luas, insya Allah. you don't feel safe cause you don't pray, that's 1 thing.. and you owe people a lot of money :)

His own choice to move any where he likes n feeling comfortable. Australia? I thought she don’t hv a valid passport and Malaysian government want her back from Thailand Msia xperlukan mak nyah2... keluar dr lumrah alam... insaflahh sebelum ajal tiba Dok la mana pun. Jangan balik malaysia. Asal boleh lubang tahi je baru nak feel safe. Baru rasa human rights konon. Jadahh

Sajat sudah lari ke Australia | Harian MetroKualaLumpur: Usahawan kosmetik dalam buruan, Muhammad Sajjad Kamaruz Zaman atau Nur Sajat mengesahkan dirinya kini sudah berada di Australia. Amboi bang jat, happy la tuh dpt lari sana sini. Byk negara back up plak tuh. Kt dunia ni bole la lari bang jat... Lagi berita sampah ! Gahahahahahahah oiiii !! Memang semua masalah selesai kat Australia ke apa ni? Dari dadah sampai kerja ladang anggur😂

Kalau aku pengarah filem movie 🎥. Aku ambil nur sajat sebagai watak Mahsuri. Boleh buat duit perwatakan nya. SharaadKuttan Didn't we just won a seat in UN HRC? Oh the irony. Sans frontier 👍👍👍 Good..its time to tell ur side of the story to the world Bagus... M'sia pun x nak Who's she? Attention seeker? corruptions? No idea at all.

Malaysia waste police time and money chasing her in Thailand and now Malaysia just looks like the third rate country it is. Well done Good move! Of kors la ko x selamat lps songlapkan duit negara ats bantuan VVIP politik. Ko dh lacurkan ramai pompuan & scamkan duit gaji lacur diorg lg. Kmudian, scam duit ramai org. Provok org dgn gaya hidup nursajat02.

Nur Sajat residing in Sydney suburb, seeks to start afreshPETALING JAYA: Controversial cosmetics entrepreneur Nur Sajat, who is being sought after by local authorities is currently in Sydney, Australia. I am very happy for her. 'Nampaknya Thailand tk pedulikan Malaysia....lepaskan Sajat ke Australia....' Good, stay there and never come back again. Bikin semak Malaysia

This is one more case of JAKIM-Pas-Umno-Bersatu-PH crooks and fanatics using their own man-made laws to persecute a person. What did Ismail Sabri tell UN about this case? Is this person a part of his so-called keluarga Malaysia bamboozle? Taknak ambik kisah.. Sajat Sajat…kat Malaysia ke Australia ke…Allah ada dimana2…ke mana kamu pergi kamu takkan selamat…dunia maybe….😇 All the best…May Allah forgives us all…

Tu lah ko, baik2 ada telo pi buang, kan dh paranoid rasa xselamat.. mereput lah ko sana, menyemak je ko ni. Great. Don't come back. I would leave too if I can afford it. This country is going to be Taliban and corrupt politicians haven. tak payah nipu la bang jat..kau dkt sini je lagi..🤣 AlvinTanYOLO bro 😂 Another one followed your step.

if you didn’t scam money then you would’ve been fine telling the whole world your story. but you’re aren’t a good women yourself. so you won’t be able to pretend like an innocent person Tape duduk je situ. Settle down. Nothing here will accept you. Trust me. Come back Sejat.. Pee Jay waiting to hire u become Babsin role model.

Nur Sajat ‘cerai’ dengan Malaysia, menetap di Australia? - Utusan Digital“Kita (dia dan Malaysia) sudah cerai, sudah talak tiga, maaflah kita tak boleh bersatu kembali.' Bye Janda jadian dah si sajat ni... Jgn senasib CHIN PENG tau. Abu pon kena sumpah...

Come back Sajat, 🇲🇾just won UNHumanRights seat to champion human rights. You’ll be safe here. P mampoih. Pegi la main bontot puas2 kat sana tapi ingat mati nanti ke tanah jua Sajat...Puteri Umno waiting you to join their next step... Don't worry..pro LGBT melayu will support u G mam Dasar jantan x sedar diri

This awek pretty At least she will feel safe there... Not safe in own country... Tumbuh kumis dh tu

Tak rindu kita ke? -Sajat kembali aktif di media sosial - Utusan Digital“Rindu tak? Tak baik cakap macam itu. Tak rindu kita ke? Sekejap lagi kita nak buat live, rindu sangat.' Buat byk duit kat Thai huhu Utusan hari ini kerap mengeluarkan cerita sampah dah kenapa? Terdesak sgt ke..? Dia kebal.

Good for her👍🏽👍🏽💪🏽 Sah xde tolo Good for her! Going to work at The Cross or Oxford Street? How did you get into Australia, when most of the international gateways were closed, even closed Aussie relatives were not allowed to return due to COVID19 , especially your departing point, Bangkok is considered a hotspot.

Good choice Sajat👍🏼 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 You don't do any good for being in Malaysia. Might as well go to Australia and be a vegetable over there ha ha 🤍✨👑🌹 Sorry, you do not belong to Keluarga Malingsia, harus join umnoputri to stay and feel safe in Malingsia 🤑😉 Dont feel safe.....duit malaysia dia sapu bawak ke aussie...duit malaysia feel safe and protected....macam gampang

Nur Sajat ‘cerai’ dengan Malaysia, menetap di Australia? - Utusan Digital“Kita (dia dan Malaysia) sudah cerai, sudah talak tiga, maaflah kita tak boleh bersatu kembali.' Bye Janda jadian dah si sajat ni... Jgn senasib CHIN PENG tau. Abu pon kena sumpah...

Tell the world your story Sekarang masih muda, kulit licin.. Bye bye Adooi pls dont come back ,pihak berkuasa rampas semua harta benda dia dan lucut kerakyatan next case pls jgn habis kan duit rakyat lain Ohhhhh patutlah penunggang agama kecoh isu Timah Right move Good choice.