HTAR doctors who participated in strike to get show-cause letters

HTAR doctors who participated in strike to get show-cause letters

27/7/2021 2:25:00 AM

HTAR doctors who participated in strike to get show-cause letters

The hospital's director says the protesters abandoned their patients and sullied the name of the profession.

Malay daily Kosmo reported HTAR director Dr Zulkarnain Mohd Rawi as saying that the participants will be asked to explain their actions. Read more: »

Covid-19: Unvaccinated will lose out on many privileges, says PM

KUALA LUMPUR: Unvaccinated individuals should consider getting their Covid-19 jabs as they will lose out on many perks if they don't, says Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob.

When it comes to personnel discipline, the minister's have no power in law and regulations . Remember, the head of the department doesn't change like a minister. So get ready to receive the consequences and rewards, you dodgy doctor. Bab ugut, bukan main pandai! Settle their problem la Heesh. I really hope there will be a silver lining for the contract doctors. And I really hope we can choose where our income tax goes to, as I would love mine to go directly into education and health care only.

What is this ? lawan HartalDoktorKontrak David E. Martin testifies at the German Corona Inquiry Committee July 9th, Y2021. Brace for SURPRISES & even Cognitive Dissonance as the official narrative given you is being shattered into pieces ... Please comment after the 33rd minutes. ~ Don't quit the job, but quit the bosses.

Imagine france gov do this. They gonna have hospital with no doctors the next day. Dont play play with France pple about protesting. Here we go. There are many good employers or bosses who value, appreciate and support their workers.

Contract doctors participate in HDK strike at Penang Hospital [NSTTV] | New Straits TimesNSTnation This was among sacrifices mentioned by contract doctors who participated in today's Hartal Doktor Kontrak (HDK) strike at the Penang Hospital here. Read here:

If they dare to fire all of them. Then go ahead. Let see Berani ke ? Eiiii kalau aku dapat show cause sebab demo aman ni, aku bagi je kertas yg aku pegang time demo. Doktor bukan hamba dradhambaba DGHisham HartalDoktorKontrak If got balls ... sack them la... show cause letter because you still need them to do the work right?

Okay, so what you gonna do with those letters? Isnt it obvious what they were trying to protest here? Delusional, and all these unnecessary actions , show cause letters apa la.. Go find a solution, listen, listen, listen! Horrible from the top all the way to KKM now? There are lawyers out there supporting you dear doctors. Reach out to them for advice

For real If we lose them, this country is fucked. Look on their wants and needs and give them what they want. They've been fighting hard since March 2020 and this is not the way we are gonna treat them. We can be better. RAKYAT are angry. I think the Director just woke up from his long sleep because the whole nation knows the reason behind their action but this guy want them to explain in show cause letter so we can waste more paper and cut more trees. Wake up guy's be more professional. MGBA.

Sad to know the hosp where my medical life started and continued for 12 good yrs have come to this state.we used to have pengarahs who stood for the doctors ,who put patients we only have those who put politicians first .. shameful

Returning to work after strike, docs say 'we went back for our patients, not bosses'Many of the contract doctors who participated in HartalDoktorKontrak have returned to their work station to continue with patient care. According to several medical officers, they returned to work because they do not want patients to be neglected. Salute them..they kept to their oath! Syabas & tahniah krn anda telah mengenepikan kepentingan peribadi & mengutamakan pesakit.

Yes! Used God. General Order Chapter 'D' You can see how difficult you want to fight Administrator. Your are Finnish young Doctor. Mana show cause letters to ministers yang tak perform? Sepatutnya Kerajaan perlu bagi show cause letter kepada rakyat, mengapa kes tidak dapat diturunkan The one to get a show-cause letter is the director himself. Transfer him out. He's a disgrace. Zero empathy, no leadership, no foresight. Please rid the hospitals of ivory tower management. And fast.

You are giving ultimatum to these young people instead of negotiating ? Willing to suffer from their backlashes ? Ok then. Whoever signed the show cause letter need to be known. We stand with you fellow doctors! Kalau lah doktor2 ni semua ambil langkah resign 24hrs, agak2 apa jadi yea dgn keadaan hospital skrg🤔? X ada otak ke nak suruh buat surat tunjuk sebab plk🙄. Bebai sgh lah pengarah ni😡.nak bongkak x bertempat🤬. Esok kau menjawablah kat akhirat sok🙄

Is this how you reward our contract doctors who are risking their lives eveyday since march last year without a break in our war against covid 19. Disgrace and shame on you KKM. They make up nearly 40% of doctors in public sector battling covid 19. Ni la kalo dapat pengarah chop ayam...

Don't protest, Selangor boss tells Serdang junior doctors | The Malaysian Insight4,000 to 5,000 doctors nationwide expected to join strike tomorrow.

Bodola KKm ni. Jangan la mnghukum tanpa mendengar. Kita dalam peprangan!

Health DG tells contract doctors to remember their oath, don't join strikeNoor Hisham says the strike could affect the patients' lives and doctors' careers. Then give them their due. Arresting them isn't going to help either , who's gonna help the patients then... no logic at all How are they gonna take care of their patients when they themselves are work to the bones? The irony is, he forgot the very oath by sucking up on politicians. Especially during Sabah election and till now.

Health DG appeals to junior doctors not to strike, reminds them of their oath | The Malaysian InsightDo not abandon your duty to your patients and country, pleads Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah. What happened to the leaders oath.... what about your oath? Still not resigning ? Oath? Which oath?

Health DG urges contract doctors not to join planned strike on Monday (July 26)KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama): Health director-general Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah has urged all contract doctors and healthcare workers to refrain from joining a nationwide strike on Monday (July 26). He reminded them that many lives are on the line. alahai DG ni sendiri x nak bg sokongan. Kerah tenaga kan main lg Agreed Tan Sri but if government don't care about the wellbeing of contract doctors, and many promises made but kosong saja.. They work like a dog and sleep like a log without questions of 30 hours on call. Do you expect them to smile and be okay with it? DGHisham You have a permanent job,contract doctors don’t have so you can talk.