Hong Kong protesters rally against planned virus quarantine centres

Hong Kong, Demonstration, Quarantine Centres

Hong Kong protesters rally against planned virus quarantine centres

Hong Kong, Demonstration


Hong Kong protesters rally against planned virus quarantine centres

HONG KONG : Hundreds of demonstrators rallied for a second day in Hong Kong on Sunday (Feb 16) to protest against plans to turn some buildings into coronavirus quarantine centres , reviving anti-government protests in the Chinese-ruled city.

Sunday, 16 Feb 2020 9:29 PM MYT Demonstrators holding umbrellas as they gather in the rain during a protest against the use of Chun Yeung Estate as a quarantine centre in the Fo Tan area of Hong Kong, China, on Sunday (Feb 16). - Bloomberg HONG KONG: Hundreds of demonstrators rallied for a second day in Hong Kong on Sunday (Feb 16) to a peaceful protest against plans to turn some buildings into Covid-19 (coronavirus) quarantine centres, in the Chinese-ruled city. The virus has opened a new front for protesters after months of demonstrations over the perceived erosion of freedoms had largely fizzled out over the past month, as people stayed at home amid fears of a community outbreak of the virus. About 100 people braved rain in the New Territories district of Fo Tan, where authorities plan to use a newly built residential development that was subsidized by the government as a quarantine centre. Riot police stood by. A 38-year-old mother of two said she had waited eight years for her home in the Chun Yeung estate and was expecting to get her keys by the end of this month. "There's no consultation and we don't know how long they'll use Chun Yeung estate. That's why we are so mad," she the woman. Father-of-two Koby, 36, also expressed frustration at not being told for how long the public housing might be used for quarantine. "I've waited eight years. I have two children studying in kindergarten and have already transferred them to the school in Fo Tan," he said. Protesters gathered in other districts on Sunday. With Hong Kong property prices among the most expensive in the world, owning a home is a distant dream for many, and frustration over housing has triggered protests in the past. Many Hong Kong people, already angry about what they see as meddling by Beijing in the former British colony's affairs - which it denies - have criticised the government's handling of the virus scare, piling pressure on embattled city leader Carrie Lam. On Friday, the government sought to appease families that have been allocated a flat in the Fo Tan estate by pledging a special subsidy. Three weeks ago, protesters set alight the lobby of a newly built residential building in another district in the New Territories, that authorities had planned to use as a quarantine facility. The government dropped the plan. Hong Kong has had 57 confirmed cases of the coronavirus. One person has died of it in the city. Some Hong Kong people have called on the city government to seal the border with the mainland to block the virus but Lam has ruled that out. - Reuters Article type: free Read more: The Star

Quarantine centre in DENSELY POPULATED residential area is SUICIDAL💀 The risk of transmission to nearby resident, factory workers & within building(similar to 2003 SARS) shouldn’t be neglected. Many vacant hospital/holiday camps/barrack can be used instead! HKGov inflict every single rally in HongKong A foreseeable WuhanCoronavirusOutbreak by the refusal of complete shutdown borders, Illogic & incompetent quarantine measures only by suspects’ self discipline!? now build’n quarantine CTRs near residential, y not near Gov House?

bloodycarrie WuhanCoronavius Stand with Hong Kong, fight for freedom and against disease, hope Hong Kong doctors and people safe,never give up 💪💪💪 To quarantine, Carrie Lam shd use San Uk Ling detention centre where HK police detain and abuse protestors. San Uk Ling is far enough, unreachable by Hong Kong citizens

Give me freedom or death Hong Kong government didn’t ask for citizens’ opinion when they planned the quarantine centres in the residential area and they did ask for the opinion of Disneyland when they planned one there. Did the Hong Kong regime close all the borders with China timely to block carriers?Did the HK regime consult district councilors on quarantine sites selection? -NO Lam said residential buildings will not be turned into quarantine centers. She lied. How can HKers trust their govt?

Brave Hong Kong People!!!! U can't negotiate with Evil Hong Kong Gov!!! antichinazi BoycottChina StandWithHongKong 5DemandsNot1Less The government has taken the flats from the new owners and is going to use them as quarantine centres Who won't be angry when this happens to them? The government should've closed the border and let no potential patients enter HK, but it's decided to trigger public anger instead

Even under WuhanVirus, the government still suppressing us

Hundreds march in Hong Kong against potential coronavirus quarantine clinics | Malay Mail HONG KONG , Feb 15 — Hundreds of anti-government protesters marched in multiple Hong Kong neighbourhoods on Saturday against government plans to potentially turn some buildings into coronavirus quarantine centres , demanding full closure of the mainland China border. The protests — which...

SolomonYue Actually the quarantine centres are so closed to neighbourhood and provide no sufficient resources and support to the staff and residents. That is why the ppl protest. Many territories are suitable to be quarantine centres. Why do government choose the buildings nearby residential districts to be quarantine centres?

I will suggest the HongKongGovt just let the infected Hongkee to roam freely and let Covid-19 to spread freely and in the end just declare HongKong the mortuary for all the dead HongKongProtesters octopusscity The Public was not told any details about the quarantine centres. When closing all borders with China is the most effective way to prevent the CoronavirusOutbreak, our gov refused to do so. And now they want to set up the quarantine centres in the densely populated neighbourhood, right next to our house.

kariawhk what we against is the HongKong govt HK puppet government just did nothing right it’s simply insane to locate quarantine centres in residential areas, as it could easily cause a huge community outbreak. Also, Hong Kong people simply cannot trust the carrielam govt that lies on a habitual basis

HongKong gov ignore citizens health,they don’t close the border,don’t give the mask,use housing block as quarantine site and even order HongKongPolice to arrest n beat the citizens who oppose the above measure! StandWithHongKong HongKongProtests COVID19 CoronavirusOutbreak

Hundreds march in Hong Kong against quarantine clinicsCORONAVIRUS | Unrest over buildings in residential neighbourhoods designated as potential quarantine sites. Without totally closing the boarder, there comes NO an end to quarantine centres in Hong Kong! SOSHK We protest is because Carrie Lam finds closing to borders is meaningless. She lets more Chinese people come over HK but it's simply dangerous if they are infected with WuhanCoronavirus & spread the disease massively here. But it's now happening. Well you've closed the border instead of turning public housing estates into quarantine centres.... Genius

It’s hongkong govt lied to the public that no quarantine centres be built near residential neighbourhoods first. The public also urged to shut boarders to prevent the CCPChina infected but Carrie Lam chose to ignore! hkpolicebrutality StandwithHK WuhanCoronavirus When the gov refuses to put HKers safety in the first priority, people will have to take action to save themselves from a community outbreak. WuhanCoronavirusOutbreak PoliceState HKGov

Hk fighting Hongkongers have lost trust in this evil puppet government! Carrie Lam will not hesitate to betray Hong Kong when required by Beijing! Puppet Lam doesn't care about HKers' lives & would only do whatever to please CCP. For those expressing dissent for not closing the border or using their neighbourhoods as quarantine centres, she would use PoliceBrutality to silent all voices.

Yep! There are better alternatives, such as PLA garrison base, but Hong Kong Gov’t just insists to confiscate citizens' homes WuhanCoronavirus No one would set up quarantine in the housing estates with thousands of healthy people, this is insane no one wants the virus quarantine centre to be build near there residential area! esp when there are people live next door, with elderly house around and near the mtr station (which there might be some mainland ppl rush down to see the doctor)

HKGov wants to follow ccp chinazi’s step- hardline and inhumane, but hkers know what’s called FreedomOfSpeech and we know the power is from the people, not from a puppet govt! antichinazi Shutdown The quarantine centers are next to the housing estates and the 'isolated' persons are allowed to leave the centers, which makes the residents worried about the coronavirus outbreak in the society. CoronavirusOutbreak coronavirus

Hundreds march in Hong Kong against potential coronavirus quarantine clinicsThe protest follows refusal to completely shut the border with mainland China. FMTNews ChinaBorder Coronavirus HongKongProtest

Hong Kong gov't refuses to close the China border during coronavirus epidemic but turns clinics in the residential area to WuhanPneumonia clinics. Is this a joke? COVIDー19 I wish the virus will teach Hong Kongers a lesson Hongkies probably want infected patients sent to China. When the government did nothing for the sake of their citizens, it’s normal to have numerous protests. The world should now understand that CCP is a globa lethal virus. hkproteators are frontline of upholding universal values. All civilized countries should StandwithHK!

And it's because hk govt refuse to close border at the beginning, and they located the quarantine center without negotiate with district council How could a quarantine centre be set up in 5 minutes nearby residential areas? HongKong coronvirus HongKongProtest is still lasting and PoliceBrutality is still happening. The evil regime still make use of PoliceBrutality to oppress the protest even it is very peaceful and the protesters are just asking no quarantine area,camps or clinics nearby their home.

All the virus quarantine centers are too near to resident. If the gov closed all the borders 3weeks ago, no need to set up many centers. Actually, HK government can use a closed hospital, Hong Kong Central Hospital. But HK government doesn't consider this hospital. COVID19 WuhanCoronavirusOutbreak was an example to show that CCPChina hided the actual situation for nearly 2 months and blamed whistleblowers as Rumourmonger. That's why FightForFreedom is essential

If Hong Kong govt shut our borders, we don’t need so many quarantine centers. Right now Carrie Lam even turns some public estates into centers without any consultations. That’s typical Communist China tyranny. The police again arbitrarily attacks innocents. Request sanctions!

NBA loses ‘hundreds of millions’ in China over Hong Kong tweet | Malay MailNEW YORK, Feb 16 — NBA commissioner Adam Silver said yesterday the league expects to lose “several hundred million dollars” due to a row with China over a tweet by Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey supporting Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters. The NBA’s Chinese sponsors cut ties...

Closing the cross-boarder is actually the most effective measures preventing local transmission of CORVID-19. The government never focus on the root of the problem. Setting up clinics is essential but NOT sufficient. Do they really listen to what people sing? StandWithHongKong Hongkongers protest the setup of quarantine centres not because they are not sympathetic BUT because the locations are in extreme proximity of residential areas and the government has told lies and never consulted the district councils. 1/2

The gov didn’t enquire the residents for building such camps near to them. Most of them r just too close to the residential area, there might be potential risks given that the virus can move for hundreds of meters distance in the air for ~3 hours long WuhanCoronavirusOutbreak Hong Kong government didn’t have any concrete solution in preventing the spread of WuhanCoronavirus but only setting up virus quarantine centres near residential areas!

The gov forced us to demonstrate. The high-rank officers never listen to public opinions, so we have to fight for ourselves. FightForFreedom StandWithHongKong Antichinazi HK gov 1. aren’t willing to close the border — coronavirus comes to HongKong easily 2. places chosen to be a quarantine centre are always near residential area — virus will be spreader easily Okay... so are they trying to get as many as HongKong people to be infected?

The govertment deliberately pick site near to residential area and create more conflict. They left those remote area like Sunny Bay as the last option. StandWithHongKong ABC_challenge a lot of abandoned areas to establish the quarantine centres, why CarrieLam insists on residential areas?! COVID19 WuhanPneumonia

The people here should not pay the cost of government’a stupid measures against the ChinaziVirus ChinaVirus

Hong Kong to arrange flights to take home passengers from Diamond Princess ship | Malay Mail HONG KONG , Feb 16 — The Hong Kong government will send aircraft to Japan to bring back passengers from the quarantined cruise ship Diamond Princess, where the most coronavirus infections outside China have occurred. In a statement late yesterday, the Security Bureau said chartered flights would...

Estate houses aren't structurally designed for the purpose. Without proper isolation wards, this will likely increase the risk of cross infection thru sewage & common areas. Plus it isn't fair to use these estate houses without consulting those who are waiting to move in. Instead of closing border, the gov requested the scouts to volunteer in quarantine, offered insufficient protection to medics, turned a blind eye to shortage of masks and daily supplies, arrested residents who protested to protect their home. HK gov and CCP wants to kill us all

Carrie Lam first refused to seal the border with China, leading to influx of imported cases & now local ones. More quarantine centres for ineffective measures won’t help but just increase the risk as they’re quite close to residence area, while still many remoted places for use. These quarantine centres can be estate houses, hotels, dormitory etc. They are not structurally designed for the purpose. Without proper isolation wards and facilities, these centres will likely increase the risk of cross infection.

Governors (liars) keep saying that the venue of the centers are safe. Why don’t they set up one nearby their home? HKGov sucks. CCPChina CCP trying to hide how serious the WuhanCoronovirus is, like what they did back in 2003 causing SARS global outbreak Hong Kong government is not willing to close the border and would rather millions die since CarrieLam wants to appease the CCP StandWithHongKong

Implement a policy without communication to the residents will only lead to more conflicts between the Hong Kong government and her people.😥 Bloody Carrie Lam lets WuhanCoronavirus spread in HongKong in order to kill hongkongers. She is a killer. HKGov sucks

Hong Kong protesters march against Covid-19 quarantine plans HONG KONG : Hundreds of anti-government protesters marched in multiple Hong Kong neighbourhoods on Saturday against government plans to potentially turn some buildings into Covid-19 coronavirus quarantine centres , demanding full closure of the mainland China border.

Now Hongkongers bearing the consequences of the failure and naivety of CarrieLam ‘s leadership. COVID2019 CoronavirusOutbreak This gov select every location that is close to the community for the use as quarantine centres. HongKong government and China government never listen to hongkonger opinions So HongKongProstests keep continue BoycottChina AnywherebutChina China_is_terrorist ChinaziVirus ChinaVirus ChinaCoronaVirus CCP_is_terrorist

The video is showing how near the planned quarantine centre the residential areas. The red blocks are the quarantine centre which is 30 metres away from a village; and quite near the industrial buildings that people work everyday. WuhanCoronavirusOutbreak HKers WISH to stop MainlandChinese entering HK & spreading ChinaCoronaVirus CarrieLam governs HK by distorting & ignoring demands of HKers Lam bolsters HKPoliceBrutality to suppress HKProtesters who raise closeborders of China & remove of quarantine sites COVID19

The Hk gov't is now a mere puppet of CCP; they care no more to us ordinary citizens. Disgraceful. If quarantine centers are needed, only two places are suitable and guaranteed there will be no protest from citizens. 1. HK government house. 2. Police stations or dormitory. People who are currently there should be locked up and “quarantine” from the civilians anyway

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