Hong Kong, Ex-Lawmaker, Convicted

Hong Kong, Ex-Lawmaker

Hong Kong ex-lawmaker convicted for protest assault with loudhailer

Hong Kong ex-lawmaker convicted for protest assault with loudhailer

6/4/2020 4:42:00 PM

Hong Kong ex-lawmaker convicted for protest assault with loudhailer

HONG KONG : A former Hong Kong lawmaker was convicted on Monday (April 6) of using a loudhailer to assault police officers during huge pro-democracy protests that convulsed the finance hub last year. Au Nok-hin is the first former member of the city's legislature to be successfully prosecuted for taking part in the protests and the most high profile figure convicted to date.

40001425522_63eabb757a_kHONG KONG: A former Hong Kong lawmaker was convicted on Monday (April 6) of using a loudhailer to assault police officers during huge pro-democracy protests that convulsed the finance hub last year.Au Nok-hin (pic) is the first former member of the city's legislature to be successfully prosecuted for taking part in the protests and the most high profile figure convicted to date.

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Hong Kong's courts have a huge backlog of cases stemming from last year's protests which dominated the city for seven straight months and upended its reputation for stability.Some 7,000 people were arrested, many of them youngsters, in the near-daily clashes between riot police and protesters.

On Monday, Kowloon City Magistrates Court found Au guilty of assaulting two police officers with a portable loud speaker on 8 July.The court heard that Au, who was demanding to meet the local police commander during a dispersal operation, caused acute hearing impairment to one police officer by shouting through the loud hailer.

He was also convicted of striking another police officer's shield with the speaker.Hong Kong's protests were initially triggered by a now-scrapped government plan to allow extraditions to mainland China's opaque, party-controlled courts.As city leaders dug their heels in the movement snowballed into the most concerted popular revolt against Beijing's rule since the city's 1997 handover.

Au, who was ousted from being a lawmaker in December by a separate court decision, was bailed and will be sentenced at a later date.Outside court, Au called on authorities to reconsider prosecuting so many people."Many of them are facing their whole lives being impacted," he told reporters.

The protests have largely died down, first with a huge increase in arrests, but also because of the coronavirus pandemic.But the city remains deeply polarised.The city's pro-Beijing leadership have made little attempt at reconciliation since the protests ended.

The police force is also now widely loathed by a large chunk of the city, with calls for an independent inquiry rejected and no officers prosecuted to date. - AFP Read more: The Star »

Can anyone imagine how a loudhailer can be a weapon to attack police? It’s just ridiculous. HKPoliceTerrorism HKPoliceState the Judge of this case is an apparent blue-ribbon as shown by her fb post blaming protesters as 'cockroaches' and humiliating pro-democracy lawmaker. How can the lawful system employ such person with strong political stances to handle political cases thelawisdead

When jokes become reality. That’s HK, an international city controlled by China. Thank you. Please stay healthy and hydrated. When HK 'police' uses dioxin tear gas, live ammunition, pepper spray, blue water cannon with unknown toxins on unarmed HK citizens, they lie that they feel frightened when Au chanted at them. StandWithHongKong China_is_terrorist

how ridiculous the HK rule of law is? HongKongPoliceState HK gov only defends for those who could defend their power, not citizens It’s ridiculous Citizens arrested by criminals is common in an injustice place. Now loudhailer and laser presentator are a weapon for attack hongkongpolice in Hong Kong. Is it joking!? hongkongpolicebrutality HongkongPoliceTerrorism

This is insane. Stand with Hong Kong, fight for freedom and against disease, hope Hong Kong doctors and people safe,never give up and add oil 💪💪💪 ridiculous ChinaVirus Can’t believe the court accepted this case and gave out this results The death of rule of law. When judicial system is controlled by police, Hong Kong is now s police state

Before hongkong police they charge female protestor attack them by breast, she in jail 3 mount 15day, Hong Kong is crazy, they made people angry CarrieLam & its govt & HKPoliceState are puppets of CCP only. She give up HK autonomy & core values of freedom & justice. Govt protect illegal act of Police to harm ppl unaccountably. Justice in HK is threatened. Fight for 5 demands.

Scary how currently there’s virtually more democracy in china than Hong Kong endpolicebrutality I doubt the result would provoke more police brutality, it indirectly rationalize the violent suppression!! Crazy HKPoliceTerrorism ridiculous PoliceState liberateHongKong UniversalSuffrage I cannot believe a loudhailer can be a dangerous good

No more rule of law in Hong Kong. HKPoliceState the police is the tool of the govt to suppress freedom of citizen. They use excessive force causing plenty of injuries. HKPoliceBrutality never stops👿StandWithHongKong FightForFreedom HKPoliceState 0 police officer face legal responsibility although they have admitted uncountable crime

This is absolutely ridiculous ! None of those corrupted police officers has been arrested for assaulting Hong Kongers. This is Hong Kong style rule of law. If you’re police, you are allowed to do anything. This is unacceptable 😠 How come a loudhailer can hurt others. Ridiculous!!! PoliceState StandWithHongKong

izumimimimihk 🆘🇨🇳🖤🇭🇰 Ridiculous and heart-breaking Pass the MagnitskyAct Sanctions on HongKong police It is sick🤦🏿‍♀️ When a loudhailer is called as ”weapon” and could create harm🤷🏻‍♀️ How about the pro-CCP gangsters who assaulted the civilians? Pro-democracy people are prosecuted while pro-CCP gangsters can do whatever they like under tacit consent. This is the 'rule of law' in today's HongKong. HongKongProtests HKPoliceState

HKPolice will be destroyed by lady's breast 5 year ago , by a speaker nowadays . i suggest every Police with a sticker 'Fragile' or 'Handle with Care'. It’s totally Ridiculous. We can’trust the system anymore Joke The death of jurisdictions The death of jurisdictions no more rule of law in hong kong, only rule by law. HKPoliceBrutality

this sanction only be sensible when the police is telling the truth. tho the court assume police is reliable, accountable witness, it is doubt that they are not now. Lies everyday told by HongkongPoliceTerrorism HongKongPoliceState HongKongPoliceBrutality another absurd court ruling in HK, the rule of law in Hong Kong is dead

Lawmaker in Hong Kong was accused attacking police by noise of loudspeaker and yet no police was accused of using excessive violence. FightForFreedom StandWithHongKong Lately, lots of Pro-democracy leaders got arrested by Hong Kong gov't. Rule of law is eroding rapidly, StateDept sanction CCP, & HK gov't officials who suppress us. HongKongHumanRightsandDemocracyAct

HKPoliceTerrorists HKPoliceState Non-sense. RuleOfLaw HongKongPoliceState Injustice and unfair . See what those police did since the anti-extradition movement ? None of them got charged. Please exercise HongKongHumanRightsandDemocracyAct NOW 😭 hk is a HKPoliceState CCP suppress our freedom of speech and freedom of press. Also, they arrested protesters and attacked Hongkongers everyday. Please StandWithHongKong

This would never happen in Hong Kong pre 1997 or anywhere with RuleOfLaw -no police'd arrest/charge anyone for shouting through a loudhailer -no prosecutor'd take this to the court -no judge'd find guilty Only in HKPoliceState can this happen Assault with loudhailer🤦🏻‍♂️ Hong Kong legal system are getting ridiculous

“Rule of law” is a lie SOSHK StandWithHongKong That is crazy! They are beating, murdering but fine. They are controlling the law. We need to fight! Everything can be illegal in hk, there is no human right and rule of law only rule of man. Another political prosecution. Law becomes a tool, by the power, for the power, against the people.

it is not April fool, it is how HK be PoliceState HKPoliceState means that the Police is always right despite all the violence and abuse of rights; while the people with an opposite opinion are always wrong no matter how peaceful they express their views. So ridiculous and unfair! The evil HK police attack normal citizens and maltreat young protesters without consequences! Our democratic leader is convicted just because he has tried to offer assistance on the conflict scene! What’s the problem of our judicial system?

Tell you a joke, “racism”speech can break chinese heart literally. Just like breasts can be weapon. Killing me It got the case of a lady assaulting police with her breast periously... ruleoflawisdead This is hilarious, but this is what Hong Kongers are facing day by day. Irrational verdict is expected when you are against the corrupted government and police, while those police who have used excessive force still got paid for their dirty jobs. Hong Kong is a police state.

Great judge, brutal Hongkong. rule of law in hongkong is a joke. it should be rule by law. Did the police officer was made by glass so the voice can break it down? Assault and minimum force in HK HongKong HongKongPoliceState HongkongPoliceTerrorism HKPoliceBrutality HKPoliceState HKPoliceTerrorism HK

Hong Kong is now a police state After 10months of protest 8000 protestors were arrested, some receive brutal response and torture inside the police station However 0 police are under investigation Sadly Hong Kong police including high rank official do act like any Legco / district council /reporter are a threat to enforcement and hostile to reporter. They got no idea of their noble role to monitoring those taxpayer-funded police. HK is a PoliceState now. StandwithHK

Those in breach of guidelines of using weapons have never been prosecuted Rule of law is completely destroyed by CCP and PoliceState now. Law is used as political persecution. We need HKHRDA! If voice can be used to attack,is that music show can be accuse with same reason too? HKPoliceState For overseas friends, “assaulting” in the article does not mean beating, but using the voice with loud hailer to hurt the hk communist police Ridiculous ! Hong Kong is a PoliceState , and no RuleOfLaw anymore

Feel so bad for Au...He is a responsible man advocating the 5 demands and democracy in Hong Kong. Our prayers go to him and we would do whatever we can to help him. Join us. When doing something right results in possible sentence, you know we are living in a police state. SOSHK aaronelizebath It is ridiculous. A police with full gear, all kinds of weapons and full-height shield, was claimed assaulted by sound wave came from a man with loud speaker.

The most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. HK has no rule of law. Get ur investment out now Hong Kong police are si fragile that they cannot even tolerate a light touch? HKPoliceState *With Loud noise from loudhailer. Dafuq? A...loudspeaker?! RuleofLaw in HongKong is gone. Dead. It cannot get worse and we can’t wait! We call for international sanctions NOW

HongKongPoliceState Speechless.. we are living in a police state. the law is dead. It is ridiculous that a loud hailer can use to attack hkpolice by a ex-lawmaker. This is the PoliceState of Hong Kong. speechless. first it was a woman convicted for assaulting police with her breast, then a student with a laser pen is said to be in possession of weapons. now this. Hong Kong as a modern, civilised, world-class city is truly over.

Au acts like a mediator at protests to calm down emotions of both sides & monitor police's conduct. I wonder why the Hong Kong police who assault citizens, activists, press, medics & passerby could escape from accountability? PoliceBrutality. In 2016, the woman was charged with chest attack police Until 2020 today, These assault charges cases are unreasonable, and it lso reflects that the police power is too large, CCP penetration law,the law has lost its authority ... StandWithHongKong hongkong sos hk

fivedemandnotoneless Rule by law Say goodbye to HongKong HKPoliceTerrorists HKPoliceBrutality Seaotte30604563 The rule of law is dead ⚖️ Everything can assault HK police, even the breast and laser pointer. What a joke The judicial system of Hong Kong collapses ........... Assaulting the armed police with loudhailer What about this woman , just passed by but maliciously pepper sprayed by Brutality Police and the police without any consequence .........

No 👮🏽‍♀️ were disciplined or even suspended for investigation in past 10 months. Even if many of protesters were beaten to the head and broke blood, or fractured. Where is the justice in Hong Kong? HKPoliceState ! Keep fighting for freedom and justice! StandWithHongKong It’s really ridiculous. Everyday is April Fools' Day in Hong Kong🙂Current legal system is entirely tilted towards law enforcement the how can justice be done How can RuleOfLaw be maintained without democracy Our city has become an outlaw HKPoliceState

What did he doing wrong? He just protect the citizens not to unreasonable or illegal arrested by riot police. hkpolice use their pepper spray/guns to many citizens. He doesn't need to accept sanctions. Why? humanitariancrisis HKPoliceBrutality SOSHK hau_hk Sad for HK... To me, the judge and HKPolice are the true evil criminal! Chinazi Terrorist! Where’s justice?!? :( HKPoliceTerrorism PoliceTerrorism HKPoliceState PoliceState HKPoliceTerrorists

HongKong soon or later will loss the reputation and freedom. Selective enforcement has turn to new normal of Hong Kong. PoliceState PoliceBrutality Kathleen_HKer Justice has gone far far away in HK... These evil pro-china people just want the ‘rule by law’ and Chinazi totalitarianism! Sad for HongKong... :’( PoliceState HKPoliceState PoliceTerrorism HKPoliceTerrorism

Kathleen_HKer Justice has gone far far away in HK... These evil pro-china people just want the ‘rule by law’ and Chinazi totalitarianism! Sad for HongKong... PoliceState HKPoliceState PoliceTerrorism HKPoliceTerrorism This is as ridiculous as the case which a lady was sued about attacking the HongKongPolice by breast! HKPoliceState HKPoliceTerrorism SOSHK antitotalitarianism

hkeranton8964 It is so sad to see HK’s legal system got so corrupted and failed to achieve justice... PoliceState HKPoliceState PoliceTerrorism HKPoliceTerrorism Under the Basic Law, judges are appointed by the Chief Executive of the HKSAR on the recommendation of the Judicial Officers Recommendation Commission. Which also means CCP can decide the judges of HongKong. So the trials are usually unfair.

Yet another injustice happened in Hong Kong, the judicial system doesn’t deserve our trust anymore. It is ridiculous to think of using loudhailer being classified as an assault, but the court agreed with the police, siding with such ungrounded conviction, judicial system is dead. It is not surprising that the political activists are suppressed by the HK Gov and totalitarian regime to silence and threaten the HKers. However none of HK Police is prosecuted for illegal behavior and crime. FreeHongKong HKPoliceState HKPoliceBrutality

SavehkH 制裁PK鄧💪📝 Ridiculous! Shame on HKPolice !!! FightForFreedom StandWithHongKong HKPoliceTerrorists hkpolicebrutality hkpolicestate It is non-sense that judging assault with loudhailer but keep blind eye to the misuse of rubberbullets and tear gas etc. Cat831101 制裁PK鄧💪📝 No hope. Hong Kong’s jurisdiction system is officially dead. HKPoliceState StandWithHongKong

if this case is convicted, there are far more cases involved the HKPoliceTerrorists need to be convict!! 😡there is no rule of law in HK anymore! the dirty cops will never send to jail!!! HKPoliceTerrorists Shameless puppet Hong Kong government, using laws as political oppression tools. Absurd ❗️Ridiculous ❗️ It is now ruled that sound can make someone hurt. Can the protesters accuse the police hurting them by using loudhailers & the like (by civil litigation?) If not, it is indeed more insane and rule by law and what a HongKongpolicestate‼️

In Hong Kong, Guns of HKpolice = minimum force , breast and loudhailer of protester and ex-lawmaker = weapons *the woman in the first photo was jailed in 2015 with the reason “attacked police by her breast in the protest”. The woman harmed by police but she was jailed finally Till now, there were many civilians and pro-democracy activists being sentenced, but none of the cops were held accountable for their brutality and abusive arrestment. HK has turned into a city of police state where the rule of law has been breached. HongKongPoliceTerrorists

there is no longer rule of law in HK , becoz it is a PoliceState chinazi FightForFreedomStandWithHongKong HKPolice is declaring their powers and controls in Hong Kong. The police brutality results in no consequence. The law also becomes their tools to persecute the freedom fighters. We shall never surrender. May the justices be served one day. SOSHK StandWithHongKong HKProtest

Hong kong legal system is collapsing. It is dying. I m sorry. It was dead already. Poor hk gers. Let's not forget this weak lady getting bawled at and pepper sprayed by several HKPolice in full gear surrounding her. She hasn't sued HKPF, but her attackers are already suing someone becos they feel hurt by a loudhailer speaking the truth they refused to accept. Pathetic.

Rule of law in Hong Kong is DEAD.. Do you believe these happening in an international financial centre like HongKong ? First assulting police by breasts, now assaulting police by loudspeaker🤦🏻‍♀️ ridiculous So the police can be assaulted by a loudhailer...but not convicted when they shot journalists, beat and shot unarmed people, or allowed thugs to attack civilians. In HKPoliceState, police = law. Only 5demandsnot1less could help HKers.

The government and police uses the law to persecute the people who are pro-democracy So under this logic, if I am speaking too loud, I am also assaulting the police? HongKongPoliceState It is so sarcastic ! The police officer has no physical hurt. How can the councillor be convicted for assaulting police officers ? HongKong HKPoliceState

HongKong is now a POLICE STATE! No police's brutality is accused but they keep on repress citizens from doing normal things. HongKongPoliceTerrorism The rule of law is dead, or even never existed in Hong Kong. Rule of law is dead in Hong Kong. Hong Kong's judges are now co-operating with government to suppress dissidents. HongKongPoliceState HongKongPoliceTerrorists

HKPoliceState is destroying core values of Hong Kong people. Freedom, justice, democracy are all ignored and nearly crushed by the regime. The death of jurisdictions The death of one country two systems Welcome to HongKong, a brand new police state HongKong Hong Kong's judges are accomplices with the Anti-Democracy Squad in the crime. Hong Kong law is being abused by the judges. AntiChinazi HKPoliceState HKPoliceTerrorism

Rule of law is manipulated for conniving police brutality of Hong Kong. hongkongers Must fight back, it’s just 22 years and CCPChina already can’t wait to takeaway all the core values in HongKong soshk FightForFreedom The judge said his voice is too loud that the police got hurt by it, does that make sense?

One country two system is death

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