Hisham: If BN has to be Opposition, I am ready

22/11/2022 8:02:00 AM

Hisham: If BN has to be Opposition, I am ready

Hisham: If BN has to be Opposition, I am ready

PETALING JAYA: Ahead of the 2pm deadline given to the different coalitions, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein is standing his ground on what he believes to be the right way forward.

"There is a lot of speculation right now about what is happening.Bercakap kepada Utusan Malaysia, pensyarah ekonomi Universiti Tun Abdul Razak, Prof.The Sembrong MP added that the people had made their choice in the 15th General Election (GE15) which must be respected.: Several Umno division chiefs have asked their party and coalition to remain in the opposition.

In any formula or negotiation, my stance is clear and I will not compromise,"he said in a Facebook post on Tuesday (Nov 22) afternoon.If there is still no mutual understanding and decision, said the Defence Minister, it is better for Barisan Nasional to play the role of the opposition and that he is ready for that scenario.Barjoyai Bardai berkata, ke­san itu dilihat menerusi kejatuhan nilai ringgit dan pasaran saham yang merudum ketika ini."No matter what happens, I am loyal to Umno then, now and forever, and I will work hard to restore Umno and BN with other friends," he added."This is why we must cooperate with those that share the same values and objectives.On Nov 20, the Sembrong MP said Barisan must not cooperate with Pakatan Harapan to form the government.“Apabila kerajaan tidak dapat ditubuhkan, ini menyebabkan keresahan semua pihak.He added that the people had made their choice in the 15th General Election (GE15) which must be respected..

Article type: free.Beliau bimbang kelewatan penubuhan kerajaan memberi kesan kepada Bajet 2023.

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Ready konon .mana helicopter tentera atau duit rakyat .bodoh If I am investigated and charged for all the wrong doing I am ready thats why I prefer to be opposition. how long They all tried their luck and failed mIserably...and now Acting like ...I'm holier than thou! Lol, this guy hardly talks in parlimen

… that’s a very noble stand HishammuddinH2O and hole you remain so Good time to charge all those involved with the LCS He is ready to masuk penjara... 😊 To me, he is happier criticizing than doing the real work especially when the lcs is now at a lost. What happened to MH360..? Dapat siasat? ready to get slayed

Parlimen tergantung jejas ekonomi, nilai ringgit“Ini pernah berlaku kepada Belgium apabila Parlimen tergantung sehingga dua tahun dan menjadi kerajaan minoriti, pasaran saham menurun kerana mengambil kira sentimen ketika itu'. Punca nya org politik gila nak jd PM... Orang politik kencing rakyat Malaysia! Selama hr ni, Parlimen x tergantung pun ringgit menjunam.... Apa kes!!!

How? You have been sacked right? Si bodoh Mail & Hisham. Kat Perak PH-7 & BN-3. Boleh je bagi BN jadi MB. Jangan rasis lah Mail & Hisham kalau mahu bangunkan Negara. Sultan dah bagi nasihat. You’re kinda miserable at this point Masuk Opposition pun....kena jawab isu LCS! Ready to make Sheraton 2.0 It is important for each party to live to its own principles and not to sell their principles just to be in power

Ready apanya masa jadi pembangkang dulu diam je dalam dewan isap vape Puii Better ready with answers with LCS scandal ready to resign ? you were rejected because you failed.

GE15: Barisan must not cooperate with Pakatan, says HishamJOHOR BARU: Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein has made it very clear that Barisan Nasional must not cooperate with Pakatan Harapan to form the government. Haha. I think it is because PH hits him hard with LCS. Neither PH unite with corrupted parties This is like me rejecting Angelina Jolie. She is not interested in me.

The passive ones You can stay Block Pembangkang taoi sign saja SD sokong Anwar Ibrahim jadi PM10. Tak perlu masuk kabinet. Yup but it's going to be weird though. Imagine you are in the same party but some of your guys sat with the government. And you will sit with either PH or PN in the opposition block, because there is no way in hell PH+PN going to materialise.

Where's the ships? If you had been ready before none of this disaster would have happened but you had to Sheraton move and destroy your country and party, you’re scum HishammuddinH2O you just resign with self respect. let the young people run the show. BN lost so please resign ..walk out Selfish bugger

Do you has good track record as a leader? What i can remember is the joke about MH370. Other than that not a single achievement. Not a leader but a follower Ok 小弟

Tajuddin, Annuar want BN to stay in Opposition“The people didn’t give us the mandate. We are ready to be in the opposition... To me, Umno doesn’t have to beg from anyone. theSun thesundaily Umno BarisanNasional newcoalition dominantparty This is not begging la.. U r invited to join.. U didn’t beg to join.. Wake up! Fuh, the drama continues. Totally agreed 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💪🏻

Adam Adli pertahan Hang Tuah JayaSecara rasmi, calon PH yang juga Ketua Angkatan Muda Keadilan (AMK), Adam Adli Abd. Halim meraih 39,418 undi menewaskan tiga calon lain dengan majoriti 8,638 undi.

Umno man Isham Jalil calls on BN to become a credible OppositionKUALA LUMPUR, Nov 20 — Umno’s supreme council member Hizatul Isham Abdul Jalil today suggested that Barisan Nasional (BN) stands on its own to become a credible Opposition... isham_jalil IshamJalil_Fans I just followed you. I'm not fans of your party but I respect your action/statement. Your party need people like you, ShahrilHamdan and Khairykj - Defeat means defeat. Honour the mandate & come back stronger. Why wud PN want UMNO to rise in the next election? Why nurture them back to health? Hence the reason why it makes sense for UMNO/BN to work with PH. PH/DAP is not the enemy here. A healthy, reformed UMNO/BN is good for PH, the future & Malaysia. HishammuddinH2O DrZahidHamidi True. Better to be part of a strong Opposition than be relegated to an insignificant role in the PN government.