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Health Ministry to investigate unmasked foreigner at luxury boutique

Health Ministry to investigate unmasked foreigner at luxury boutique

27/10/2021 6:32:00 PM

Health Ministry to investigate unmasked foreigner at luxury boutique

KUALA LUMPUR : The Health Ministry is looking into the incident of a Caucasian woman who refused to wear a mask to enter a luxury retail outlet at a famous Kuala Lumpur shopping centre .

“When in Rome do as the Romans do. When in Malaysia, please mask up. Regardless of the rules elsewhere.“@KKMPutrajaya is getting more information from KLCC,” he tweeted while tagging the Health Ministry.A video captured by twitter user @DFEfiercefun was captioned:"Was in a que (sic)... No entry for no mask!!! The lady resisted and said those with masks are communists!! Applying"white entitlement" in Malaysia!!"

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The tweet, which registered at 11.5k likes at press time, garnered responses from Malaysians who were angry that the woman was not wearing a mask, and praising the shopping centre and its staff for maintaining strict SOP procedures, as well as those saying that she should be sent back to her home country.

The video showed the woman insisting on entering the store and claimed that one of the retail workers intimidated her.“You can’t stop me, it’s a free country and you don’t own the shop,” she allegedly said to the workers.She was also heard accusing Malaysia of being a “communist” country for making the use of face masks compulsory.

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Jgn lupa yg kt mlaka semalam tu jg byk jg x pakai mask tu Menteri bangang. Asalkan pandai bercakap. TM unifi - What's happening again & again ; *NO Internet connection* [red light flashing on the device] encountering dated Monday, 25th October 2021 10 am till now (Thursday, 28th October 2021) ⁉️⁉️⁉️ RM0 unifi:Yr technical report num 1-45329546824 for 60387309793.

Karen will Health Ministry KKMPutrajaya kkmm_gov DGHisham Khairykj investigate BN's election machinery launch event too? Jz show her d exit unless she can verify that she's medically-exempted fm wearing a face mask. Please investigate BN majlis yesterday first Jom berdewan. 😂😂 but the viral UMNO launch of the PRN Melaka elections machinery goes unnoticed. Oh, doesn't have a mat salleh Karen involved. That one is a lot more newsworthy.

DGHisham Binatang ternak, sheeple loves rules and taxes, give them more

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DGHisham Siasatlah dulu memteri2 dan pemimpin2 politik yg tak ikut SOP . Berkali kali berlaku dan rakyat sudah muak dgn undang2 dua darjat Tak siasat ke Khairykj bila UMNO berkumpul ? DGHisham Khairykj don’t forget to check PWTC gathering too. DGHisham Please investigate this too! How about your own unmasked Minister ? Khairykj

DGHisham Can we do something with MySejahtera app? It is not responsive at all. Also need to investigate the huge gathering by UMNO at Melaka Let’s go! Don't forget while you're quoting Rome and the Romans to look into what happened in Melaka today!

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