Health DG tells contract doctors to remember their oath, don't join strike

Health DG tells contract doctors to remember their oath, don't join strike

25/7/2021 5:51:00 PM

Health DG tells contract doctors to remember their oath, don't join strike

Noor Hisham says the strike could affect the patients' lives and doctors' careers.

"Calling all my fellow colleagues, doctors and healthcare workers to remember the oath we all made when we began our profession, primum non nocere, first do no harm or injustice to our patients. Read more: »

Petrol stations, eateries, convenience stores can open until midnight, says Hisham

KUALA LUMPUR: Petrol stations, eateries and convenience stores will soon be allowed to operate from 6am to 12am, said Senior Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein.

What is your strategy to tackle the Covid problem in Selangor/KL? 50-60% of the nation's Covid new cases came from that state and still going on at alarming rate. Have you studied how the developed nations over coming their Covid problem such the US? Your oath is to get a TAN SRI ? After that you became a news reader ? DGHisham

It's the private doctors charging exorbitant fees that stray from Hippocratic Oath. The contract doctors strike is justified as part of millenial woke culture KKMPutrajaya DGHisham DrAmarMOH No they have d right Kkm n the health ministry shd have listened n do something DGHisham Healthcare should be utmost priority anytime. Tell that PM8 and Health minister donkey that they need to pull the resources to make Malaysian Healthcare at optimum standard.

he needs to grow a spine! HDG before telling the docs their oaths did you help these docs by getting the gov of the day to understand what these docs are going thru and help them. You should try your luck to be a politician. Easy to say that for him in his position now, I wonder if he will join along the strike if he is one of the contract doctors himself.

What about the government’s oath? In fact, if not because of pandemic, their voice will never be heard. I don't agree to the strike but this is the only thing they n we can do during this pandemic. Voice out then continue work or give up. Don't deprive their only right.

Covid-19: Awareness about importance of getting tested increasing nationwide, says Health DGPETALING JAYA: About 72% of the new Covid-19 cases in Selangor were diagnosed from tests conducted in private clinics or labs, says Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah. Nice + numbers

Treat them better perhaps? What about ur Oath DG? Have u fulfilled urs? I think both side need to do the same for human race to survive. This need to put into every individual mind not only the fronliners. What are the government representative doing? They also take oath to work for the public and are they doing it? Very little people doing it. MGBA

It applies to him also lucky 50 Time PH if there is no COVID-19 now, you will see RAKYAT striking on the streets in whole MALAYSIA for unfair treatments between RAKYAT and MINISTERS. But bending over is ok The Doctors understand their Oath in do no harm to patients not the uncaring government who would want to use them then selfishly discard them like used syringes into the bin. They are Heroes so a win win solution so must be found as they risk their lives to save the country.

So far i dont see u fighting for the contract doctors. 5 yrs what have u done for them. Now u ask them to remember the oth.

Covid-19: 96.8% of 15,902 new cases asymptomatic or have minor symptoms, says Health DGPETALING JAYA: Some 3.2% of the total new Covid-19 cases reported on Saturday (July 24) were in categories three, four and five when diagnosed. With 500+ in category 3 to 5 a day, you could guess how long the hospitals can cope in coming days. Even those who recovered may go into long-covid & damaged organs. The recent SOP failed to address community spread & delta variant. Heavy price to pay. Statement sedapkan hati sendiri n bos sembab kjaan gagal.. MuhyiddinYassin DGHisham DGHisham 3.2% = 509 orang

They don’t serve the politicians like you… This is one of the reason why I keep bumping into another professional Malaysian when I'm abroad. They keep saying how much they love their country (Malaysia)...they just hate those who runs it. U earning good money with good perks, how about them? Do your part to help them enough of ur sentiment bully toward them

Either give them what they want or watch them do what they want. You should be amplifying their voices, not help suppressing them DGHisham, please 🙏🏼 You only remember ur Tan Sri tittle but u ask others to remember their oath, podah! Your mistake resulted so many death, doesn't the oath requires u to step down

Kau gaji tetap, dapat masuk tv, bolehla why they never strike before pandemic but now? if they cannot get a better job outside, why gov should responsible for it? DGH, you failed to take care & treat them fairly so how do you expect them to keep their oath! Tell your bosses to remember their oath too, and serve the ppl. Don't behave like Kings. While we're at it, you too need to remember your oath and serve us ppl, not your bosses.

Ministers all also pledge to serve the rakyat with integrity and stuff.. but why so many still corrupt ? Why ? We are Malaysia ma....

Covid-19: Interstate movements trigger new community clusters, says Health DGKUALA LUMPUR (Bernama): Some of the 30 new clusters reported on Friday (July 23) have stemmed from the actions of several individuals who travelled across states, says Health director-general Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah. How on earth for interstate movements to happen? Isn’t this is strictly banned? Semalam di tol plaza gombak penoh dgn kenderaan dari pantai Timor, this people are very selfish! What’s new

Remind MuhyiddinYassin and his entire cabinet of their oath as well DG.after 2 years and 3 lockdowns,17k daily case and they are clueless. 222 Adun pun ambil sumpah.. tapi makan gaji buta, ada masa tampal sticker kat berapa kotak atau plastic makanan rm20 What so difficult to give them permanent positions? If terminate menteri, timbalan menteri blh tanggung gaji n allowance kakitangan, absorb for permanent

kau boleh blah DG, are you a politician? This has been ongoing for years already and still no sincere solution.. you are their boss, what have you done to take care of their well being? You also have took the same oath, look at the number of covid19 cases today!!! You guys will be remembered forever 🙏 He works as director-general since 2013 but only now starts to worry. Complicit like the rest of the government.

Dah la dg.. Pity them too And just let them be the victim of bully? All oath can be broken if you were mistreated or denied your rights.

173 Health Ministry trainers assigned at health facilities starting July 27, says sec-gen | Malay MailPUTRAJAYA, July 23 — A total of 173 trainers from the Ministry of Health Training Institute will be assigned to health facilities in the Klang Valley from July 27. Secretary-general Datuk Mohd Shafiq Abdullah said the move was to help streamline processes and work in health facilities such as...

May we know the oath of a DG and a health minister? Mansuhkan sistem kerja berkontrak.. bagi je tetap semua termasuk yang bukan doktor. I don’t agree with the strike, because it could result in deaths of patients 😞at the same time, I don’t blame the contract doctors. They’re human too. Besides pressuring the DG and cabinet, pressure needs to be put on JPA and SPA. Direct comments also to KSN and KPPA.

Oath .. what is ..? Only downliner .. how about You with no oath. Public willing sacrifice our illnesses for you contract doctor. Please sacrifice for you before others... Blackshirt. Everyone has their limits, just because they took an oath, it doesn't mean they have to put up with being treated the way they are!

Then u should also remember your own oath......strike 3 youuurreee outtttttt!!! U keep ur oath to urself la uncle.. u r suppose to help them.. not used them Think about your own oath DGHisham Not only you are betraying this young doctors but the entire rakyat. You dancing to the tune of politicians. You cant recommend anything & no one listen to your recommendations. It is time if you truthful then just resign. KKMPutrajaya

What oath? Doctor's survival is not depend on stupid oath Tmr will be a BLACK DAY for KKM if this strike gootta happen. The 1st ever DG to face this BLACK DAY!! Tan Sri title will be no more a recognition for all these years of service. Oath swearing has lost its meaning & responsibility...look at the ministers, many of them don't do it

Health DG appeals to junior doctors not to strike, reminds them of their oath | The Malaysian InsightDo not abandon your duty to your patients and country, pleads Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah. What happened to the leaders oath.... what about your oath? Still not resigning ? Oath? Which oath?

DGHisham I think you're acting more like a politician than a Dr yourself unfortunately.. Would be better off if he had just kept quiet on this one. No one take u seriously now DGHisham A sell out DGHisham Tan Sri, please remember, as a leader, you too should do no harm. Not only to patients, but also to all living beings The young drs' is our future. Do not harm them and in the process, harm our nation.

Toothless Tiger…. kesian DG, jadi perkakas ke? DG gagal, Kerajaan Gagal! Hey DGHisham, why dont you help to tell your minister DrAdhamBaba to earn his salary first before telling our doctors to remember their oath? Warning ye.....just wait. We dont want to listen this amaran & ugutan..they contract based doctors deserverd their right as teachers do..

Health Ministry adds 450 beds for Covid-19 patients at Hospital Selayang | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, July 24 ― Hospital Selayang will get an additional 450 beds for Covid-19 patients, the Health Ministry said. The addition, dubbed Operasi Selayang, is part of the efforts carried out by the Klang Valley special task force. “Operasi Selayang has begun and will be completed within...

Now his talking nonsense , PM and cabinet also take oath to protect and uphold constitution. What did they do, they abuse it. They did not remember their oath. DGHisham you are a Tan Sri but others on a contract. Do you feel them anymore? DGHisham , all public officers are taking an oath b4 and yet still taking corruption blatantly, forging signatures and dancing at a police station. So do you think the oath is having the real value anymore?

How about U, DGHisham doing 'no harm or injustice to' contract doctors?Actually contract doctors are not doing harm/injustice to patients;just throwing in the towel(their choice), whereas YOU are doing injustice to them. As soon as the pandemic is over, U throw them out,right? Doctors are human too. And by the way, all politicians, especially those in the government, the oath to serve, do They remind themselves at times or ever?

LOL! But what about their rights? Stop telling them what to do… DG, you're coming to a point where you simply have no shame left right? Why would they want to strike? They waited for 5 years but it when to deaf ears! They have been bullied and victimised! Is this fair and where is the responsibilities to them? There is a limit for everything dont take advantage and bully them.

U expect them to take care of the needy...but are their need being taken care of........ Remember your aim too, don't always shot cannon! You want them to work to the death is it!!? Oath? Which oath? JIka DG seperti nasib mereka apa perasaan DG, do you remember your oath as well? To speak the truth no matter what and not be lackey to make and bend policies that suits govt of the day?

Give them what they deserved, a permanent position. Ok keep their oath. And gov continue to treat them they way they have been treated? then u should be responsible for the death!!!!!!!!!!!! resign kontrak doktor ada hak untuk tuntut demand mereka!!!!!!! HartalDoktorKontrak DG don't feel the pain cause of his pay grade, benefits he is getting and he is not in the front lines treating them 24hrs shift. He has never experienced that in his life. Talk is easy DG, u r not in their shoe. After this pandemic will just throw them out cause contract.

How are they gonna take care of their patients when they themselves are work to the bones? The irony is, he forgot the very oath by sucking up on politicians. Especially during Sabah election and till now. Then give them their due. Arresting them isn't going to help either , who's gonna help the patients then... no logic at all