'Harapan presidential council has no locus standi to determine next PM'

'Harapan presidential council has no locus standi to determine next PM'


'Harapan presidential council has no locus standi to determine next PM'

Pasir Mas MP Ahmad Fadhli Shaari says only members of Parliament can do so.

locus standi (legal standing) to determine the next prime minister, said Pasir Mas MP Ahmad Fadhli Shaari.He added that only members of Parliament can do so.Any decision from the presidential council meeting will not affect the position of the prime minister, Fadhli was quoted as saying by Malay daily

Sinar HarianHe said the coalition don't have the majority support from MPs in the Dewan Rakyat."Based on that factor, my view is that the Harapan presidential council has nolocal standito determine the next prime minister."Harapan senior leadership council can come out with a decision but it will not affect the prime minister's position as only MPs have the say," Fadhli said.

His comment came amid talks of power transition from Dr Mahathir Mohamad to PKR president Anwar Ibrahim.He also challenged the presidential council to get Mahathir to step down as soon as possible during the council meeting on Feb 21.Previously, Anwar had said that he believed a specific transition date would be discussed during the meeting.

On the other hand, PAS has been pushing for Mahathir to stay on for afull termand wants to initiate a vote of confidence. On Feb 14, Mahathir said there are people who wanted him to stay on as prime minister for another"22 years" but assured that he would leave after the conclusion of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Kuala Lumpur in November.

The Harapan presidential council had in the last general election endorsed Mahathir as its leader on the condition that Anwar, who was at the time in prison, would succeed him before the end of his (Mahathir's) term. No fixed timeline was provided.However, Anwar's rivals in PKR and the opposition have allegedly worked to block the transition plan.

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This Presidential Council has got nothing to do with PAS. Ape bodoh sangat ni So does you lebai sesat FadhliShaari Excuse me! Who are you? What 'local standi' you have to be spokeperson for PH? Btw.. How's your Kelantan's buddies new Mercedes? Luxurious? If the presidential council could appoint Tun as the interim PM candidate before GE14, what makes you think they could not at the same time appoint Anwar as the one to carry the torch once Tun's time is up as agreed! Stop being delusional and spreading lies.

pas dh ada 180 seat ker..? tanya jer PASPusat titm_official still bang Non dgn atok still jumpa Hadi nk dpt sokongan dari pas..😂 utk jadi PM.. sapa paham permainan politik... PAS dan BN jadi org tengah.. dlm undian parlimen.. Why fine u go enjoy yr Mercedes Benz and 50k bonus when u can. Pathetic hypocrites

Azmin rayu pengundi Ampang sokong Dr Mahathir sebagai PM | The Malaysian InsightAzmin mahu permainan politik dihentikan bagi menumpukan usaha memulihkan ekonomi. ..ni apa daa.., ckp konon fokus bangunkn ekonomi jgn bnyk brpolitik.., dia pula yg mcm taik brpolitik.. puuiikkk Menteri Kipas Sate Dah kenapa kau ni...meroyan macam orang gila ni apasal ? Buat kerjalah lagi baik.

Malaysiakini also equally bodoh to cover these fellas. WTF PH control the majority in Parliament. Not PAS. Coming out with statements like this really makes the Malays and Muslims in this country look stupid and very embarrassing. Better shut up Hahahaha...kes rm90 juta PM sekarang ni parti paspispus ka, dok diam2 saja la, sebok

Siapa Pas ni selain parti tunggang agama? Just shut up 🤐

Hayati Gagasan Rahmah - PMkotakinabalu Hala tuju Malaysia dalam usaha menjadi sebuah negara maju seharusnya tidak dikhuatiri sebagai punca nilai murni dan seruan Islam bakal terhakis sekiranya rakyat menghayati fahaman gagasan Rahmah.

kah kah kah...woiii ..parti yg memerintah dgn majoriti tak blh pilih ke calon depa sendiri...nak kena tnya dgn hang dulu ke..PASPusat ... perasan king maker lagi ke tu? 18 seats party like Party Lebai lagi tak layak

Henti politikkan isu sokongan kepada PM, kata AzminMenteri Hal Ehwal Ekonomi itu menegaskan beliau mahu fokus kepada usaha mengukuhkan ekonomi demi kebajikan rakyat. FMTNews Politik Read this article 👇 👇

Time for Plan B to ensure Anwar is PM, says PKR manParty treasurer William Leong calls for return to reformasi spirit, hits out at Dr Mahathir Mohamad's dictatorial ways. FMTNews AnwarIbrahim Reformasi I want him to be our PM Try to hold plan B on the street than will look at Usd vs myr ~or klci😜👉🏼😞

Ketua PH Sarawak dibidas sokong Anwar jadi PMPemuda SUPP berkata, kenyataan Chong Chieng Jen menyokong Anwar Ibrahim, menunjukkan perjuangan utama PH Sarawak bukannya hak atau kepentingan orang Sarawak. FMTNews SUPP AnwarIbrahim

Iraq protesters rally for one of their own to become PM | Malay MailKARBA, Feb 16 — Hundreds of Iraqis rallied today to support a protest leader they want as prime minister instead of current premier-designate Mohammad Allawi, who they see as too close to the ruling class. Appointed on February 1, Allawi has pledged to announce his cabinet lineup within the week...

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