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Haji Ali and I: You mean there are more variants, I may need a booster shot, ah? | New Straits Times

Haji Ali, in his loose, white short-sleeved shirt, and black and equally roomy trousers, is not one to whisper.

3/8/2021 8:11:00 PM

NSTopinion It also appears, though not conclusively proven, that some vaccines may not be able to help us for longer than we hope. Hence the possibility of a third dose. And maybe a fourth and fifth? coronavirus covid19 DeltaVariant vaccine

Haji Ali, in his loose, white short-sleeved shirt, and black and equally roomy trousers, is not one to whisper.

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First batch of tourists arrives in Langkawi under travel bubble

LANGKAWI: Malaysia Airlines flight MH1432, carrying the first batch of fully-vaccinated tourists from Kuala Lumpur, landed safely at Langkawi International Airport here at about 10.40am on Thursday (Sept 16).

The manufacturers are raking in big profits at the expense of the people. They still do not wish to find a cure for this killer!

'Delta variant may have spread from Pasir Puteh to nearby districts' | New Straits TimesNSTnation 'The virus's infectivity trend is increasing of late and it spreads fast. We suspect the variant is already within the community.' Covid19 Kelantan DeltaVariant Coronavirus Infection

Sarawak detects 180 cases linked to Delta variant, majority in Kuching | New Straits TimesNSTnation Universiti Malaysia Sarawak UNIMAS Institute of Health and Community Medicine (IHCM) has detected another 180 cases of Covid19 of the Deltavariant in Sarawak. Delta variant coronavirus Kuching New drama start after king corona covidiot19 And the PM still allow enter phase 3... want it to spread whole Sarawak?

MTUC, MEF say need to improve migrant workers Covid-19 inoculation drive | New Straits TimesKUALA LUMPUR: Reports and pictures of long queues of migrant workers sweating under the scorching sun and getting drenched in the rain to get their Covid-19 inoculation at some vaccination centres (PPVs) here has not gone down well with the Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC).

We need rigorous honesty and ethics to fight the pandemic | New Straits TimesNSTopinion A perfect storm is coming, especially when the (honest and ethical) healthcare professionals are under stress and duress. coronavirus covid19 BigPharma vaccine Patent Honesty Ethics Gallup

More incentives needed to cut use of plastics | New Straits TimesNSTopinion The situation is worsening as more Malaysians are purchasing online or receiving food aid in plasticbags. As a result, Malaysians used 148,000 tonnes of plastic packaging for food last year. plasticwaste pollution titm_official jasmalaysia We need actionable plans to preserve our motherland. Pls do more for your own future generations. The 'tak ape lah' or 'just me alone can't do anything' mindset will eventually making our future generations suffer. Government need to intervine and make better law to promote sustainable living. When earth is gone, we are gone, it doesn't care how well is your GDP ग्रह के निवासियों में न्यूनतम कचरा उत्पादन की जीवनशैली विकसित करने के लिऐ सार्वजनिक व्यक्तिगत तौर पर उत्पादित SingleUseWaste के संग्रहणों की लम्बी अवधियों से प्रकियागत व्यवस्था की क्षमताऐं जुड़ें। व्यवस्था में केवल उन कचरों को आने दिया जाऐ जिनका निवासी संग्रह नहीं कर सकते। UN

US shot putter Saunders in first Olympic podium protest | New Straits TimesNSTsports The 25-year-old African-American athlete crossed her arms in an 'X' gesture during Sunday's medal ceremony at the Olympic Stadium after claiming silver in her event earlier in the day. RavenSaunders Olympics Tokyo2020 TokyoOlympics