Fmtnews, Covid 19, Mco

Fmtnews, Covid 19

Haircuts, hardware and laundry services now allowed under MCO

The services are among the nine industries and services permitted to operate under strict conditions.

10/4/2020 2:04:00 PM

The services are among the nine industries and services permitted to operate under strict conditions. FMTNews Covid19 MCO

The services are among the nine industries and services permitted to operate under strict conditions.

-April 10, 2020 7:02 PMInternational Trade and Industry Minister Mohamed Azmin Ali has announced more business sectors allowed to open under the movement control order.PETALING JAYA: A number of services, including hair salons, hardware and electronics shops will now be allowed to operate under the movement control order (MCO) subject to strict conditions.

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This comes after Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said selected sectors would be opened in stages and operate according to a standard operating procedure.In a statement, International Trade and Industry Minister Mohamed Azmin Ali outlined the sectors which will be allowed to operate, though in some sectors, limited activities are allowed.

In the case of hair salons or barber shops, he said, only the cutting of hair is permitted.For the retail sector, hardware shops, electric and electronic appliance shops, as well as optical shops will be allowed to open.Self-service laundromat are will still be closed, but full service laundromat will be allowed to open.

“This step is necessary in order to ensure the sustainability of the country’s economy post Covid-19, to prevent the loss of jobs among Malaysians and to ensure that the rakyat continue to have access to the basic needs and critical products throughout the MCO period,” said Azmin.

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Please allow cat n dog groomers to work, too. The cats n dogs need to trim nails n fur. Hello, virus infection is more dangerous than to have a nice haircut, ask someone in your home to cut for you if needed to. How essential is HAIRCUT!!! kitajagakeeetol. Suruh dia pegi gunting rambut dulu then kita tgk camna...

Dear Menteri Si Kitol, gunting rambut is direct contact with another person and not even 1 meter distance. Nonsense and absolutely unacceptable. Is the Govt really serious abt the MCO? How is the trafic control at all these places? Who will be there to monitor daily? Is it Azmin and his fellow Ministry? Enuf of issues at roadblocks, here comes dozens more. Utter rubbish!

9 services allowed? If electrical shop is allowed, does that mean manufacturing factories will be opened? Offices resume work? How does haircut services practice social distancing n how much would yr hair affect yr look in a period of 2 mths? then its ok, how about home renovation? i guess is ok too. This is good.

So we have the most well thought out plans.... This is not moc.will not reduce the number of case Do u know hoe many haircut, barber n laundry setiap kawasan perumahan? how do u monitor them? Xfhm, makan dlm kedai 10 mnt pun xboleh, gunting rambut boleh pulak. 😅 Kroni sape ni. Betul ke ni? Tadi time PM berucap takda ckp pon 🤔

Si kitol businesses.

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