Hadi: Some fear vote of confidence for Dr M but PAS is no coward

Hadi: Some fear vote of confidence for Dr M but PAS is no coward


Hadi: Some fear vote of confidence for Dr M but PAS is no coward

PAS president says he is not 'apple polishing' Mahathir but wants to save the nation and people.

A - PAS reaffirmed its commitment to table a vote of confidence for Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad during the Dewan Rakyat sitting next month. Party president Abdul Hadi Awang said this was part of the democratic process, which would allow MPs to vote on the matter. “We know there are 'cowards' ( penakut ). Afraid of this motion. We (PAS) are not afraid. It doesn't matter even if our motion is not supported, we are accustomed to losing. “What is important is that we want to save the nation. Not just the Malays and Muslims but other races as well,” he was quoted as saying by Harakah Online . According to Hadi, the 94-year-old premier is still the best person to lead the nation and should be allowed to do so until his term expires. “Mahathir has the experience... It is not to say there are no problems (under his leadership), there are. But we are confident (Mahathir) can overcome them. “We are asking that (Mahathir) is given the confidence to be prime minister until the end of his term. This is our suggestion and it is a reasonable suggestion,” he added. Hadi also noted how the Lebanese Parliament had backed the cabinet and financial plans of Prime Minister Hassan Diab earlier this week. 'I am not apple-polishing. I want to save the nation' Quizzed on the reasons some feared the motion, the Marang MP said these lawmakers do not have confidence in Mahathir or are worried that the motion would expose their stand on the matter. Hadi said a unanimous vote of confidence for Mahathir would show that all parties are in agreement and it would strengthen the latter's position as prime minister. Furthermore, he argued that it would also receive the support of the people because the lawmakers were elected by them. “If there are those who disagree, we know who they are. Let it be,” he added. Hadi also claimed that even DAP and Amanah are divided on this issue. “In my view, Pakatan Harapan is not united... DAP is also divided. PAN (Amanah) is also not united. “Instead of politicking with each other, let us solve this problem by giving Mahathir the trust to manage the nation and close the door on this internal crisis,” he added. The veteran politician said there are numerous problems plaguing the nation ranging from economic to security issues because there is no focus on administration, therefore necessitating the vote of confidence. “And we (PAS) are not afraid. There are those who are cowards. What are you afraid of? I am not apple-polishing (Mahathir), I want to save the people...,” he added. "This is more about the people. (So that) there will be no issue of who would take over, who would be the prime minister." At a press conference in Langkawi this afternoon, Mahathir reiterated that he would after the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) summit in November. Yesterday, his designated successor, PKR president Anwar Ibrahim, said the transition process would be finalised at next week's Harapan presidential council meeting. Anwar also claimed there is a “cunning plot” to keep Mahathir in power by “PAS, a group from Umno and a small number in PKR.” However, he said the premier is not involved. Related Reports Read more: malaysiakini.com

Jgn layan PHancing tu. PKR pitnah pas mkn 90 juta. Lagi mau ikut itu pati kah. Pergi jahanamlah sama PHancing PKR DAP. Hadi forgot his Mamali history. Women rise up and defeat they men. They hold you and all non muslims hostage. ... says the pussy cat abdulhadiawang Well..some time I feel you n Tun are same..never keep promises🤦‍♂️

pas not a coward, but a joker. hahahahha Mahathir already PM mah! Why u busy body? You mean in Malaysia the opposition get to choose the PM kah? Actually u are afraid of Anwar!! abdulhadiawang is your mindset in a stable condition? If there is no opposing view on the PM, nobody said they’ve got no confidence of his leadership, what’s the point for this process showing confidence? Dumb as hell.

looser! PASPusat abdulhadiawang takiyuddin61 titm_official

PAS should support MA63 motion if it truly supports Dr M, says LiewLaw Minister says such a show of support is better compared to a vote of confidence in the Prime Minister. Pas 2015-2020 are not interested in the welfare of Sarawakians or Malaysians. They are scrambling to show support to Mahathir chedetofficial because they want to escape prosecution and prison for their previous corruption crimes. That's why they are supporting Mahathir What do PAS know about the MA63 International original Treaty true spirit agreements ? They also shdnt run against pakatan in any by-elections and support his idea to teach maths and science in English. Start with those first.

Support the MA 63 in Parliament would be a commendable gesture. Yup, no coward alright. Just a load of bullsh*. Remember this? why not support MA63 then? Mercedes Benz, flood, poverty, drug addicts, underage marriage. Kelantan has so much trouble and is a failed state. Yet, PAS lebai has the confident to say they want to save the country. We should save Kelantan/Terengganu from PAS.

While the world is worried with coronavirus, PAS is obsessed with kerajaan pintu depan/belakang, undi percaya. That’s PAS, they are more concern with getting power than serving rakyat. We should save Kelantan from PAS abdulhadiawang and PASPusat are not cowards... but traitors and kafirs And their only fear is losing what $600k can buy. Ajaran sesat

The level of stupidity itself is mindboggling...and we have media reporting such stupidity as well Karut lahh...,, Lebai Malang.!! Wah.. Surely not coward! The Mercedes really make wonders on PAS people! Btw how's your new Mercedes..PAS? Luxurious?

Why has PAS' move to support Dr M angered Harapan, asks Weeweekasiong is bluffing. Harapan leaders are not angry. Harapan leaders are laughing at the stupidity of Pas-Umno Islamofascists and their running dogs like Wee Ka Siong who want to support Mahathir chedetofficial because they want to escape prosecution and prison. jezlai Whitesnake Wee is no more relevant to us...

This is fake news. Looks like Pas is getting cold feet. Nobody fears the confidence vote. abdulhadiawang and his running dogs should go ahead and table the motion of confidence in Mahathir chedetofficial - If Pas and Hadi Awang do not do it, then they are cowards. jezlai Amazing what $600k can buy abdulhadiawang

Nik Nazmi: What stunt is Pas trying to pull with Dr M confidence motion?He questions if it is instead linked to speculation on attempts to form a “backdoor” government. Not PAS, but textbook stunt by chedet ' My enemy's enemy is my friend ' to prevent Anwar Ibrahim from implementing reform policies and combating corruption. Yes niknazmi How come this Pas only 18 seats can threaten Tun M for confidence motion in Parliment? Tun M had already got 137 Mps to support him and Tun M should stop Pas n Bn for such motion coz BN Pas are trying to power grab PH and cause instability

Motion to back Dr M as PM proof of PAS' commitment to democracy, leader says | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, Feb 14 ― Tabling a motion of confidence backing Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to stay as prime minister for the remaining term reflects the party's commitment to democracy, a PAS party leader said today. Information chief Kamaruzaman Mohamad suggested the continuous infighting within the... soon all pas will masuk kandang 🐖 Why you (PAS) jokers can't start with your RU335 which has been shelves for quite long time. Show your commitment therelah! This of backing Dr M can wait! Go show your courage there.. PAS! Just shut up

Guan Eng paranoid jika kami berkuasa, kata pemimpin PASNaib Presiden PAS, Ahmad Samsuri Mokhtar berkata, parti Islam itu dan Umno mengiktiraf kewujudan rakyat berbilang kaum serta agama di Malaysia. FMTNews LGE PAS Bukan Guan Eng je paranoid. Aku pun paranoid jugak. Takut hancur je negara ni kalau ulamak mercedes berkuasa Berkuasa? Berkuasa apa? Berkuasa di 2 buah negeri je, peringkat persekutuan, kalian sampah. Kalian bersemangat giler skrng, bukannya rakyat tak tahu. Kalian akan ada bnyk.kes, so mula lah BODEK Tun, jilat Tun...ingat apa rakyat bodoh ka... Sudah tukar ka?

Why PAS’ confidence motion would not succeed — Ooi Heng | Malay MailFEBRUARY, 12 — On 8th February 2020, Deputy President of PAS Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man and Secretary General Datuk Takiyuddin Hassan announced in a press conference that the party’s Central Working Committee had unanimously decided to table a confidence motion for Prime Minister Tun...

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