Grab welcomes three-month reprieve for unlicensed drivers

Grab welcomes three-month reprieve for unlicensed drivers


Grab welcomes three-month reprieve for unlicensed drivers

PETALING JAYA: Grab Malaysia says it is 'truly appreciative' of the Government's announcement to allow unlicensed drivers to continue offering ride-hailing services for another three months until they obtain their passenger service vehicle (PSV) licences.

"We think this is a fair decision by the minister," a Grab Malaysia spokesperson said.

Following the announcement, she said the company's immediate focus is to help solve the capacity issues in the Road Transport Department (JPJ) and driving schools that were not designed to handle such a large volume of PSV applications.

In the next three months, Grab Malaysia will also continue building its programmes to help its driver reduce the costs and time in meeting the regulatory requirements.

The decision was made in Friday's weekly Cabinet meeting.

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Roles are reversed now ... The licensee is almost like dictating terms to the licensor .... Spare the rod ...spoilt the child

Grab warns of increase in fares with new regulationPETALING JAYA: With the possibility of fewer drivers on the road because of new regulations by the government, users may experience an increase in “dynamic” fares, says ride-hailing company Grab. Fare already incresed significantly when they bought over strong competitor Uber. Now another excuse to raise fare. I say BOYCOTT GRAB! Hope the proud Minister anthonyloke & MOTMalaysia will be proud of themselves as they managed to bring huge inconvenience to people and drivers. Bravo pakatanharapan_ as so far you guys have managed to screw up people and Malaysia as much as you can. So much for new govt? Another monopoly turn bully.

Pengguna Grab berdepan kesukaranKualaLumpur Pengguna e-hailing bakal berdepan masalah kenaikan kadar tambang khususnya waktu puncak dan tempoh menunggu lebih lama berikutan penguatkuasaan peraturan baharu perkhidmatan itu mulai esok. Salahkan menteri MOT & semua angkatan Kerajaan yang semasa jadi pembangkang dlu 'semua utk rakyat' tp bila dah bkuasa 'terus menindas rakyat' Ini lah hasil daripada keputusan krg bijak buat grab part time aje utk tmbh pendapatan lps boleh lak suh amik PSV mcm pemandu teksi..

Nigeria grab late winner against South Africa to reach semi-finalsCAIRO (Reuters) - Nigeria sneaked into the Africa Cup of Nations semi-finals when William Troost Ekong scored with one minute remaining to give them a 2-1 win over a gallant South Africa as the tournament served up more drama on Wednesday.

Expect fewer drivers and higher fares, warns GrabWith new e-hailing rules set to come into effect tomorrow, Grab says customers may experience longer waiting times and more frequent dynamic pricing. FMTNews Grab Ehailing PSVLicence

Grab sambut baik keputusan kerajaankualalumpur SYARIKAT pengendali e-hailing, Grab menyambut baik pengumuman dibuat Menteri Pengangkutan, Anthony Loke Siew Fook berhubung pendekatan ‘soft landing’ diambil bagi pelaksanaan peraturan baru e-hailing yang sepatutnya berkuat kuasa hari ini.

Time for taxi to buck up and take back the customers they lost

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