Govt only seeking China's views on Aukus - Hishammuddin

Govt only seeking China's views on Aukus - Hishammuddin

26/9/2021 2:16:00 AM

Govt only seeking China's views on Aukus - Hishammuddin

'Opposition's claim on govt receiving instructions from China is baseless.'

The government's move to get in touch with China on the formation of a new trilateral security pact comprising the United States, United Kingdom and Australia (Aukus), is merely to get the country’s stand on the issue.Refuting allegations from the opposition that Malaysia was ‘receiving instructions’ from China, Senior Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said it was not wrong for Malaysia to find out China’s views and its possible response over the matter.

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"I see that the statement (opposition's claim) is baseless... Unlocking ArticleRead more from this author Read more: »

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Abang besar mestilah mau tanya 😳😳😳seeking views frm a communist country If China seeks for view, why do you have to fly to China?. Joker has spoken Im not a minister also I know chinas view.. Time would be better spent on becoming bersih, cekap dan amanah. So that one day we have enough competence, credential and capital to have a say.

Xperlu buat2 sibuk la Hisham… dlm Malaysia ni lg byk masalah lbh besar… So call potential PM.... Habis lah our future You know why NZ did not join. Imagine what will be the abbreviation for Australia, NZ & US? A_US will be obscene right? Didn't China already make it's views on AUKUS known loud & clear? Was reported extensively in the mainstream media. Asean is split on this issue. With the Philippines on one side, Vietnam & S'pore somewhere in the middle & M'sia & Indonesia on the other side.

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Just to seek views, summon the Cainis Ambassador lah. Why need to travel? Need to tell the whole world? Eh bolo isn’t it obvious what their reaction is? Sia2 jadi menteri dungu nak mampos Why should seek China's view? Mustn't Malaysia stand on our own feet first! ...seeking Chy Na's views? WTF Is bashing China one of Mkini agendas?

If you need an ally, pick China. Who else? The US? UK? ME? Australia? Are we not a sovereign country anymore? It's sad that so many Malaysian are not aware of the white men's evil plans to dominate the entire world. It's time we Asians support each other. Australia should be returned to the aborigines and so should the Americas.

Hisham go there becoz he want to lick xi jinping ass..

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Tu kan abang dia lol Sepatutnya tak payahlah bg tau rakyat apa yang kerajaan buat. Rahsia cukuplah. We should stand on our own two feet n to remain neutral. Our views are never seeked n might be minute or negligible to them. As a tiny nation, what role could we play? Pfft, kalau ni jadi time PH, dah kena maki hamun 7 hari 7 malam oleh geng UMNO & PAS.

Hishammuddin loves to involve China in Internal Matters. I bet he will be the 1st Tali Barut to defect when China invades Malaysia Why China? Go and ask AUKUS. Hal dalaman negara pun kena tanya pendapat negara luar? Apa semua ni Call the ambassador to Putrajaya. Ask them about the 9 dash line in the South China Sea. See if they respect Asean countries sovereignty. The very fact that they are claiming SEA is theirs, they have no respect for others.

Die ni hamba abdi China ke?

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Did China ask our Malaysian view when it intrude into our sovereign territory? Then why should we.. Hisham! What views to seek when they intrude on our sovergnity eith gunboats? You should be telling them your views that the south china sea does not belong to them and is far away from their china. Must ask big brother maaa

This fellow living in a cave or what? The whole world knows what's China's position on Aukus. How come this fellow doesn't know? Or is he just pretending? Weak mutt. Always fear of China What about views from other countries? Why not run over to them also? This act of flying to Beijing to seek the Chinese Govt’s view on Aukus will certainly reminds Malaysians of Hishammuddin’s ‘Big Brother episode’ & reenforced perception of him kowtowing to China. Or perhaps perception of his Govt’s kowtowing to China.

Why do we need China's views? Need to consult directly meh? Cannot read Global Times eh?

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