Govt looking at how to provide additional assistance to the people - Mustapa

Govt looking at how to provide additional assistance to the people - Mustapa

16/6/2021 6:08:00 PM

Govt looking at how to provide additional assistance to the people - Mustapa

Mustapa says so far, about RM200b had been spent and there was still a balance.


Taxi driver runs amok and crashes into cars at KK International Airport

KOTA KINABALU: A taxi driver is believed to have run amok at the Kota Kinabalu International Airport waiting area by deliberately crashing into several vehicles on Monday (July 19).

Which ministry is he in? Hardly see him making statement. But this one certainly shows that he hasn't been working for the last 16 months. The issue of assistance or additional assistance was raised since the 1st Lockdown. Did he meant it was fulfilled much earlier? What a joke. Government don't know what to do right now.

Hahahaha now only looking? By the time they give one most of us will be dead resign and let the capable people take up your job. then this can help Malaysia already. Ada yang mati, ada yang bunuh diri sebab kesempitan. Pemimpin baru nak kaji. Sebelum umum lockdown korang buat apa setan Macam mana ada lagi rakyat yang sokong pimpinan lembab cmni? Ini la jadi bila yang tua2 dibagi lagi jawatan

After 16 months, are you telling Malaysians you’re still finding ways in how to assist the Lives & Livelihoods of Malaysians. What are you waiting for…..You and your team should RESIGN immediately. This is an INCOMPETENT & FAILED GOVT. These sins will haunt you guys for long. But0 but0 but0 punya statement...sembang banyak kerja tarak

Otak dah slow sangat ni. Tukarlah dengan orang muda. Lock up people and then throw them chicken feed. What a waste of Rakyat's money. Tokpa bila nak mampus? Bosan sgt ke xda kerja sampai tolong menyibuk urusan Menteri Kewangan? Abolish DAP,all will be ok👍

House of cards govt on brink of collapse, say analysts | The Malaysian InsightThe signs became ominous when two ministers distanced themselves from the administration.

Sick and tired of seeing the same statement over and over again. !! hi katak saka. Isn’t it all should be well discussed and planned since the announcement of FMCO? looking la sampai kiamat Situa bangka mcm ni tak patut keje dah. Baru skrg nak 'looking at how....' Our government in showing how dinosaur work. Everyone is dying now they want to do research. How come our government is getting so 'clever'? KerajaanDerhaka KerajaanBodoh

Baru bangun tido Nak look ape lagi tah. Balik2 reaction. Takde langsung proaction. Bring in more vaccines at faster rate?

National Recovery Plan allows govt to implement scheme in more structured manner, says academicKUALA LUMPUR (Bernama): The National Recovery Plan announced by Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin on Tuesday (June 15) is timely in ensuring the government can implement a more structured plan to face the Covid-19 pandemic, says Assoc Prof Dr Muhammad Fathi Yusof. Please. Stop the nonsense now. The best recovery plan is for the backdoor PM to step down. He has failed miserably. KerajaanGagal KerajaanBodoh They must be joking Probably by then the number of deaths coz of being depressed & bankrupt will be higher than actual Covid!

Wonderful timing we’re on our 3rd week of the Lockdown and Govt will do a research first?🤦🏻‍♂️ Far queue Far cough 😷

Tourism industry cannot hold out until year-end, govt toldStakeholders say most businesses are already suffering under the third MCO and will likely shut down without further government assistance. FMTNews Tourism Ramai x dpt bertahan sampai hujung tahun... seriously bebal... percepat vaksin, tgk balik data sapa penyebab cluster besar itu yg di tutup bukan semua dera rakyat x habis2. Dh setahun takkan x buat analysis.. bodoh. They know but they don't care.. only selfish political survival Terima kasih krjn prihatin

M'sia needs a temporary govt that is transparent: JohariPOLITICS | joharighani proposed that the temporary government is given a time frame enough for it to bring Malaysia out of a crisis, and to be led by someone who is experienced and possesses strong leadership traits. joharighani In this country transparency and meritocracy is a no no.. joharighani Dah 10min fikir siapa.. Fikir lagi lah.. Maybe pemimpin dari negara lain.. Is that count?.. Maybe not la kan. joharighani Just say the name la.... Tun Dr. Mahathir is the man you want. Who else fits that description? No way it's Najib.

Pharmaniaga embarks on plan to supply Sinovac to state govt, private sectorKUALA LUMPUR: Pharmaniaga Bhd’s share price rose to a high of RM5.54 at midday on Wednesday on news it has embarked on an initiative to supply the Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine to the state governments and private sector. Why why why Get the work done.. speed up people are dying .. fighting without weapon.. KerajaanGagal Good news to all registered in Feb screwed up by mysejaterah 'last in first out' appointment process.

Rina Harun: Govt to swiftly implement measures to curb online applications with elements of child exploitationPUTRAJAYA (Bernama): The government plans to implement swift preventive measures through online platforms to curb any online applications or games or websites which have elements of exploitation and crime against children.