Govt drafting Covid-19 exit plan - PM

Govt drafting Covid-19 exit plan - PM

13/6/2021 8:55:00 AM

Govt drafting Covid-19 exit plan - PM

Muhyiddin Yassin says ministers have already come up with drafts but they need to be refined.

Muhyiddin said the plan based on data, science and all the preparations that had been done, including in terms of Covid-19 management, the economy, vaccination programme and so on, would be presented to the National Security Council (NSC) within the next week.

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Rela member remanded for seven days over murder of Wakaf Tapai Rukun Tetangga deputy chairman

MARANG (Bernama): A member of the People's Volunteer Corps (Rela) has been remanded for seven days to help in investigation into the murder of the Taman Raya Rukun Tetangga (neigbourhood watch) committee deputy chairman in Wakaf Tapai here.

Draft as many as you want but Malaysia won’t exit the pandemic with a government no one voted for Let's get plan tnd act to increase the vaccination and economic recovery action 1st before the exit plan, long time to go before we can exit covid. Many countries started the action plan way ahead of us And the next incoming government (even after GE15) MUST institute a Truth and Reconciliation Commission with wide powers - to hunt & claim back all monies from all those who profited out of the Covid19 issue and post GE14.

Rakyat Malaysia ni dah malas nak layan plan bodoh kerajaan sekarang ni. Exit plan amat la senang. Beli vacine banyak2. Bukan sebanyak mungkin pusat vaksin sampai ke ulu kampung. Then bagi vacine cepat2 dekat rakyat. Then selesai masalah ni. Bengong!samdol! Haa? Jilake selama ni ko buat apa? Muhyiddin should exit now. KerajaanGagal MuhyiddinOut

Still in drafting stage. KerajaanGagal Why not you just plan your exit Telur dihujung tanduk bru nk gelabah.. Masa dah habis, rosak xleh nk baiki dah.. Ko pun xleh nk control org kau Better buat handover plan elok elok What exit plan! Stupid or what? What happen now need your utmost attention Mr. PM

Almost 70% of critical Covid-19 cases suffer Long Covid, says D-G | The Malaysian InsightFatigue, breathing difficulties, insomnia, cough, anxiety stay with patients long after discharge.

Draft apa? Kerajaan pun nak jatuh dah, just resign and let someone else lead. KerajaanGagal Good plan .....exit plan Is the covid19 pandemic managing you or you managing it so there was no exit plan in the first wonder lah Drafting? Now only? 🤦🏻‍♀️ This Govt fails the Rakyat. You’re a year and a half too late

You shud plan yourself exit plan! Gagal Bodoh Planplanplanplanplanpelanpelankayuh

Malaysians cautioned on Long Covid or Post-Covid-19 Syndrome | New Straits TimesNSTnation The five symptoms often experienced by former Covid-19 patients were fatigue, difficulty breathing when doing activities (exertional dyspnea), difficulty sleeping at night (insomnia), cough and anxiety. Covid19 Patients Health

Y only now taught about it n not earlier?🤔🙂 Draft yr own exit plan too Reactive mode since March 2020 exit plan for yourself better After Tun M drafted his ‘Mageran’ plan. Baru all the menteri was like ‘why didn’t we think of it eh It shows Din and his cabinet lacks of idea and policy making. KerajaanGagal

Drafting what to draft. Good move. Covid-19 just started few day ago Exit plan? Keadaan dah teruk baru nak draft exit plan! What a joke! What have all your menteli being doing? Sapa yg exit?

Covid-19: Govt seeking out UNHCR cardholders for vaccinationPUTRAJAYA: The authorities will identify areas and settlements where United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) cardholders reside so that they will be included in the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme, says Datuk Seri Hamzah Zainudin. So good ... dont know when ordinary Malaysian will be vaccinated. We are under 60, not frontliners , no multiple disease ... cannot go out to works or have to close business. Phase 2 over already? Taxpayer tanggung lagi. Syndicates laughing all the way to their banks

Please Exit Plan for yourself and your fellow backdoor teams You first draft moratorium plan for B40 and M40 first Lol what were they doing these past two years bru draft, abis selama ni ape yg korang buat hah After 2 years? AFTER 3844 deathss DRAFTING? BRUH Draft pungkoq hang. Takut jawatan pm hilang baru kalot draft

Baru nak draft - omg PNgagal Is the exit plan something like your management of pandemic plan? Then, thanks, but no thanks.

SME Association asks govt to make decisive approaches to end Covid-19 pandemic | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, June 12 — The SME Association of Malaysia hopes the government will make decisive and strong approaches to end Covid-19. President Datuk Michael Kang Hua Keong said the extension of the movement control order (MCO) 3.0 will continue to hurt businesses and further dampen the economy,...

Please no more election %%••Вυввуєє••%% Din Pagoh Macam bergeliga semua otak2 yg komen sini. Setakat tekan2 di handphone je la than push send. Govt drafting 10 year Covid-19 exit plan. I think this is more accurate. Total failure Draft je la surat letak jwtn..letih dh aku ni..yg peniaga2 kecil pun dh goyah dh tu..x de yg lebih mulia dgn meletakkan kepentingan diri ketepi utk bg laluan org lain utk bwk kami keluar dri kemelut ini

Dah beribu mati baru nak buat draft.. lahanat Apsal baru nak draft? Vaksin dah start baru nak draft? Isn't a bit too late to do this...should have done this much earlier and not wait till Mageran was offered by Tun. But again, where are the Financial Aids? Without that.. what plan also meaningless. Don't give hope that you're unable to fulfill and then blame on Rakyat again.

Dulu dok meeting... meeting... meeting Lepas meeting...baca perutusan...demi perutusan Lepas tu utus pdf...umum pdf Sekarang ni barulah masa buat DRAF tuan² puan²...DRAF dulu SOP kerajaan PN : meeting---perutusan---umum---pdf---DRAF---EXIT trus

Covid-19: Govt seeking out UNHCR cardholders for vaccinationPUTRAJAYA: The authorities will identify areas and settlements where United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) cardholders reside so that they will be included in the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme, says Datuk Seri Hamzah Zainudin.

Drafting! Now only drafting...........seriously🤦 Draft je gais. Lepas tu edit2 ada pulak finaledition.pdf mohon pertimbangan dato IsmailSabri60 hamzahzainudin5 MuhyiddinYassin KKMPutrajaya MKNJPM membenarkan pasangan pjj merentas negeri Hanya boleh geleng kepala 😵🥴🤕🤒 Bukti anda MuhyiddinYassin adalah KerajaanGagal

Ha ha ha.........exit plan/ full lockdown...sound familiar.......kelaut Baru nk draft Selame ni ko buat ape baii. Sebok naik jet ke. Ko ni mcm main2 pulak jd pm kan. Ni la masalah pm bulan pilihan rakyat. Bodoh What have u been doin these past 2 yrs? Mkn tido je ke?

Govt drafting exit plan for Covid-19 battle, says MuhyiddinKUALA LUMPUR (Bernama): The government is drafting a National Recovery Plan (exit plan) in preparation for the country to emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic at a reasonable level, said Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. HAHAHAHAHA Draft now 🙄 implementation 🤲🏽

🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Da setahun covid baru nk craft exit plan ke? Wht the actual f? Months of high cases , but only now you’re drafting the exit plan? Just wow! Might as well draft an exit plan for yourself and your crooked buddies in the govt. Just exit with whatever shred of dignity that you have. No point talking to show the YDPA that you are working.

Buja Parlimen dulu lah Kindly focus on vaccine rollout n saving lives of Rakyat much 2do n so much not done.Who knows..u might not b around wen its over wit due respect. As PM what r yr priorities?U wan a legacy of saving millions or killing many more by not doing D right thing? Drafting….. butuh After one and a half year?!..seriously moron n too late..better draft u n yr PNipu govt's exit plan.. KerajaanGagal PMBodoh MuhyiddinYassin

Draft la betul betul.. Discuss dgn org lain jangan syok sendiri.. Nanti U TURN...

KerajaanGagal Drafting 😂 should’ve been drafted during the 1st wave to mitigate the issue and should’ve been implementing it since last year Nov-Dec😂 elok awak je cari plan jalan keluar sendiri.. government ni esok lusa belum tau lagi sape punya.. nampak pasangan besan tu dah mula gerakan nak gulingkan awak..

Draft now 😳 implementation 😱 God save us all 🤲🏽 Take note Y'all. Baru nak draft exit plan. psu tendang kpsu, kpsu tendang sub, sub tendang tksu, tksu tendang ksu, ksu tendang menteri, menteri tendang ksu, ksu tendang tksu, tksu tendang sub, sub tendang kpsu, kpsu tendang psu ulang balik 100X Dah dekat dua tahun baru nk draft. People call u mat sembap for a reason 😫

Your time is nearing as well. Say bye bye to PM post. Baru nak draft? Mampos la kita nak! Astagfirullah. Bangang tahap abadi dah ni

MuhyiddinYassin you are so funny... After 450 days now only you draft?! Looking at you is more fun than HarithIskander lol follow AI advice? Lol. Shouldn’t this have been done over 1 year ago? Dah akhir riwayat. You shud plan yourself exit plan! Gagal Bodoh Seriously baru nk draft? 🤦🏻‍♂️ Better to draft PN's exit plan to evade more failures and more lives lost on your watch.

Beribu rakyat dah mati baru nk draft plan! WTF with these KerajaanGagal 🤬🤬🤬