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Govt allows more businesses, like hair salon, optometry, to open during MCO

Govt allows more businesses, like hair salon, optometry, to open during MCO

10/4/2020 4:32:00 PM

Govt allows more businesses, like hair salon, optometry, to open during MCO

PETALING JAYA: The government will allow an additional list of businesses to operate during the movement control order ( MCO ), but the health and safety of workers remains a top priority, says Senior Minister Datuk Seri Azmin Ali .

Azmin, who is the International Trade and Industry Minister, said these businesses were in addition to industries such as automotive, machineries and equipment, aerospace and construction projects.He added that the industries, which include non-essential services and products, must apply online from 9am on Monday (April 13) to the International Trade and Industry Ministry's (Miti) website for permission to operate during the MCO.

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The MCO was extended on Friday (April 10) for the third time to April 28, as announced by Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.Azmin warned that permission would be revoked immediately if the businesses did not comply with the stated standard operating procedures.

"The decision was made after realising the need to open up more economic sectors as the Covid-19 pandemic is not only affecting the health of the people but also affecting the economy, especially the small and medium enterprises (SMEs)," he said in a statement.

He said the level of compliance by several critical manufacturing and services sectors to operate during the first phase of the MCO had been good."Nevertheless, the government continues to monitor the compliance as stipulated by the Health Ministry and also to ensure that health screening and preventive measures are implemented for the safety of employees and customers.

"This step is necessary in order to ensure the sustainability of the country’s economy post Covid-19, to prevent the loss of jobs among Malaysians and to ensure that the rakyat continue to have access to the basic needs and critical products throughout the MCO period," he said.

Azmin is also co-chair of a special cabinet committee to mitigate the impact of Covid-19 on the economy and labour Market, which later made proposals to the Cabinet.He said in considering which industries could operate, the government looked at the stability of the export activities, survival of SMEs and size of workforce.

Here is the full list:1. Automotive industry (limited to exports of CBU, parts and components, plus after-sale services)2. Machinery and equipment industry3. Aerospace industry4. Construction projects and services related to construction works:- Projects whereby the main contractors are G1–G2

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- Projects that have achieved physical progress of 90% and above- Tunnelling works- Sloping works- Emergency works that are consequent to contractual obligations- Maintenance, cleaning and drying of stagnant water, spraying of pesticides at construction sites which prevent the breeding of Aedes mosquitoes and other pests

- Other works that if left incomplete may result in danger- Building projects with 70 IBS score and above- Construction projects with accommodation facilities for workers, such as centralised quarters for workers or workers’ camp- Professional services related to the construction industry including architects, engineers, town-planners, land surveyors, quantity surveyors, project managers, facility managers as well as other relevant services

5. Science, professional and technical services, including R&D (services incidental to legal practice, services incidental to oil and gas, R&D activities related to Covid-19, and testing labs for the sectors allowed to operate)6. Social health services including registered traditional and complementary medicine (TCM) practitioners

7. Hardware shops, electrical and electronic (E&E) shops and optometrists in the wholesale and retail industry8. Laundry services (only those offering full-service and does not include self-service laundrettes)9. Barber shops and hair salons (offering haircuts only)

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Doesn't the government land office relate to industry allowed under no. 5 and 4 indirectly? Wondering if they are open. Hairdressers are now allowed Really So they cut our hair with 1 meter long scissors I dont find the need to go to salon at this kind of moment. Chop your own hair people! or just let them grow until this rmo ends!

MCO extended further but this came out. It should be stricter and not the opposite, this minority workforce could be carrier without symptoms and more ppl will be infected. I pity those frontline fighters who did so much. I really hope the situation not worsen before is too late. Sipotzzz No surprising coming from this sack of shit. Seriously, hair salon? Optometry can still understand. But barber.

Do it with fire. Off all things hair cut. It's the last thing anyone with brain will go for at this time. Social distancing. This ass playing moron nothing better to do. Thought the upcoming enforcement going to be an intensive and strict one as compared to previous one?! But.. At the salon Kerja rumah anak-anak nak print kat mana?

Can't see having a hair cut would be the priority now. 🤔. I'm not sure about others. I will not dare to cut my hair this time. Who knows what virus it share in the scissors. More people will going to use this excuse to go out macam takde pkp la kalau gitu Next road block ... I say I'm a barber

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Don't extend MCO unless you can give monthly cash aid for the poor, govt toldFomca says low-income earners will be hard hit if the movement control order is extended. FMTNews MCO Covid19 Fomca Siapa tak tau woii? Knp fomca suka sangat cakap benda yg orang sudah tahu 😆 nak berjenaka pun agak2lah ⬆️⬆️⬆️ LIHAT ATAS ⬆️⬆️⬆️ Ya tau.. tapi nanti kalau MCO tak extend nanti jadi macam US dgn italy pulak.. camne ni? This is a totally unacceptable demand from FOMCA. They cannot give an ultimatum to the govt in times like this. While the plight of the poor is understandably tragic, a better solution need to b found instead. If the MCO needs extension then so be it. Whatever it takes!

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Govt urged to extend MCONSTnation The Academy of Medicine of Malaysia has urged the government to extend the Movement Control Order beyond April 14. Covid19 MCO StayAtHome DudukRumah Shd give specific details reason for hushed decisions, hundreds of imigrants being suffered some of them need to pawns jewelry but kedai pun tutup Ngo or ambassy can't cope distribution of foodstuffs. Please analysis main points 1)fraud McO law 1}ignore to go 4 sceening.

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