Gigabyte Launches Four GeForce RTX 4090 GPUs

6/10/2022 7:37:00 AM

#Gigabyte Launches Four #GeForce #RTX4090 GPUs

Gigabyte Launches Four GeForce RTX4090 GPUs

Gigabyte officially pulled the veil back from its latest GeForce RTX 4090 graphics cards. The Taiwanese company introduced a total

of four new cards, with one SKU for each lineup in its portfolio.a quick recap, the B650 series motherboards are a part of the CPU and GPU maker’s AM5 chipset, which in turn uses an all-new LGA1718 socket.., the games that would sustain me between journo classes.

At the very top of the list is Gigabyte’s AORUS GeForce RTX 4090 Xtreme Waterforce 24G.Much like its top-tier Ampere predecessor , this version of the Lovelace powerhouse is an AIO-cooled GPU, connected to a massive 360mm aluminium radiator, that in turn has its temperature kept by three 120mm double ball bearing fans.Getting to the point, the Taiwanese brand’s latest mid-range motherboards can be divided into the following four lineups: ROG Strix, TUF Gaming, ProArt, and the Prime series.In addition, the tubes that connect it to the CPU pump are made from FEP, designed to minimise the loss of water, as well as retain a high water pressure tolerance.The PCB itself comes with an aerospace-grade PCB coating and even has a 24+4 power phase design.(Image source: ASUS.Moving down the line to the non-AIO-cooled cards, Gigabyte’s AORUS lineup also has an air-cooled offering of the RTX 4090 in the form of the Master 24G.I’m still coming to terms with going to school for journalism while playing Overwatch in my downtime to becoming a games journo with a whole-ass bachelor’s degree who’s covering Overwatch ’s sorta sequel.

The card itself sports a revamped look and features what the brand says are new fan blades and an all-new surface design.) (Image source: ASUS.Those fans, by the way, utilise their own WINDFORCE technology and have an increased static pressure of up to 30% over the last generation, while reducing their noise level by up to 3dB and running at the same RPM.Further, there’s a larger heatsink module with angular fins and the usual vapour chambers and heat pipes to draw the heat away from the GPU and exhausted out of the card.Moving down the line, the TUF Gaming lineup is made up of two ATX and two mATX B650 motherboards, both of which contain a “Plus” and non-Plus mirror variant.Oh, and the card has a small LCD called Edge View at the corner of the card’s spine that feeds information about the card’s status.(Image source: Gigabyte.(Image source: ASUS.

) (Image source: Gigabyte.) Outside of Gigabyte’s AORUS line, the RTX 4090 can also be found in the brand’s non-descript Gaming OC SKU.) (Image source: ASUS.In comparison, this card features a more minimalist aesthetics, with its front cooler shroud barely covering the massive heatsink beneath it.Of course, you still get the triple-fan WINDFORCE configuration and yes, it does have RGB built into it.As its name suggests, this motherboard is aimed toward the professionals like engineers, creative designers, content creators and VFX specialists.ADVERTISEMENT Last but not least on Gigabyte’s RTX 4090 list is the WINDFORCE edition of the card.

Like the Gaming OC, this card shows off a basic-looking design, but unlike the Gaming OC, it does away with any RGB LEDs, making it the perfect card for individuals that prefer a stealth or inconspicuous build.) Last but not least, is the Prime B650 series.(Image source: Gigabyte.) (Image source: Gigabyte.On a side note, only two of the three mATX boards will have Wi-Fi connectivity.) Regardless of Gigabyte’s four RTX 4090 SKUs, the specs for all cards remain largely the same.They’re still based off the same Ada Lovelace architecture that is made around the new 4nm process.) (Image source: ASUS.

Other details of the GPU include 24GB GDDR6X graphics memory running at 21Gbps, 4th generation Tensor Cores, 3rd generation RT cores, and a 384-bit memory bus.Also, all variants of the card are powered by a new 16-pin PCIe Gen5 power connector.) Regardless of the B650 models, all SKUs mentioned here are designed by AMD to support both the latest DDR5 memory standard and PCIe Gen5 SSDs.At the time of writing, Gigabyte did not provide local pricing or availability for either card.(Source: Gigabyte [.At the time of writing, ASUS did not mention local availability or pricing.

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