Gerakan nudges MCA, MIC to quit BN and join PN

Gerakan nudges MCA, MIC to quit BN and join PN

2/8/2021 4:36:00 AM

Gerakan nudges MCA, MIC to quit BN and join PN

Party sec-gen Mak Kah Keong claims MCA and MIC were often mistreated in BN.

Gerakan secretary-general Mak Kah Keong (above) claimed MCA and MIC were often mistreated in BN. Read more: »

Unimap becomes first public university to conduct research on hemp cultivation

ARAU (Bernama) - Universiti Malaysia Perlis (Unimap) has become the first public university in the country to conduct research on hemp (a member of the cannabis sativa plant) as an agricultural product with the potential of being economically developed in the future.

Sekiranya mahu dan ikut parti Gerakan yg tiada sokongan dari mane2 kaum tu ibarat bunuh diri la..kerana masuk PN belum tentu lagi dapatkan sokongan pengundi Hahaha lepas ni nasib mca and mic akan seperti gerakan. Good suggestion from this stupid lawyer, better acts now before PN falls down.... What is Gerakan now? Dust in the wind I guess. MCA and MIC? Slightly bigger dust. The existence of these three are negligible. Who gives a damn to them?

A disgrace to chinese community Stop being a running dog. Fight for what is right. Not just your pocket. Its true that Mca and Mic are mistreated in BN, but at least they have seats Bagus lah! Rejected while in BN, will be totally ignored when in PN so apa beza to us all? Don't trust MIC, they can still stick to a corrupt government coz they are no different.

Gerakan, MCA, MIC, why so foolish. Mahiaddin needs your support now because Bersatu is weak. When Bersatu is strong, he will turn his back on you guys. He has turned his back on Tun M in Bersatu. He has turned his back on YDP Agong after getting emergency. How many seat in Parliament that u represent? None! The Rakyat rejected you partigerakan …

Gerakan urges MCA, MIC to leave BN and join PN | New Straits TimesNSTnation Gerakan has urged MCA and MIC to leave Barisan Nasional (BN) and join the Perikatan Nasional (PN) fold. 3 utterly useless parties where greed is their NO: 1 PRIORITY i give better suggestion... disband altogether lor. haha. Birds of a feather, flock together.😆🤦‍♂️

Kalau faham 1 night stand ni maksud nya together with PAS, the political prostitute, both are champions of opportunists. ha ha ha go join the failed govn. Please focus on how to serve your people to win their heart. Such a waste of being a public servant at all. Sorry. Who are is Gerakan? Oh the one with ZERO seats in Parliament?

Now gerakan rich with voice but mic and mca starts rich voice in BN .. . gerakan ini dapat banyak jawatan dalam semua negeri This bunch have no integrity, the main purpose of their existence is to rob as much possible. We have to congratulate Bersatu doing what no one else could - destroy both UNNO and BN

MCA, MIC info chiefs sign PN statement supporting PM, warn against 'fake news''There are too many people taking advantage of the situation for personal gain and to save themselves.' How many support letters does one need? How many SDs? They will be vanish in GE15 Lalala lalang ...mmg macam tu...

yaawwnnnn Shameful behaviour! Ask him if he knows how Gerakan was form and for what purpose. I don't think he knows. Yes yes do that and we will see you in the next election.

Harsh treatment of young female activists unacceptable, says MCAPETALING JAYA: The harsh treatment of young female activists by authorities in the past week is inexcusable, says MCA. Thank you MCAHQ You read the mood. Please bring it up during the cabinet though we know you lack any sting.

MCA: Harsh treatment of female activists unacceptable | New Straits TimesNSTnation An MCA leader today expressed concern over the recent arrests of activists by the police. HeidyQuah SarahIrdina Hmm..maybe will be more helpful if MCA minister can call or wattsapp the Home Minister immediately and share outcome. Pls be people friendly.

'Realise you have failed' - MCA Youth leader rebels against PMPerak MCA chief says a more qualified candidate should lead the country amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Waaaa MCAHQ this fella got hope Failure when repeated enough becomes acceptable Finally, a hope in MCA.

Perak MCA youth chief tells Muhyiddin to resign | The Malaysian InsightCountry needs more capable person to handle Covid-19 crisis, Daniel Wa says. Nak jawatan ka atau betoi2 ni?