Foodpanda row a black eye on Syed Saddiq

Foodpanda row a black eye on Syed Saddiq

10/10/2019 9:11:00 AM

Foodpanda row a black eye on Syed Saddiq

LETTER | He is obviously not cut out for a full ministerial post - at least not yet.

LETTER| As the youngest minister in Malaysia and the world, Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman was touted as a breath of fresh air when he first took up the cabinet post. Since then, he has been anything but, and his handling of the Foodpanda debacle is the clearest testament yet of a 26-year-old's inability to be entrusted with power and fame.

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A staunch supporter of Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the Youth and Sports Minister was recently contradicted by the prime minister over the latter's claim that he had brought up the plight of Foodpanda delivery riders in the cabinet.The prime minister claimed that the issue was never raised in the cabinet and that Syed Saddiq's views on the matter were his personal opinion. If anything, the Foodpanda debacle has become Syed Saddiq's political blackeye, as his integrity has now come into question.

This is what happens when you entrust immense power to someone whose peers are still trying to break into mid-level management, not chairing pow-wows with captains of industries.In his meeting with Foodpanda bosses right after news emerged of the company's intention to revise its payment scheme for riders, Syed Saddiq must have thought that he had the upper hand to force the company to revert to the old system.

He must have forgotten that we live in a free-market economy. In no time, he was schooled by netizens for his act. Syed Saddiq is obviously not cut out for a full ministerial post - at least not yet. Of late, he has fumbled over one issue over another. Besides encroaching into the Human Resources Ministry domain on the Foodpanda issue, he also infuriated a lot of Malaysians over his U-turn on Zakir Naik.

I think it is time Syed Saddiq took a back seat in mainstream politics. High-level politics is not for someone who should be learning the ropes in management. Do not take the country as a guinea pig for your learning curve.If Pakatan Harapan is serious about retaining power in the next election, it is time for leaders like Syed Saddiq to take a break.

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perfect example of why youngsters cannot be appointed to a post that carries massive power n responsibility SiamLaksa His house is Putrajaya 2.0 😁 When you are not too bright, it shows again and in point with our minister And latest: released video urging his cabinet to approve budget for job creation 🤦‍♂️

Dude thinks he's smart... Ss wayang fail.. man of action, akhirnya all false bravado.. now wants 6bil pula... i think it started w that dinner w zakir naik. such betrayal! Bro....FAM and BAM...apa solution? Too soon to tell. We'll see who's got black eyes Writer's block just like AhmadAh28652787 What is this young kiddo 👶 doing? He is not fooling himself but more so taking the foodpanda riders for a ride and pity those guys thinks really that this he can solve their problem? But this silly Minister can’t! So far no news about GOJET that he talk so much the other day?

Padan muka for putting your feet where you dont belong Mr U turn ini tak malu la 🤦🏻‍♂️ Honestly SS too far away from KJ. KJ at least has great contribution in sport such as Fit Malaysia, IM4U, Asean game, etc. The most talented to SS is wefie, selfie. Publicity no 1.Own area not take much care but interfere other dept, heading no direction

He's already wearing a Full Faced Natural Sun Glass Business should be running by itself n none should interfere. I dont get it, since when voicing out for the people became such political issue ? Regardless of the results. PH : we won and lets govern the country wisely *appoint 25 year old kid to run minister youth and sport

Let’s put aside fact SyedSaddiq is young. We were all excited when he was first appointed to the post. But it’s obvious from day one, to him the post has been all about fame & glamour. His bad advice to the riders will impact their livelihood, a business and consumers. This what the arrogant Umno-BN Ministers and their thieves and thugs used to do when they were Government in Putrajaya. How come the arrogant SyedSaddiq is also having the same sickening attitudes?

Harharhar soon KO open foodtongkat loh. Lain kali SyedSaddiq Guna Otak, Bukan Emo + Ego Let see who win after this, the arrogant FP boss or SS. The war was just started. Padan muka. Nak masuk campur sangat. thanks to mkini_bm misleading headline I get it. Pandas look like they have black eyes. lol Walaaikum salaam

Syed Saddiq and Foodpanda | The Malaysian Insight

Syed Saddiq pertahan pendirian boikot Foodpanda | The Malaysian InsightSyed Saddiq juga mengulangi bahawa Foodpanda angkuh apabila enggan akur nasihat kerajaan. chedetofficial SyedSaddiq Ask Foodpanda to stop monetizing the raiders, we don't want 1% to ruined the lower and middle class people. young people should not be stubborn. Did he have any prior working experience?

Syed Saddiq's statement on Foodpanda not govt's stand, says Dr MThe prime minister says the Cabinet did not discuss the Foodpanda issue. FMTNews This boy is talking to much too often out of turn He learns from the grandmaster la. Young Man MP SyedSaddiq . Let this be a lesson for u. To know what u can 'interfere' and what u should never (interfere). Govt is not in the Biz of Dictating what a Private Biz should and should not do. Best u focus on your Kawasan and Your Ministry portfolio.

Social media users take issue with Syed Saddiq's Foodpanda tweetPETALING JAYA: People have voiced their dissatisfaction with Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman for his recent comment on Foodpanda. Stiring up the ' bees hornet' of dissatisfaction.. How easily some unprofffesional ministers get reeled into the day to day business affairs of the business community in Malaysia..With the very liitle effort put into wooing business in difficult times also.. might put them off.. This SyedSaddiq guy jz hv 2 encroach into d portfolio of another Ministry 4 popularity sake. he is a younster with no biz minset or brain to think properly. not qualify yet to become an MB.

Kenyataan Syed Saddiq bukan pendirian kerajaan, kata PMDr Mahathir Mohamad berkata, kenyataan itu ialah pendapat peribadi Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman dan ia tidak dibincangkan dalam Kabinet. FMTNews stop the nonsense,u think the whole biz works as tongkat ali scheme? early good incentives to attract more riders,when u get the number,u change to more competitive incentives else how to sustain? get govt subsidy? another Idiot MB. Happens when you have someone who is still being breastfed as a minister. At least give him a pacifier so that he doesn’t make so much noises. Suruh dia( Syed) jadi business partner Foodpanda la..Then he can make business decision's for the company..In the first place he got experience running a business ke?..Atau suruh dia invest dlm business tu gn gaji dia RM50000 tu..chedetofficial anwaribrahim guanenglim

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