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Face masks a must in public

Face masks a must in public

7/4/2020 3:52:00 AM

Face masks a must in public

TO help flatten the coronavirus curve, the government is now urging people to wear face mask s whenever they are out in public.

“The president has asked us to make guidelines on face masks in accordance with the WHO’s advice,” the head of Indonesia’s Covid-19 rapid response task force, Doni Monardo, told an online press conference yesterday.“Previously, the WHO advised that only sick people should wear face masks, but now it recommends that everyone wear face masks, especially in public places.”

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However, Doni explained that only healthcare providers and other medical professionals working on the front line needed to wear medical grade masks such as surgical masks and N95 masks.“The public can wear cloth masks or masks made from other materials as long as they can prevent the spread of saliva droplets when speaking,” he added.

President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo said the government was currently preparing face masks for future public distribution.“I’ve ordered (my administration) to prepare for the distribution of face masks to the public because we’re planning to require everyone who leaves their homes to wear a mask, in accordance with WHO recommendations,” he said yesterday.

Doni said medical grade masks would still only be distributed to healthcare providers.“For the public, the president has asked regional leaders to ramp up production of cloth masks through small and medium enterprises. This will help to fulfil (the regions’) need for masks so that they won’t depend on the central government,” he added.

According to, asymptomatic people can still spread Covid-19, with the United States’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finding that up to 25% of people who contract the virus may not show symptoms.A new small study also found that Covid-19 may be most infectious when symptoms are mildest, indicating the virus can spread between people who interact in close proximity such as when speaking and when someone coughs or sneezes. — The Jakarta Post/ANN

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Star editor, can you please state the country that is announcing this? It's Indonesia, not Malaysia. Fail at headlines again.

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