Expert says holiday for KL's win throws medical exam schedule into disarray

Dr Adeeba questions if the holiday is truly necessary.

2/12/2021 4:44:00 AM

Expert says holiday for KL's win throws medical exam schedule into disarray

Dr Adeeba questions if the holiday is truly necessary.

Dec 2, 2021 1:38 AM⋅:1:38 AMInfectious diseases expert Dr Adeeba Kamarulzaman is unhappy over the announcement of a public holiday to celebrate Kuala Lumpur City FC's (KL City FC) victory in the Malaysia Cup football tournament.She said in a post on Twitter that it had affected the schedule of professional exams which had already been affected by Covid-19 and...

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JOHOR BARU: The Johor state election must be carried out because the state government is very unstable to the point that it is at the “mercy of the opposition.”

Medical exams? Doktor minta permanent pun tak dilayan. Inikan pula exam. Nasib korang lah doktor2, Bertabahlah That’s why developed countries don’t do sudden holidays Pakiu FT minister. Good for nothing At a very short notice, many appointments n schedules could go disarray affecting many people. K. BULLSHIT

This is what happens when morons rule… Unnecessary holiday! Especially when the country is in recession! 11 persons win a local football tournament and negatively affects the livelihood of MILLIONS When the Economy is already collapsing !! Are your glasses too dark until you cannot judge right from wrong ? official_kassim

Just add as extra 1 day Annual Leave. Finish it. I've never watched a complete football game in my life and I've gotten a holiday for it ... what a joke 🤣🤣 .. When this gomen loses in coming GE, do we get another holiday? never in a my life as a student that a sudden PH affect my exam schedule. cuti x cuti still kena sit for exam maa. what imaginary world are u living in maam?

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If there's an exam just do it la, what's so difficult.. It would be great if you raise this concern BEFORE they announce it. This is what happens when low-lives are appointed Minister in an unelected Govt. Everything is hunky dory in the country. Another public holiday won't hurt...unless you are an employer or businessman.

Sudahlah. Hal ni pun nak kecoh? Now holiday also got expert. Move on la Mkini ! Bukan semua orang ada banyak annual leave tau....biarlah kalau nak bagi public holiday Bg cuti sbb nak raih sokongan rakyat ke mcmane? I still remember during TDM time, Kedah declared a holiday also for a football win. The MB kena tembak & right by Tun. He told all CMs & MBs not to declare holidays at their whims & fancies. We've hardly started going on full swing after the prolonged lockdowns, and now this.

Kita dah boleh hentikan budaya bagi cuti yg mcmni. Bagi parking free ke, bas dan lrt free ke lagi ok rasanya. Fikir cara lain lah sikit.

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