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Pfizer-Biontech, Covid-19

Expert explains why under 18s not given Covid-19 jab | The Malaysian Insight

Expert explains why under 18s not given Covid-19 jab

22/4/2021 9:18:00 AM

Expert explains why under 18s not given Covid-19 jab

No data from clinical trials to show if vaccine is safe for them, says Andrew Kiyu.

Copy URLUnder 18s in Malaysia are not eligible for Covid-19 vaccination as there are no data from clinical trials to show whether jab is safe for them, an expert says. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, April 22, 2021.THOSE aged 18 and below in Malaysia are not eligible for Covid-19 vaccination because there are no data from clinical trials to show whether the vaccine is safe for them.

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This was revealed by Dr Andrew Kiyu, the chairman of the Sarawak Covid-19 Vaccine Advisory Group in the state disaster management committee.  Read more: TheMalaysianInsight »

Covid-19: 4,855 new cases for 458,077 total, 27 deaths

PETALING JAYA: Malaysia recorded 4,855 new Covid-19 cases on Thursday (May 13), bringing the cumulative total to 458,077.

Step up studies on local Covid-19 strains, says Nipah expertVirologist Dr Lam Sai Kit says Malaysia is not doing enough on genome sequencing. FMTNews Covid19 Strains GenomeSequencing Eat this you sheeple GEanalyst Malaysia has a handle on this? I suppose most of the brains hv already migrated by now. Dr. Lam did not discover the Nipah virus. Dr Kaw Bing Chua was the one that did it. He had to fight the heads of his department and smuggle a sample out of Malaysia to get the CDC in the US to confirm his finding. He now works in Singapore.

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Expert: Realign NIP strategies | New Straits TimesNSTnation The government should look into restrategising the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme (NIP) soon in view of Malaysia's potential shortage of vaccines. coronavirus covid19 covax