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Covid-19 Watch, Zuraida Kamaruddin

Ex-deputy Health DG slams minister over disinfection ‘publicity stunt’

Ex-deputy Health DG slams minister over disinfection 'publicity stunt'

31/3/2020 10:22:00 AM

Ex-deputy Health DG slams minister over disinfection ' publicity stunt '

KUALA LUMPUR: A former deputy Health director-general has lambasted Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin over a publicity stunt that put many people at risk of Covid-19 infection, while wasting public funds.

"And look at the crowd, the publicity blast is already putting many people at risk."What a waste, the money spent could well be used for other more meaningful purposes - for example, hospital staff members having to prepare their own PPE (personal protective equipment) when they should be managing patients.

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"To Nyah Kuman Covid-19 is to stay at home!" he said.A video posted on Zuraida's Twitter also showed workers wearing full protective gear spraying buildings, roofs, ground and roads.Dr Lokman also asked how the road and the curbs were being contaminated by Covid-19.

"Were infected persons coughing onto it en masse?"Even if those road surfaces are contaminated, how could it get to your face, people scrubbing their hands on the contaminated road surfaces and touching their face?" he asked sarcastically.

Dr Lokman said the public places that needed cleaning and sanitising are surfaces that are frequently touched by people."If they want to disinfect buildings, for example, map out first surfaces that are likely to be contaminated such as lift buttons, lift walls and escalator railings," he said.

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sirajuddinw62 Sarung tangan pun suruh orang pakaikan 😂😂 Water jet show queen prancing idiotically wasting public funds EX Health DG is a professional in health issues and he is talking with knowledge. This minister is talking to publicise herself and when thing went wrong reporter were blamed as 'they misunderstood what I meant'

kera pintu belakang.... I dont think she will be laughing if she wear that PPE for 8 hours 🙄 Kah kah kah kah kah bila perempuan jadi menteri kena la ikut emosi kan kan kan kan kan So wasting for PPE... YB, please help yourself to digest what we are saying. Its not about the need. Its how sanitisation being done. Do we need deep cleaning before spraying disinfectant? Try to watch Youtube. Probably it will help. Lets not waste our limited resources.

Keyword: Touch points! Nak show off jer ni ⬆️⬆️⬆️ LIHAT ATAS ⬆️⬆️⬆️ Siapa cakap jalanraya tak perlu pembasmian virus? Tolong rujuk gambar dibawah ya.. smart voters get smar MP MalaysianAlways There u go ybz99 zuraida_my Do comment on the 'menteri' giant size lable too. Stupidity overloaded...this is not politic campaign laaaaaa adui

One of Malaysia’s Minister own clown. 😱😱🙄 hannahyeoh Disgusting. hannahyeoh It looks shit We the people of Ampang apologies for this and will make sure she will not make it on the next GE15 WTF? Seriously? malaysianpolitics MovementControlOrder StayHomeStaySafe TrustNoOne hannahyeoh What a waste of money... why is she doing this and sprayed on the road !!!! Hey this virus has caused the entire world tosyopand idiot unqualified woman is using the spay!!

She better just stays at home. Make sure to wear her makeup though. WHAT A WASTE! This is sooo dumb and a waste of resources geeezzzzz why does the the local ministers think doing stunt like this will make the ppl like them? Throw the whole lame shenanigans away lah Rilesk sudah Xperlu la menteri duk buat kerja ni....

Spraying the road? Spray smart, please. Or rm2bln worth of chemicals won't be enough! How about... Do the EMCO areas, red zones next, yellow zones, public transport vehicles. Give chemicals to condos for them to clean lifts and doors. Airports. Quarantine zones. Get the drift? This is not 1MDB or Tabligh cluster, Why abused her so much or else God ; may inflict you with COVIC 19 !!

Won't it be too late to do 'penny wise pound foolish' better pray 4 heavy rains that will do 🙏😂😭 She is only there for show and by doing so, have put a lot of ppl at risk I.e. her staffs, some policemen, the press etc. Plus the PPE is wasted cos she is not a frontliner. Plus having an outsider there for such things is a waste of time. Btw, did she have to give a speech?

She just a cheap rock star. dia ni pun nak limelight ke? Current DG sgt popular and respected by all. Dia ni nak tompang sekaki ke? mkula Itu bukan publicity stun... itu Teletubbies !!! Biasalah. Buat satu disinfection sampai pemberita ,polis dan seluruh mppj datang. Tk payah lah. Ada byk pasar lagi kena disinfect , buat lah kerja cepat

RajaMohdShahrim Shame on you mak lam! zuraida_my Well, its a backdoorgovernment with a 'TRAITOR' Minister ybz99 zuraida_My chosen by MuhyiddinYassin PPBMofficial Government! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ zuraida_my The fact that she’s a minister, making the whole govt look like idiots.

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