Electronics factory accused of exploiting migrant workers

Electronics factory accused of exploiting migrant workers

20/6/2021 12:49:00 PM

Electronics factory accused of exploiting migrant workers

Largest EMS provider in M'sia makes int'l headlines over claims of excessive overtime and poor living conditions.

The company made international headlines after a worker complained of having to put in 186 hours of overtime a month just to make ends meet. Read more: malaysiakini.com »

Khairy: 204 workers at IDCC Shah Alam PPV positive for Covid-19 – but have low infectivity

PETALING JAYA: A total of 204 staffmembers at the IDCC Shah Alam vaccine administration centre (PPV) tested positive for Covid-19, says Khairy Jamaluddin.

Dyson Guilty !!

Let human resources ministry handle migrant workers, govt toldActivist says the transfer of portfolio from the home ministry is long overdue given the latter's poor record in managing migrant workers. FMTNews Covid19 ForeignWorkers KulaSegaran pelarian rohingya paling tak guna

More manpower to ensure SOP compliance at factories - HamzahThere are currently more than 19,000 enforcement officers assigned to monitor businesses and factories. If a company causes a C19 cluster, instead of fining the firm, force d company 2 close 2 weeks. If d company caused a cluster, they pay each person $1k a day while recovering from C19. If some1 dies, d company pay d family $1k a day 4 life. By the time This KerajaanGagal get the SOPs right the human race would have colonised Mars At least u r working while H20 enjoying drinks in Turkey. Never forget H20 wit Azmin were involved in t unforgivable backdoor Sheraton act . i read a tweet saying they like expensive holidays in Casablanca, Turkey n the Pyramids with wives. Is that true? Who pay? Govt claims?

LETTER | Adopt a humane approach to migrantsThere are plenty of reasons why a tough approach to migrants simply do not work. Very well written hope our leaders read this article and consider the statements whereby would be humane making right decisions for the good of the people and nation.

Parliamentary group demands national refugee policy | The Malaysian InsightLawmakers say not recognising migrant rights holding Malaysia back in long-term development goals.

Allegations of abuse and exploitation at PJ banana leaf restaurantMan claiming to be former worker claims abuse in interview with Indian actress. WHY DO EMPLOYERS DO THIS? MAKING A LOT OF MONEY AND WONT PAY THEIR STAFF. HOW CRUEL Name and shame the restaurant....

KL wholesale market workers relieved to receive vaccination | The Malaysian InsightThe vaccination boosted the workers' confidence to continue working at the high-risk area.