Earth-shattering day for Muhyiddin

A POLITICAL earthquake - that is the only way to describe what happened on Tuesday (Aug 3).

3/8/2021 6:11:00 PM

'The question on everyone’s lips is, of course, whether Muhyiddin will fight back or if he will accept the claim that he has lost the majority.' - Joceline Tan

A POLITICAL earthquake - that is the only way to describe what happened on Tuesday (Aug 3).

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Covid-19: 14,990 new cases reported, S'gor tops list again with 2,414

PUTRAJAYA: Malaysia reported 14,990 new Covid-19 infections on Wednesday (Sept 22), says the Health Ministry.

Earth-shattering day for this old fart, but earth-shattering months for the rakyat. Earth saking decision or resigned ? he will just ignore and keep sitting there as being a muka tebal is the basic requirement of being PM... look at Mahathir & Najib. Enough lah berbalas pantun with Agong..just go Mr PM. Rakyat knows you hv lost the bidding. Let others lead the ctry for betterment. We are alrdy bored with ur shenanigans..

You better resign peacefully. Bagi orang lain yang bole Handle naik. Skrg ni banyak masalah you takbole manage. Just leave the post la. He likes to be cursed and sworn and go in more embarrassment fight = buy MP Earthshakingly... your score card is F. Please. Let someone do it. Its time you take a rest MuhyiddinYassin You look tired. So are we

Cirit will never resign

'You're DPM, not Umno president or deputy president' - Puad Zarkashi to Ismail SabriThis after Ismail Sabri said he chaired a meeting with 40 BN MPs to support Muhyiddin. Sack him if he is against UMNO. Are you guy’s worried he may jump ship to Bersatu? IsmailSabri60 dengar tu, main langkau je macam tak ada undang2. Semua korang nak langgar ke? ismail sabri - that DPM post was given not because Muhiaddin thinks you are deserve it but used you as a pawn to divide UMNO. You ahve fallen for the trap

The best is he resign and the rakyat and nation are saved👍 Accept Harap kau n assmin belajar jgn la khianat... what goes around comes around... till then. Judging by his action & strategy since parliment resume, halted & cancelled. I am sure he will hang on by all means. Art of being thick face. Whatever is going to be the outcome, please don't advise for dissolution of Parliament, you know the obvious harm.

Of course he will fight back, why would he want to declare emergency, close Parliament, use PDRM, put his men as AG, Speaker and increase Cabinet positions to make all the MPs happy in supporting him?

Muhyiddin perlu kekal sebagai Perdana Menteri - Utusan DigitalMuhyiddin perlu kekal sebagai Perdana Menteri Muhyidin ker Mahiaddin? Did he just woke up from coma? Setuju --- sebab ahli politik lain penuh dgn kes mahkamah, dan selebihnya adalah bekas banduan, molester and sodomites

Kelantan Umno rebels against Muhyiddin'Kelantan Umno firmly demands Muhyiddin resign as PM,' says its chief Ahmad Jazlan Yaakub. Yeah….right….. Tumbangkan PNderhaka! 😡🔥💪🔥💪 Bel dapat lagi tu.

Address mounting deaths in your backyard, Johor reps tell PMAssemblypersons point out 168 people have died from Covid-19 in districts under Muhyiddin's constituency. Johor Sultan should tell his agong to revoke Muhyiddin Yassin's appointment and revoke his illegitimate Pas-Umno-BN-Bersatu government's appointment. Do it now Johor Sultan. Save lives Johor Sultan. Deaths is all over the world NOT just Johor or Malaysia. ok

Cukuplah masanya Umno bersama Perikatan, kata Shahrir Samad | The Malaysian InsightBeliau berkata satu demi satu kesilapan dilakukan oleh kerajaan pimpinan Muhyiddin Yassin itu. Kata 1 August last arini 3hb🤭 So nak PM resign, kerajaan dibubarkan. Lepas tu nak buat PRU?

Enough, just get out of Perikatan, Shahrir tells Umno | The Malaysian InsightMuhyiddin’s govt can’t seem to stop damaging itself, former party veteran says. Berani ke presidenumnoazh Ader berani? Either ways many including the president will be behind bars Maruah UMNO lebih dari Individu