Dutchman Vorm returns to Spurs as goalkeeping cover

Dutchman Vorm returns to Spurs as goalkeeping cover

14/10/2019 10:12:00 PM

Dutchman Vorm returns to Spurs as goalkeeping cover

(Reuters) - Tottenham Hotspur have re-signed Michel Vorm until the end of the season to provide additional goalkeeping cover with captain Hugo Lloris injured, the Premier League club said on Monday.

Dutchman Vorm, 35, joined Spurs in 2014 from Swansea City and made 47 appearances in all competitions in five seasons before leaving the Londoners in June at the end of his contract."I'm very pleased, happy to be back. It's easy in a way -- nothing really changes... I've been here for five seasons so for me, it's just coming home," Vorm told the club's website

Aiman Tino kesal disaman ingkar PKPB Tanda awal kewafatan Nabi Warga emas lesu berteman sampah

"Obviously I'm not up to game fitness yet so in that part we need to improve a bit, but I feel good."Tottenham have made a disappointing start to the season, losing three of their eight league matches to sit ninth in the table on 11 points. They also suffered a record 7-2 home defeat by Bayern Munich in the Champions League stage.

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Guan Eng: Segmented minimum wage to spur industries to rural areasIncrease in the minimum wage to RM1,200 for employees at major cities was announced under Budget 2020. Idiotic reasoning. There are better ways eg better tax incentives etc instead of discrimination against the rural poor.

Buyers want rent-to-own scheme to cover homes lower than RM300,000National Home Buyers Association says if price is lowered to RM300,000, more than 30,000 will be eligible to buy the homes.

Lower threshold for foreigners buying condos only for existing unsold unitsThe measure, announced in the 2020 Budget, does not cover new projects that are yet to be launched. Are you sure yb guanenglim dah sign black white dah ke dgan dvelopers? Tkut hbis smua dia buat rumah smua 600k above lpas ni.. Wadepak! Shud let those greedy developer rot n reduce house price

DAP ayes PAS' call for White Paper, as long as not limited to LTTEIt should cover the entire spectrum of the terrorism problem, including financial scandals faced by Malaysia, the party says. That abdulhadiawang is a supporter of terrorism is old news. What's more important now is for DAP and Parliament to put TSMusaHassan on the stand. Let Musa Hassan tell all Malaysians where he got the information for the fake news he started about LTTE and communist ideology. Malaysian in LTTE The mother of all Money Laundering Because lots of money transferred to fund terrorist Malaysian backup Malaysian LTTE The mother£ucker Because supporting Malaysian funding and championing Terrorist woi DAP. klu kau maksudkn HAMAS, sila meninggal. israel bapak segala pengganas je yg label HAMAS pengganas. LTTE ni satu dunia mmg cap korang pengganas. jgn nk samakan pembunuh kanak2 dan wanita mcm LTTE dgn HAMAS. jauh panggang dari api la bodo.

Philippines launches vaccination drive as polio returns | The Malaysian InsightPreventable disease makes comeback last month after being eradicated in 2001.

40 Malaysians held in Syria seeking to return home: PoliceIPOH: The police are making efforts to bring home 40 Malaysians in Syria who are seeking to return home after being detained for suspected involvement... Let them stay there bring them back,they fight for Islam.MARTYR This guy has big problem I guess....