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Federalhighway, Duı

Drunk driver kills one, injures another on Federal Highway | New Straits Times

#NSTnation When the incident took place, the duo had just finished their shift and were headed back to their dwelling in the federal capital. #FederalHighway #DUI #DrunkDriving #DrinkDriving

29/5/2020 12:19:00 PM

NSTnation When the incident took place, the duo had just finished their shift and were headed back to their dwelling in the federal capital. FederalHighway DUI DrunkDriving DrinkDriving

KUALA LUMPUR: A courier company employee was killed and his colleague seriously injured after a car driven by a man under the influence of alcohol crashed into their machine at KM 34.2 of the Federal Highway early this morning.

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nak tunggu menteri2 & anak2 menteri kene langgar ngan pemandu mabuk baru gerak undang2. takat rakyat biasa ni satu mati ade sejuta lagi. Kenapa ni? Kenapa kerajae isleyy tak bertindak dgn efektif Membunuh lagi..bila nak habis ni? Tolong kerajaan, jangan lembab sangat buat kerja... All these aholes must be charged with murder.

Omg 😢😥😓 their licence must be revoked and charged for manslaughter if the accident caused death.

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