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Drunk driver charged in death of Foodpanda rider in KL collision | New Straits Times

KUALA LUMPUR: A drunk driver who rammed his vehicle into and killed a Foodpanda rider along the Sultan Iskandar Highway (Lebuhraya Mahameru) here, earlier today, has been charged at the Magistrate’s Court.

1/6/2020 8:37:00 AM

NSTnation Khor Yong Zhang, 21, is alleged to have driven under the influence of alcohol, resulting in him being unable to control his Nissan Grand Livina and ramming Mohamed Zaili Mohamed. DUI DrunkDriving DontDrinkAndDrive LebuhrayaMahameru

KUALA LUMPUR: A drunk driver who rammed his vehicle into and killed a Foodpanda rider along the Sultan Iskandar Highway (Lebuhraya Mahameru) here, earlier today, has been charged at the Magistrate’s Court.

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lets consider death penalty. An eye for and eye DRUNKEN DRIVING: The Transport Minister needs to resign... the government has failed to address this situation properly; PAS is a hypocrite since it is now in the government! The offence falls under Section 44(1) of the Road Transport Act 1987, which carries a jail term of between 3 and 10 years, and a fine of RM20,000 upon conviction. Undang² lapukkkk wei!!!

Stupid. It's really a murder...**** Trace back to the bar/restaurant where they’ve been drinking & revoke their liquor licenses for excessively serving alcohol to their patrons .. with maximum fine too. Our drunk driving law not a deterent to this ppl. He wont get the max so after 3yrs or less he will b freed. Meanwhile the victims family suffer like hell!! Victims family already livin hand to mouth when victim was alive...

Your stupidity kills a living human being. 3-10 years are so subtle and RM20k fine means shit in this era. What in the world is wrong with you to plead not guilty?! Then what offence is guilty Do your time and may the deceased rest in peace. Kasi 20 ke 30 kau kau punya. Lepas keluar dah tua. Padan Must be charge with manslaughter! No matter how you accidently kill a man, the charge must be manslaughter but somehow drunk drivers keep eluding this and making our roads a legal murder weapon. What happened to the case of the police officer killed by drunk driver?

He must be charged with murder or manslaughter, not just for DUI. Laws must be changed to give minimum 10 years jail and fine of RM100,000 to those who drive while drunk, with additional 20 years for causing any fatality. This case should be classified as murder not just the lenient Section 45 (1) of the Road Transport Act. This is inhumane and the driver is accountable for his action!!

The court will take it's course and institute what ever punishment that maybe permitable. And I believe he must be subjected to what ever he deserves. But I can't understand the hate words being emitted here! Yes. Pls charge for murder. With already news abt drunk driving killing innoncents, you stupidly don’t listen & drink & drive. Do the crime, do the time.

Not guilty? I guess he’s still drunk. 😤 Pleaded not guilty? Great. Let him rot and charge him with manslaughter.. an eye for an eye Laju betoi amik tindakan. Tak perlu bukak kertas siasatan smua dulu ke. Tgk rambut tgk gaya, npk sgt jenis yg tak mau blaja kat skolah dulu. Smp kena guna jurubahasa dlm mahkamah.

Malaysia Laws...3 - 10 years only drunk driving wonder these drunk drivers are rampant...please adjust the Laws to double or triple the prison sentence. Charge him for manslaughter Hopefully the magistrate dont grant any bail on this moron. Siasat detail Personel dia,, betul ke dia Penjara je,, min 15 tahun,, biar dia belajar etika kat dlm jel

Sampai bila pemandu mabuk dibebaskan membunuh❓ PemanduMabukMembunuh Please revoke his driving license for his entire life too. This kind of act doesnt deserve any forgiven. You want to drink? Cool that was your shit but to drive and caused a fatality to the innocent motorcyclist while under the influence of alcohol? So fuck up.

Drunk driver rams car into motorcycle on KL highway, killing rider | New Straits TimesNSTnation A motorcyclist was killed when his vehicle collided with a car driven by a man under the influence of alcohol along the Sultan Iskandar Highway . DUI DrunkDriving DrinkDriving DontDrinkAndDrive ‘Killing’ continues.. Get him off the road and put him in jail! Ministers are sleeping, too long to get something done. All rushing for post but not qualified 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

Drunk senior citizen almost rams roadblock, turns aggressive with cops | New Straits TimesBAYAN LEPAS: A senior citizen, who almost rammed into a roadblock near Queensbay Mall here, turned aggressive when police tried to place him under arrest. Lagi with mco and losses of income due to retrenchment and business unable to operate, many ppl are stressed and i believed that's the reason we see higher occurrence of drunk driving.

Kangar motorcyclist severely hurt after being hit by drunk driver | New Straits TimesNSTnation A motorcyclist suffered a fractured skull and bodily injuries after being hit by a car driven by a man believed to be drunk, at Jalan Raja Syed Saffi. DUI DrunkDriving DrinkDriving DontDrinkAndDrive Kangar TSMusaHassan sitikasim Makin menjadi2 ye org mabuk zaman PN ni. Dulu kata zaman PH!

Heftier fine, longer jail term on the cards for drunk drivers | New Straits TimesKUALA LUMPUR: Individuals convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs will face harsher punishment under proposed amendments to the Road Transport Act 1987 or Act 333. Good👍🏻 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 buat sidang parlimen. jangan sembang je

Alleged drunk driver in Kuantan crash charged with murder | New Straits TimesNSTnation The suspect is believed to have consumed alcohol at a friend's house in Semambu before getting behind the wheel of his vehicle and driving against traffic flow before the crash. DUI DrunkDriving DrinkDriving DontDrinkAndDrive Kuantan May Allah send all those who fail to resolve this situation to.... your guess is good as mine... Results from the useless Ministry of Transport. Hail the Great PN. Good. The laws r there. Better to focus on ENFORCEMENT. Making laws stronger would not prevent this. The cops need to b out doing their job instead of filling out political police reports from all those idiots.

Drunk senior citizen nearly rams police roadblock | The Malaysian Insight64-year-old driving to George Town last night held under Op Mabuk. And suddenly all these drunk driving cases get highlighted so that u can impose heavier penalties on the rakyat while u get cushy GLC seats.