Dr M: Anwar unable to suggest any solutions to crisis during our phone call

Former PM portrays the PKR leader as being stumped by the problem.

10/6/2021 12:33:00 PM

Dr M: Anwar unable to suggest any solutions to crisis during our phone call

Former PM portrays the PKR leader as being stumped by the problem.

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Health Ministry records 5,244 new Covid-19 cases today [NSTTV] | New Straits Times

KUALA LUMPUR: The country’s Covid-19 cases rose to 5,244 in the past 24-hours, after two days of logging infections below 5,000.

Mahathir kembali dengan sneak attack terhadap anwar 😂 Dr. Mahathir is trying to belittle Anwar whichever way he can, in an effort to gain prominence in the current political imbroglio. The Doctor is so engrossed in becoming an important player once again in this critical power play. He must recognize the strengths of others

chedetofficial brought the nation to this stage as such I am certain your solutions would lead Malaysia to graveyard! Seriously la Tun, give it a rest. You bring an archaic 1969 solution to a 2021 mega problem and you claim Anwar is bankrupt of ideas? Hope you see the supreme irony in that. Old man, who are you for him for him to suggest any solution? You’re just a failed leader of an unregistered very small political party.

chedetofficial brought the nation to this stage as such I am certain his solutions would lead to graveyard! Dr M. Please rest. Don't create more problems. You're the culprit for the current problems that rakyat are facing. Mahathir ni, tele-conversation dgn Anwar pun dia boleh manipulate untuk gambarkan yg Anwar ni tak competent. Licik firaun ni.

Takut ko copy jawapan die je. Die dh belajar dr kesilapan mempercayai ko Any proof of the phone call? Any recording? Or should the rakyat take your words for it? Without proof? You are just shooting blanks. Learn to respect, no matter how old or how wise you think you are. Please reveal the full conversation, your suggestion to the king was ridiculous and foolish as well. Remember that you raped this country and made your generations rich.

Don't use audience with King to push for PM post, Khairuddin tells AnwarPKR president Anwar Ibrahim is set for an audience with the Yang di-Pertuan Agong this morning. FMTNews KhairuddinAbuHassan diam la kau. suka hati dialah kenapa hang sibuk This fella has always been a thorn 🥴

Indeed. His intention only to be in pmo Adakah TUN lebih rela Pas yg jadi PM... tu baru terbalik msia ni huru hara The whole idea is to belittle Anwar in front of the world so that he can't be the pm. Keep it up Anwar of course will not reveal his ideas or solutions to the crisis,simple if all are revealed via phone then in the end some one will modify the ideas and claim credits

Bila la nak mati org tua terkutuk tu. Geram pulak aku. Sesia ja panjang umur. Dok buat jahat tak habis2. 🐷 anwar ibrahim convicted sodomist no brainer Only thing it wants is 2 b pm PM parit maybe. But never pm of Malaysia Atok Malaysia don't need you anymore. No more dramas. mabuk orang tua ni. TDM himself failed when he sabotaged PH when he resigned as PM that made possible for The Sheraton traitors movement to steal The mandate from PH , Also he has betrayed The Rakyat

Hahaha chedetofficial Enough with your lies. We can see the amount of solutions provided anwaribrahim on daily basis. I can strongly say that there is no one else who can lead the country at this moment other than DSAI!

Anwar arrives at palace as Agong begins audiences with Opposition leaders (VIDEO) | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, June 9 — Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has arrived at Istana Negara ahead of an expected audience with Yang di-Pertuan Agong Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri’ayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah Shah. Driven in a black Jaguar, Anwar entered the palace gates at 10.37am as hordes of... Good, keep media afar. No charging at cars and endangering oneself with close proximity. Get their statements at press conferences, not wild pics. See if any improvement at future PCs which has not followed any distancing SOPs ever. Where is the Bettle car?

betul pun DSAi tak boleh selesai masalah. Rakyat sendiri pun tak boleh selesai semua masalah kerana Tun M asyik buat masalah. He shared only with the King ! Not with the old snake Do we need trust him again chedetofficial ye la kan,he just wants to be PM at all cost je Tun. Mana kisah sangat pasal plan2 untuk negara. Last duduk di kabinet tahun 98. internet pun time search engine alta vista.

Shows that he's your competitor. He is lying again. It was him who asked Anwar to call him to ask for support to lead a unity government or the NOC. He begged for another chance but was turned down by Anwar. What is the problem for YB Anwar to be the next PM.? Aiyo. Anwar should not lower himself to the level of this snake.

Anwar arrives at palace to meet with KingUPDATE 10.37AM | anwaribrahim has arrived at the palace, following MuhyiddinYassin's audience with the YDPA this morning. Anwar had previously lobbied the King to install him as PM after claiming to have achieved a 'strong, convincing' majority.

chedetofficial take rest at home.. Why must DSAI reveal to you the solution? To claim credit? Let him personally suggest to YDPA chedetofficial pi tidoq ok..we don’t want you anymore get it 🥱🥱🥱 The real crisis in this country's the ego of the leaders from both sides! Ego so huge till it clouds their mind, unable to think rationally to work together to solve the probs. As a result the Nation's to pay a very high price with many already dead & ppl continue to suffer. 🤷‍♂️

DSAI tak attack pun Tun M. If trash talking gets coverage in our media then it's high time we start getting news from those involved without these tainted 'middlemen'. Why so much prominence to a man that is no longer relevant ? A detractor would surely speak ill of his adversary in any case. And let he steals it,then he will tell the world that its his , DSAI will be left out again,or if he don't agree, he will say that DSAI always give bad ideas or like he tweeted no ideas..to him DSAI is no good or has no PM character...who has it?Him,and only Him tdmpleaseretire

because he doesn't have to obligation to tell you the solution, and most of all, he simply doesn't trust you. No one does. Yalah tu... We ask for dharurat to stop and called for parliament sitting. This old man die die but dont want to die wanted to up level the dharurat.

Live updates: Anwar arrives at Istana NegaraPETALING JAYA: A series of high-level meetings are set to take place starting Wednesday (June 9), with the Yang di-Pertuan Agong granting an audience to political leaders from both sides of the divide. mraaj89 sudah keluar dia..

Sudah lah, as if you are the most clever, if not of you, PH still govern Yup.. but by this genius resignation at the point of the crisis was a solution chedetofficial : really? What a big autakeling you can be. anwaribrahim is not that stupid to give away any ideas to you. Coz you will then used those Anwar’s ideas as your own. After all the YDPA asked Anwar to come to the Istana too,right?

chedetofficial ... it’s time to let go... enough doing destruction to a multiracial nation.... where were we than & where are we now... you & only you are answerable to the Almight.... rest well... do good n please use your energy on helping the poor & needy... Padahal Anwar lah yang selalu bentang solusi kat FB dan twitter die Kau diam je lah Mahathir

Dah awat pulak DSAI kena provide solutions to Dr M?!? 🤦‍♂️ The only solution for chedetofficial is for himself to be nominated as Pm again. Joke! Nonsensical The solution was u followed the original agreement sir. Whatever happened is a result of the opposite of that. chedetofficial why don’t you checkout his Twitter and live streams to hear them instead? 🤦🏻‍♂️ This whole crisis came from you. From the day you resigned as PM. Thanks

Change of govt not discussed during an audience with Agong, says Anwar | The Malaysian InsightChange of govt not discussed during an audience with Agong, says Anwar And also chedetofficial , please also mention to YDPA that we don't need to many Ministers... They don't function much amidst this misfortune Pandemic

DrM ni saja nak kumpul pahala la aku rasa, sebab dia asik nak suruh orang kutuk dia. Biar tua , tapi jangan jadi Bodoh. Unable or refuse to waste his time sharing to you, the cause of all the problem we are facing today. You just trying to get back to power Both gone case dinosaur Please go away and take care of your grandchildren please and leave AI alone….

Because u dont want him to be PM. Mahathir Bapa Pecahbelah tak ade locus standi untuk suggest mageran. Malah tak boleh pun nak advise YDPA sebab dia tak ada party berdaftar dan he has no numbers. Anwar lives in madey head rent free U rang me up, not I called🤣🤣🤣 Slam anwaribrahim?

Isu kerajaan baharu tidak berbangkit, kata Anwar selepas mengadap Agong | The Malaysian InsightPresiden PKR bangkit isu penularan Covid-19 dan pengurusan pencegahan pandemik dalam majlis mengadap selama lebih sejam. hmmmm fed up aq mcmni.. Tak best lah macamni, hidup tertekan baliklah rakyat.

Like hell I want give the person who drag us in this mess my idea🙄 Hahahaha.. atok xhbs serang Anwar As the best man 'Gun slinging' the faster will 'sitting duck'.... Anwar has kept 7 words instead escalate to old man only 3 words. Whose clever..? Adoiiii.. again?... Atok still not in favour to let DSAI to be PM. We wonder why Maybe it's time since we had 2 rubbish PM that destroyed our nation.

Like we believe what comes out of your mouth. still like that up to now. it will only ends when you end. give this guy a break. Kaka , have to blame himself . The leader ok f spinner This is a cursed country Why he should give solutions to idiot person like atuk?

chedetofficial why should he proposed to you? Are you the current govt? Or do you have any say within the current govt!? Please enlighten us why he should proposed the solutions to you!? Can’t help throwing Dsai under the bus time after time 🤦🏻‍♂️😂 The only solution is to make sure PN government jatuh which u also failed to do? No? Or the only solution to crisis is to make u PM again? Yang tu baru di anggap success ke? Waklu!

Stay away from the old man. It is really time for chedetofficial to retire - every problem with the country from the corruption to religious extremism is from his first term and the current government is from his second term. The biggest failure in Msia history. Worse than Najib, Muhyiddin and the skunk.

I am sure CEP was a great solution by you. Effectively removing everyone's powers and passing it back to your best buddy Daim all over again. Where did it brings us ? But back to here, only worse. 1 of the 2, the other one even from the bed in IJN could not resist to comment when Anwar's mentioned. He gave no chance for Anwar to lead.

Still want to find fault and take credit. This Oldman ah.... So used to being the puppet master, he still thinks what he says count. Tun sir, you are as relevant as Azmin Ali in a brothel. Please retire enough damage done by M.

Tun, you are the biggest problem in Malaysia. Not covid, but you. At least there are vaccines for Covid. You been like a mad dog for last 30 years and no rabies cure for you yet. Close Mkini, Abolish DAP. Kasi expose la phone call kalau betul Sudah2 lah Tun M. Berehat lah. Bagi chance dekat orang lain pulak

The mastermind behind infamous Sheraton move is fully responsible for the current mess and needs to be held accountable. Why did then PM let that happen? What was the motive? Anwar should not have even talk with him. Mmg x lah member tu nk share, nnt ko plagiarize bila ko jd chairman Mageran Your suggestion is to lead MAGERAN in order to become PM for the 3rd time!! The rakyat are fed up with you for your betrayal towards PH! TAKNAKATUK

No comments 😕 simply waste This is not surprising... Populists dont tend to be problem solvers

Hahahah berdebar ka madey... Relek2 By offered himself to Agong to lead the new Govt... Is that a solution? LoL 😂 dsai already provide agong with solution (docs) Nak hijack idea org lettew 🤣🤣🤣 dia ajelah yg ade solutions... org lain xde Gila betul. Macam ni nak bagi lead negara balik? Dalam keaadan macam ni pun duk ratip pasal Anwar lagi.

Kuat sakit tua saka ni Orang Tua bangsat ini Tak ada kerja lain selain dari condemn Anwar....bertaubat la baby People suggest solution for pandemic and how to benefit for rakyat, but what is Dr M solution? Mageran? Dr M is the one who crazy for power, this is sick Who are you for him or PH to tell you? Crazy old man la u ni atoq

That's big talk coming from the SOURCE of the current crisis You asked to speak with him, so he returned your call out of courtesy Malaikat maut datang nanti jangan sebut nama Anwar pulak What the hell, can the current PM suggest any solution , shouldn't he called the PM Hmm....dia sakit ati agaknya DSAI x layan dia

Dr. M still want to illusions people around at his age. Wonder who started the crisis.... Dah2 la dua orang ni. Recycle sampai mati. Bagi generation lain pula la. Again, the ego speaks. Old man can't resist talking about Anwar. Dr M, please rest.

Asal muncul je petik nama Anwar... Merajuk mahiadin.Tak pernah dapat perhatian, gagallah macamana pun Din tu...Anwar juga yg disebut sebut... Dah la tu Tun. Cari hobby lain pulak. Jual basikal ke. chedetofficial Lol! Again on anwar. When will he stop? Its always you talking about DSAI. Can you do something else useful with your time instead of bashing DSAI. DSAI ignores you.

Who cares your statement.....can't we believe him (atok) Translate: AKU MAU JADI PM KE 9 chedetofficial = abdulhadiawang 🤣🤣🤣 Only a fool share solution w Atok. Species Ulaq Your solution is that you want to lead Mageran. Who is crazy for power? We can't talk about solutions to a problem. he just cant resist to troll anwar.

Fuckoff madey ha..ha..give idea..oh no...never Diam lah saka tua! Just make a phone call to Singapore pm....or NZ pm.....they canbgive goood ideas Psst atok... you're not the King. who likes to suggest anything to traitors ?