Dr Nur Amalina Che Bakri, Dr Muhaya Mohamad, Cyberbullying, Viral Video, Acting Dumb

Dr Nur Amalina Che Bakri, Dr Muhaya Mohamad

Dr Amalina cyberbullied for criticising Dr Muhaya for saying women should 'act dumb' to find love

Dr Amalina cyberbullied for criticising Dr Muhaya for saying women should 'act dumb' to find love

11/6/2021 12:11:00 PM

Dr Amalina cyberbullied for criticising Dr Muhaya for saying women should 'act dumb' to find love

PETALING JAYA: Dr Nur Amalina Che Bakri says she was on the receiving end of cyberbullying after she criticised Prof Datuk Dr Muhaya Mohamad for saying that women should “act a little dumb” to find love.

Another social media user’s criticism was in a similar vein, adding that it was a shame that she was a doctor, while yet another called her a “kampung girl”, telling her to repent and remember her roots, adding that she should not use her title to attract attention to herself.

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In her tweet Friday (June 11), Dr Amalina asked for the public’s help to report the Instagram accounts of those sending such messages.“Please can I ask you guys a favour. Can you please report these Instagram accounts. Thank you, ” she posted.In a now-deleted video that went viral, Dr Muhaya, who is a motivational speaker, had offered tips to single women to act a little dense in order to attract a husband.

She had also said women who are too ambitious or driven have high levels of testosterone, and that men shy away from them.In response, Dr Amalina, who recently got married, pointed out that her own mother never raised her to act dumb in order to be able to find a man to marry. headtopics.com

"Women should definitely not lower their intellectual level just so that they can attract a man. It’s an insult to both women and men. Just be the best version of yourself," she said. Read more: The Star »

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Baru berjaya sikit, dah pandai nak ‘sound’ lebih2 orang yang lebih tua.. orang tersalah cakap jer kot... aduhai.. This is 2021. The word bodo bodo is not suitable to used. You should think wise before say something. You kan Prof!!! It seems Dr Amalina also not smart enough to avoid criticizing or she just play dumb dumb.

The taliban is out frothing at the mouth. I am with the SMARTER ONE that's Dr Amalina. Held your Head up girl. You have a better Brain. Y is the star so obsessed with this wannabe Xde kerja lain. Please stop this lazy journalism. We need real meaningful reporting, not some twitter games wannabeees play.

Takkan la tak faham itu kan bahasa kiasan bukan nak suruh jadi bodoh harngang laaa, 🤦🏽‍♀️ ke anak2 muda skrg lurus sangat Triggered too easily. Malaysians need to chill. Most doesn't agree with Prof Dr Muhaya, also calling her dumb - dumb, why Dr Amalina yg di-cyberbullied? 🤔 MuhayaMohamad should ignore those bullies especially NurAmalinaCheBakri for being a lesser human than the rest of us TrustNoOne

hate both of these women. Dua-dua bodoh-bodoh

Motivational speaker Dr Muhaya apologises over 'act dumb' videoPETALING JAYA: Motivational speaker Prof Datuk Dr Muhaya Mohamad has apologised for her video in which she advised women to act a 'little dense' to find love. Some don’t have to act Win ok. let's move on

When you point a finger at someone other three are pointing back at U. Malaysia shouldn’t have lost generations from a brightest star. The reality is that sometimes working as a GP in the motherland could be much more worthy than working in more prestigious place.The truth hurts. Those who criticize her either have a small brain or a small pee-pee. Maybe both. The useless and hopeless will always try to pull others down to their level.

We support u. Stale news la Why you all nak fight. Benda ni kan small matter. Nasihat atau tak nasihat, women will find their ways sama ada boleh find love atau tidak. Sudahlah tu, buat malu je nak gaduh-gaduh. Kita ada more serious case menghadapi Covid 19…cool down gaaiss. Rakyat byk susah x de mknan, org ada kerja Dan pangkat Tinggi tidak bersyukur.

Someone need to stick to their forte 😉 Aik, bukan prof muhaya attacked jugak at first? Netizen oh netizen.. No. Majority of us didn't bully dr. amalina instead we bully the bodoh2 sikit so-called motivator. The star, isu lapuk baru nak report. Even your headline is misleading. 'Act dumb' is not equivalence to 'bodoh-bodoh' in Malay especially in her context. Not backing up anyone, but as a reporter please report a better news

Dr Amalina cyberbullied after criticising Prof Muhaya’s ‘act dumb’ advice for single women | Malay MailPETALING JAYA, June 11 — London-based Malaysian surgeon Dr Amalina Che Bakri is being cyberbullied after she criticised eye specialist  Prof Datuk Dr Muhaya Mohamad for telling women to “act dumb” to attract a husband. The 33-year-old posted screenshots on Twitter yesterday showing... Win just ignore them.

😆😆😆 come on... this is what we call genius vs genius ...😆😆😆 padan muka hahaha teammuhaya Shouldn’t happening She is an opportunist😔

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Dr M reveals suggesting NOC governance, offers to servePOLITICS | chedetofficial revealed that he proposed the setting up of a National Operations Council (NOC) govt - similar to the one in 1969 - during his audience with the YDPA today. However, he is sceptical that the proposal would come to fruition. chedetofficial And you are the chairman kan? 😜😜😜 chedetofficial So u volunteered yourself to be incharge of NOC and then register your party under ROS. Great move. chedetofficial The Agong probably knows you’re a Satan