Aviation, Airasia

Aviation, Airasia

Directors gave nod to Fernandes

EXCLUSIVE: To build the AirAsia brand through sponsorships.


EXCLUSIVE: To build the AirAsia brand through sponsorships.

PETALING JAYA: The directors of the AirAsia Group gave their nod in 2010 to efforts by Tan Sri Tony Fernandes to build the AirAsia brand through sponsorships, said sources.

The sponsorship was a way to lift the AirAsia brand and allow it to be a globally recognisable brand, said a source.The AirAsia Group has rejected allegations of wrongdoing involving sponsorship of a sports team linked to the two AirAsia and AirAsia X executives.

The source said the content of the emails released before October 2013 were not part of the charge against Airbus. Prior to October 2013, AirAsia secured sponsorships totaling US$66milAs Airbus has said that the payments to the sports team were intended to secure or reward improper favor by them in respect of that business, the next question to ask is whether Fernandes acted improperly and did he overbuy planes for AirAsia just to secure the sponsorship?

Even with that order, Frost & Sullivan Aerospace & Defence senior consultant Kunal Sinha (at that time) said the order would only give AirAsia a fleet of 250 aircraft at the end of 2020. AirAsia continued to lease planes after putting in the huge order.

The SFO too has has a chequered track record as there have been a number of high profile cases that it has lost in the courts.Until 2017, former UK prime minister Theresa May had tried to abolish the SFO. She intended to have the SFO absorbed by the larger National Crime Agency.

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Means the directors are not doing their job properly , no oversight just pass the resolution BoldCoin3 To UK SFO they considered these payouts as fraudulent but this country otherwise... it is definitely not a marketing initiatives by Air Asia Group. How did it benefit from this? It is an obvious corporate governance issue. Please elaborate

what's wrong with this picture? 😂 since even the board said that they approved, what is the real issue now then? this shows that the board was well aware of the deals about the sponsorship, unlike what some 'trolls' claimed.. so still confuse lagi ke? hmm since even the board said that they approved, what is the real issue now then? this shows that the board was well aware of the deals about the sponsorship, unlike what some 'trolls' claimed.. so still confuse lagi ke? hmm

thats why people say investigstion still on-going. there will be people arguing and trying to confuse the public 'how can emails for sponsorships that had already happened from 2010 to 2011 be used as evidence for sponsorships in 2013 to 2015?' hm betul jugak..SFO ni sengaja buat ke mcmana tu.. airasia directors agree to the sponsorship n mismatch in emails is just a way to divert and confuse the public.

Just look at the emails they used it seems like a personal vengeance to take down airasia or tony in particular emails 2010-2011 pastu nak connect dgn email 2013-2015? beza tahun kot

AirAsia board gave bosses nod to seek sponsorship | The Malaysian InsightDirectors approved plans to seek up to US$250 million sponsorship for racing team, reports The Star. You have this people’s !!!

lol the initial argument by the public was that the sponsorship deal did not go through board's approval and was the sole initiative by the two AirAsia executives..now that the facts are established and board did in fact give approval, the 'publics' are saying differently pulak.. Curiously, was this article paid for?

A lie created to cover up a bribery act! Even if monies from Airbus are for branding, the monies must flow back into Airasia’s account first and full accounting for the branding expenses. This is obviously a lie to cover up corruption and money laundering by Tony! A cheap lie! It is a lie to cover another lie. It's part of damage control to change the narrative. But there will always be some fools who buy the AA's stories. weechookeong

Offset this tonyfernandes Airbus already admitted to it. If macc wants, they can obtain all the evidence from that case and use it against tony. But we have a solid track record of non-accountability. Offsetable nod Of-course!

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Doctor returns to work right after recovering from coronavirusCORONAVIRUS | Feeling guilty while resting during illness prompts doc to give online consultation to patients. Oh my gosh, talk abt commitment. 👍👍 Respect and admiration! But these sentiments cannot in anyway be enough to thank the dedication and commitment of the medical and health workers to the call of duty. They gave their all. Just pause for a moment to think what would happen without them (Malaysians included!)

Wuhan hospital director dies of coronavirus | The Malaysian InsightAt least six other medical workers have died from the virus, while 1,716 have been infected, according to official figures.

Hospital director dies in China's Wuhan, epicentre of Covid-19 outbreak | Malay MailBEIJING, Feb 18 — The head of a leading hospital in China's central city of Wuhan, the epicentre of a coronavirus outbreak, died of the disease today, state television said, becoming the second prominent Chinese doctor to have succumbed to the pathogen. Liu Zhiming, the director of Wuhan Wuchang... Oh dear. Rest in peace 😢

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